27 Aug 2010 | New Mixes!

Hey everyone,

We've been working hard in petal land making up new mixes and had a fun afternoon coming up with some fab names for them! Dawn, Jess and I just couldn't decide on the names so we decided to pick a theme, we each chose our favourite romantic film and named the mixes after them...

So let me introduce...


     'My Fair Lady'             'Romeo & Juliette'     'Midsummer Night's Dream' 

We think our new mixes are perfect and with so many people asking for a bright red freeze dried rose petal we think 'Romeo & Juliette' will be a big hit this year- it's not even online yet and we've already had so many requests!

There's also lots of other new mixes being launched by popular demand so take a look in the online shop and see what you can find!

Love as always,

Katie xx


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09 Aug 2010 | Hello Amethyst!

Well they're all out now, first came the white and the dark pink, followed shortly by the light pink and the dark blue, and now our lilac is finally here.. we call it 'amethyst' and I'm so pleased as the colour is fab- a really rich lilac - beautiful!


I love our lilac and this year it has to be one of my favourites!

I'm all excited this week as one of my best friends is getting married on Friday and I'm so excited to be a bridesmaid... and of course it means there will definately be some confetti shots!  They're having a navy blue and gold theme so I'm thinking Highland fling will be perfect!

Love as always SP xxx    

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