Meet the Team

Emma S - PR Guru

Found in the Shed: Chatting!! I chat to journalists, influencers and just about everyone who will listen about Shropshire Petals.

Loves: Being outside, anything that doesn't involve sitting and being still. I'm not one to 'chill' and love to be active, so getting out for a walk, playing in the park with my little lady or even chopping down trees and working on our smallholding is my idea of heaven.

Hates: Being cold! There is nothing worse.

Favourite confetti mix: Navy Rose - now I'm not a lover of pink, but this mix is just so pretty with its delicate pink and ivory tones, mixed with a bold pop of blue.


Shropshire Petals have been recognised for their innovation, quality products and outstanding customer service with several awards including the British Farming Awards, here's a few recent awards.