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11/04/2017  |  Whalebone Music video in flower field

During last summer we welcomed a local instrumental band called Whalebone to our Shropshire Petals flower fields to shoot their music video.

Whalebone's sound is inspired by Celtic Folk music of the British Isles, interwoven with strands of rock, Americana and Eastern European tradition, the trio's music is impossible to classify. Music that does not fit into a comfortable box, eclecticism defined, a unique and vibrant mix.


The desire to create sonic imagery without the need for words has long been a feature of Whalebone's writing, combining melodies and harmonies to create a sense of place, evoking the intangible beauty and mystery of life. Rooted connectedness between location and music finds expression in their performances and recordings.

Formed in 2005, the trio comprises of Charlotte Watson (Guitar, Bouzouki), Steve Downs (Guitar, Mandolin) and Sarah Ibberson (Fiddle).

Click below to watch their latest track Anglicana from their new album titled Mirabilia. This video was filmed in Shropshire.

If you enjoy this music video, you can purchase Whalebone's new album - click here.

Love as always SP xx

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