What happens when you get married and work at Shropshire Petals

Hi, I'm Ashley and I work at Shropshire Petals. I've seen every wedding trend you could imagine, read every wedding blog within a few clicks of Google and have more Pinterest boards than I know what to do with. So when my long-term boyfriend James, popped the question on a romantic wedding getaway in Yorkshire, I knew I wanted to make our day special and reflect the people that we are. 


Thankfully we found lots of wonderful suppliers along the way to help us get the wedding that was just right for us. First we decided on a venue. We wanted something we could add some personality to, but that also had it's own story to tell. I've known about Pimhill Barn near Shrewsbury for a few years now and knew it was the right place for us. Not only would we dress the barn how we wished, we hired the barn for 3 days, day 1 was dressing it with all our family, day 2 was the wedding and day 3 to take it all down. We chose to have a midweek wedding to save us a few pennies.


After that we moved onto setting a date, deciding a colour scheme and creating our own invitations. I'm a huge fan of foliage so knew I really wanted green to feature heavily in the wedding. We have lots of copper things around the house, as it's a favourite of ours, so we came up with our green, copper and white colour palette. Having this colour palette set from an early part of the wedding planning process really helped us make a lots of decisions quite easily. In the meantime I went on the hunt for 'the dress'. And I've got to say, finding the 'right' dress is not all it's cracked up to be. I really didn't want a lot of fuss or drama with my dress, so I went with a cute blush A-line with foliage detail from David's Bridal, it was even in the sale for under £500! 



Once we hit the 5 month mark we went all guns blazing with the wedding planning. We booked our incredible photographer Lisa Webb. We both just fell in love with her work, and we got to meet her in person on an engagement shoot disguised as a dog walk, a month before the wedding too. Lisa just got us and everything felt so natural. We couldn't have asked for better photographs of us and our family and friends on our wedding day. She captured everything perfectly. 


After a lot of looking we also found our wonderful caterers Fresh and Lush. From start to finish they were a delight to work with, they catered for all our needs from guests with special requirements, to even giving us tips on timings. We chose a menu that was just right for us, with pie and mash for the main meal and chocolate torte for desert for after.


Now that we'd gotten the ball rolling and we had the essentials, we needed to start thinking of decorating the barn. We got in touch with a company Pimhill Barn has recommended Tipples, who offer a bar hire and also furniture hire. Charlotte and Tim completely understand what we were going for and went above and beyond for us. 






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