Valentine's Day Wedding Theme

The most romantic day of the year is nearly here and we are sure many of you will be having a Valentine's Day themed wedding. We love the idea of a Valentine's Day wedding, as you are celebrating two days in one and there are lots of beautiful colour tones to use and creative ways to make this theme totally romantic.


A classic and elegant looking wedding dress with no frills would be a perfect choice for this Valentine's Day theme. A touch of romance can be added to your attire via a beautiful bold bouquet of red roses or a mixture of pink and burgundy flowers. This pop of colour will look stunning in your wedding photographs!



Bridesmaid Dresses

Red, red, red!

There are many bold red bridesmaids dresses for you to choose from: long, short, backless or halter neck. Bridesmaids don't always have to be coordinated, you could mix it up and have them wearing any of the styles listed.



Go all out with your Valentine's Day wedding décor, after all it is the most romantic day of the year.

Love Letters

Love letters have been incredibly popular in the wedding industry over the last year and we adore them. They come in many alternative styles and sizes, which can be placed inside or outside your venue and over your reception tables.


Our Country Garden Love Letters are rustic, but charmingly romantic. They are handcrafted with care by our dried flower expert, Dawn. Each Country garden letter contains lavender, nigella, marjoram, pink larkspur and rhodate.



Hearts are key to a Valentine's Day wedding, so start collecting every heart you see!

Pink and red heart balloons are a great idea which you can have on your tables or attached to the backs of your guest chairs. Get the balloons involved in the wedding photography if you are feel creative!


Confetti and Petals

When it comes to looking for confetti to match this theme,we would recommend natural petals Blush, Berries & Cherries, Romeo & Juliet and Moulin Rouge. All these options have beautiful shades of pink and burgundy colours. Alternatively, these petals could be used as aisle and table decoration alongside our decorative petals options!


We hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day Wedding with the one you love.

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Love as Always SP X



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