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Photo Credit: The Crawleys

Here at Shropshire Petals we grow biodegradable and eco-friendly natural petal confetti on our family run farm. Throwing confetti symbolises prosperity and fertility for the happy couple. We also find the confetti moment is usually the most relaxed part of the day that everyone gets to be involved with and the photo that couples cherish for years to come. 

Why use natural petal confetti?

Most churches and venues only allow natural petals to be thrown as confetti as it is just like blossom from the trees, it does not harm wildlife and as it is biodegradable, plus there is no mess to clean up. All our petals are natural, dye-free, high quality and beautiful.


Not sure how much to order?

Use the confetti calculator to ensure you order the right amount of confetti for your big day. Whether you want it for throwing, for flower girl baskets, for decorating tables, or even for creating a romantic petal path we can help you work out how much you need.

Petals, petals and more petals

Head to our pick and mix page to choose your unique confetti mix. Choose from a variety of petals and colours to match or contrast your wedding theme.

TOP TIP - for throwing confetti, smaller petals such as delphinium and wildflower are best as they are light, creating a delicate flutter. You can mix in some larger petals for added definition and colour. For decorating, use larger petals such as rose or hydrangea - sprinkle them on a crisp white tablecloth for a romantic touch to your reception tables.


Photo Credit: Studio Brown 

Wedding not for a few months?

All our petals are dried so they will last a while, but as a rule of thumb we recommend having your order delivered right away if your wedding is under 3 months away, if your wedding is over 3 months away you can order now and select delayed delivery so we send everything out to you 3-6 weeks before your big day - click here for our delivery information.

Enjoy your special day and for tips on how to get the perfect confetti photo, visit our blog.

Love as always, SP x x


Shropshire Petals have been recognised for their innovation, quality products and outstanding customer service with several awards including the British Farming Awards, here's a few recent awards.