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What to do if your wedding has been affected by Covid-19

Planning your wedding can be stressful and difficult at the best of times, let alone dealing with a pandemic. The situation is changing on a daily basis and so many couples due to get married in the coming weeks have faced the painful decision to postpone their wedding. If this sounds like you, read on, there is hope.


Where to start - Pause and postpone

  1. Get in touch with your wedding venue, ideally they will be able to reschedule a new wedding date for you. Just bear with them, as they will be getting a flux of calls from other couples in the same boat as you. They're doing the best they can, they will be heartbroken, just like you. When rearranging consider a weekday wedding when rescheduling too.

  1. Reach out to all your wedding suppliers in order of importance and update them on your new wedding day options, if you have a choice of dates that they might be able to work with. Victor/celebrant/registrars, caterers, photographers, cake makers, etc are probably at the top of your list. Whilst finishing touches like your wedding confetti might be lower on the list. Here at Shropshire Petals we're offering to change the dispatch date for weddings affected by Covid-19. Anyone who has used our free Delayed Delivery service, can go into their order and change their wedding date. Alternatively, if they don't have a confirmed new date, they can put their wedding confetti on hold until they know.

  1. Let you guests know about the change, if you've got everyone's email addresses a quick email to let them know would be the quickest way of letting them know. You can always follow it up with a 'Change the Date' invite. There are lots of fun, creative ways you can keep guests in the loop.

Tip: Check your wedding insurance too, there might be extra help available.

Further useful advice

Hitched have got some fantastic advice for couples having to postpone their wedding due to Covid-19, take a look at a few of them listed below:


Above all, remember to follow the government advice and remind each other that you WILL get married, it's just a matter of time.


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Love as always, SP xx



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