Wanderlust Travel Wedding Theme

Here at Shropshire Petals we're always keeping an eye on current and upcoming trends, this week we're looking at Wanderlust travel inspired wedding ideas. If you both love to travel, explore new places or enjoy an adventure this might be a great theme for you!

Just remember there is no right or wrong when it comes to wedding planning and styling, you can throw our the rule book and be as expressive as you like. With any of these ideas you can incorporate them into your wedding even if you don't follow a specific theme, it's about having fun and celebrating a big stage in your life together. 

The Dress

Adding a wanderlust touch to your wedding dress could be as simple as adding a small detail that no one else will know about, like something under your dress, or having your dress designed by your favourite designer from Paris! We also love this star wedding dress, especially for the star gazer at heart! 


Wedding Stationery

Whilst your bridesmaid and close family may know what kinds of wedding theme you are wanting, your 'Save the Date' is the first chance to let the rest of the wedding party know what you have in store for them. We love this ideas of 'all the love in the world' or mixing in some vintage maps. You could even take it a step further and make your wedding invites into boarding passes or tickets for your wedding adventure. Wanderlust_stationery

The Cake

Gone are the days of having a simple cake! You can have a themed wedding cake that is tasty and beautiful! If you're considering a wanderlust theme, why not add some details like maps, planes, luggage tags, or even iconic monuments to the design?


Table Decoration

There are so many fun ways to incorporate a travel theme into your wedding day, from a seating plan that uses a world map, to having each wedding table representing a city or country. Why not stamp your place settings like a passport? Or even add fun games for your wedding guests like getting them to talk another language? Especially if you have family or friends travelling from overseas.


Wanderlust_Table_Ideas Wanderlust_Table_Ideas_2


It's the little finishing touches that add really finish off a theme. Have you seen our personalised travel cones filled with your choice of natural petal confetti? They feature a cute little aeroplane on the inside and a world map on the outside. You can add your names, wedding date and choose your background to match to your colour scheme. Plus your wedding guests are likely to keep the cones after they've thrown gorgeous confetti over you as a little memento 


Wedding favours are great for thanking your guests for coming and it's something they can look back on, why not make them a bag of sweets with a compass stamped on? Or even a miniature globe filled with something tasty?


We hope these ideas inspire you for your wedding! There are so many ways to express yourself when styling your wedding. For more ideas take a look at our Pinterest boards.

Love as always SP xx



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