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The DIY Bride - New and Upcoming Trends

Not too long ago, weddings were such an extravagant event!
A time for Daddy to splash his life savings on glamour and embellishment.
Apart from something borrowed, no expenses were spared on the darling brides perfect day.

But as archaic tradition falls to the way side; no longer does the bride always take the husbands name, nor does Daddy spend his life savings!

We bare witness to the birth of a new tradition - 2020, here we are.. The DIY Bride! Subtle details and handmade or up-cycled projects are the beautiful, relaxed aesthetic that makes the day overflow with love and joy.

We have compiled a list of our top three DIY wedding projects, that will give your wedding unique handmade touches that will simply set your ceremony apart. A wedding day that reflects your personal style and values.

Give yourself enough time and solicit some help from your wedding party and you'll be able to pull off these exquisite details without a hitch!

1. Gold Candlestick Centre Pieces

Brittany Makes had a vision of elegant, handmade flower centrepieces for her wedding and found the answer among old table legs.
With some gold spray paint they looked less like Grandma's furniture and more like sophisticated candlesticks, without the price tag.

Pair these with a beautiful flower arrangement and one of our handmade wreathes to surround the bottom and you have a stunning, classy wedding decoration.


2. Bohemian Found Objects

Make each dining table unique with an eclectic collection of assorted nick-nacks from charity shops, car boot sales and end of season sales.
For a rustic, bohemian vibe, paint or spray the vases to your wedding colour scheme and trim with lace or tie bows with straw. For a little extra flare, be sure to Add pampas grass or feathers accompanied by our selection of dried flowers to vases!

3. Makeup Room Mirror

With some strong adhesive, our dried flower bunches and a charity shop mirror you have a great way to encourage your bridesmaids to take selfies as a reminder of your special wedding morning.
Why not move it into the reception afterwards to get maximum joy out of this effective prop?

So there it is, three simple yet distinguished ways of personalising your wedding with beautiful hand made touches.

Love Always,

SP xxx



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