DIY Bride: How to make Confetti Votives

Confetti certainly isn't just for throwing, get creative and make your own natural petal confetti votive candleholders to give as favours or as décor for your reception tables.


What you need:


Step 1:

Clean your votive glass to remove any grease or stickers. Apply the glue to the outside edge of your votive and spread with a spatula.


Step 2:

Start by dropping petals onto the glue. Make sure you hold the votive with your fingers inside the glass to enable you to rotate it, ensuring an even scattering of petals.


Step 3:

Hold the inside and bottom of the votive and inspect to make sure that all areas are covered. If there are any gaps, delicately place petals onto the wet glue.


Step 4:

Allow the glue to dry for a few hours.


Step 5:

Add candles and enjoy the lovely warm flicker of candlelight inside your DIY confetti votive.


To make our votive candleholders, we used Kaleidoscope confetti, as it is a charming combination of bold colours. You can choose any confetti colour mix you desire or why not create a colour block votive using a single colour of petals.

Here are a few other ideas of how you could vary your confetti votive candleholders:

We hope you love this fun and easy DIY project, we'd love to hear about your projects too! Take a look at our DIY Bride blogs for more ideas!

Love as always SP xx



Shropshire Petals have been recognised by several awards, most recently at The British Wedding Awards 2018 (for the second year running.)