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Worldwide Wedding Traditions

A ceremony between two people is an incredible and intimate commitment. However, there is something simply sensational about how different culture celebrate intimate unity. The uniqueness of bringing different traditions and varied cultures together for a celebration is a beautiful experience. It is completely down to the couple what traditions they choose to follow, or maybe they can create their own? We are all unique and all should be celebrated.

So, what trends and traditions are there to explore?

Let's get some tips from cultures around the world as inspiration for our wedding planning!

Christian Inspired Weddings

Traditionally, a Christian Wedding often takes place in a church or chapel in the presence of a priest. This is when they express their love and devotion through an exchanging of vows and intimate kiss.

Brides often wear an elegant white or ivory dress, accompanied by an elegant veil to trail behind them as their father walks beside them, down the aisle. Met by their handsome groom, dressed in a 3 piece suit, complimented by a lovely floral buttonhole!



The food is often displayed in a buffet style, with traditional food options displayed - often depending on the seasonal food options available at the time. The statement really is the cake, the bigger the better.

A Christian Wedding often hosts different colour variations, depending on the season!

it was a white wedding with statement colours such as Red or Purple, it gradually changed to Pastels and has since changed to seasonal preferences. An Autumnal wedding can boast a tonal variation of Burgundy and Orange, whilst a summer wedding can pose piercing blues and pinks with an abundance of foliage! Our stunning Kaleidoscope is an absolute must for any summer wedding, it also looks beautiful on your confetti moment photos.

African Inspired Weddings

African inspired weddings are simply beautiful, and still follow their old traditional values whilst adding a modernistic twist.

The food is such a statement at any African wedding, the abundance of spices and sweet aromas are so satisfying! The Jollof Rice, Fried Plantain and Curried Lamb are absolute musts and can only be made the traditional way - make sure there is plenty to go around!

Clothing is also a traditional statement, Western Africa pose a gorgeous and elegant cloth wedding gown with gold or red trimmings, along with the groom boasting a gorgeous western suit or long coat and pants.


Venue choice is often decided by the ability for the couple to put their cultural stamp, with traditional dances being important to African weddings, having the space to do this is an important factor.
We have previously supplied elegant red and orange rose petals for a stunning Nigerian wedding, perfect for throwing confetti and table décor.

Did you know that during an African Wedding, the couple taste four flavours that are meant to represent different stages throughout their marriage. If you embrace the spice, sourness, bitterness and sweetness then you can demonstrate that you will last. How cute is that?

Indian Inspired Weddings

Now, we talk about extravagant ceremonies quite often. An Indian Wedding is anything but shy of an extravagant ceremony, with most celebrations lasting 3-5 days. It really is a party to never forget.
The beauty of cultural music and traditional dances to embrace their beautiful culture, is simply the start of what will be a wonderful event.

One of the main things to look forward to at an Indian wedding (besides the beautiful ceremony) is the sensational array of food options and magical colours! From an aromatic Lentil Dhal, to a Paneer Chaat and the all too famous Butter Chicken. The aromatic sensations are enough to fill the entire room. You simply won't be able to get enough.


Red and gold are traditional colours for an Indian wedding and quite often the Bride is dressed in stunning gold Jewellery and a breath-taking red Saree, complimented by the Grooms choice of attire which can range from a Sherwani - a long buttoned Jacket or a Kurta, a pyjama type suit with intricate detail.


Indian Brides love brightly coloured, extravagant flowers, and absolutely adore the use of Delphiniums! Most of our biodegradable petal confetti mixes are made up of Delphiniums and Wildflowers - perfect for Indian weddings

Jewish Inspired Weddings

Mazel Tov!


Everyone knows the traditional Jewish trend is being lifted on your chair to a sweet song of commitment, and the breaking of the glass. But the Jewish heritage is so much more than that. They have so many inspiring traditions.

Alcohol is a renowned statement at every Jewish wedding, but there is also a variant of stunning Kosher style (non-mixed meat and dairy) traditional food, with the main highlight being a range of fish and vegetable dishes; accompanied with a range of beautifully displayed canapes. Ordinarily, the in-laws prepare the feast but as we move in to a more modernistic era, there are now Kosher Style caterers.


Jewish wedding colours are White/Ivory and Royal Blue. This stunning and piercing colour is demonstrated through their choice of flowers, jewellery and wedding décor. The perfect addition to this décor colour scheme would be our stunning mix Something Blue - made up of piercing blue and Ivory, the perfect combination for any Jewish celebration.

One of the beautiful elements to a Jewish wedding is the Chuppah, which means covering in Hebrew. This gorgeous canopy is traditionally made by the bride and groom, to host their ceremony under. Sometimes they make it big enough to house the entire party.



Did you know that the concept of feeling like a queen on your wedding day is a Jewish one? In ancient ceremonies, the bride sat upon a throne-like chair, and friends and family would come up and greet her.

There are so many ways in which you can celebrate the unity of two cultures, by embracing these different trends and traditions.

As for SP, here are our top tips.

When choosing your cultural wedding confetti, try opting for a mix that best matches your colour scheme. Why not go for Highland Fling or Something Blue for your Jewish Ceremony? Or if you're hosting an African ceremony, we would highly recommend Tutti Fruity or a scattering of our Lady in Red rose petals!

If your ceremony is in a church like some of the beautiful Christian Ceremonies' we have seen, be sure to ask if you can use our stunning confetti outside the venue. Our petals are biodegradable, making them a favourite of venue suppliers.

We also have a wonderful Pick and Mix Service, that enables you to capture your perfect petal combination - bespoke to you.
Wedding not until next year? Utilise our Delayed Delivery service and order today. That way you can tick your confetti off your to-do list and we will deliver it to you 3-6 weeks before your big day!

We hope you've found some wonderful inspiration for your big day, whether you decide to have a very traditional ceremony and reception or if you decide to throw the rule book out and create your own unique traditions. When it comes to the fun finishing touches it's easy to add a pop of your chosen colour palette with our biodegradable petals.

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All our love,

SP xxx



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