Spring 2018 confetti inspiration

We are silly with excitement with all the wonderful colours we are going to be seeing this year, especially the coming spring season. Since Pantone announced their colours for 2018 spring weddings at the end of last year, we've been busy playing with petals to put together some confetti colour inspiration to complement Pantone's colours for spring.

Meadowlark - a bold and lively shade of yellow.


The Golden Slumber rose petal is perfect to use for Meadowlark themed weddings. Combine with blues, grey and ivory to include Little Boy Blue, Sailor Blue, Harbor Mist and Coconut Milk.

Cherry Tomato - a tempting orangey red that demands attention.


Red is a difficult colour to get right, so either use different tones to include Cherry Tomato or keep it simple by adding ivory petals to Strawberry Red confetti cones. You could also add in some blue or black for a sense of depth.

Little Boy Blue - Reassuring and a promise of a new day.


Little Boy blue is a cleansing colour that works beautifully on its own or mixed with other colours. For a more subtle confetti mix, combine Duck Egg hydrangeas with Icing Sugar delphiniums or mix with a few pastel shades to complement Pink Lavender and Blooming Delilah.

Chili Oil - a beautiful earth brown red, full of definition.


Small and delicate, the Burgundy Berry cornflower petals are perfect for the Chili Oil pantone. As it's a dark colour, using Chili Oil in your confetti also looks great mixed with pinks, greens and even purple.

Pink Lavender - A soft and romantic shade of violet rose pink.


A beautiful shade combining purple and pink, the Parma Violet rose petals work wonderfully with this colour. Mix with ivory for a confetti mix that will highlight the Pink Lavender shade or add some other pastel colours for a delicate rainbow of colour.

Blooming Dahlia - a subtly alluring shade with an understated appeal.


This pretty pink/orange shade is very close to the popular rose gold. Team both colours together and add in other pink tones for an ombre-style confetti mix. Team Blooming Dahlia with Chili Oil to add a darker hue to your confetti photograph.

Arcadia - A cool, clean take on green.


An interesting, vibrant green, perfect for mixing with other colours. This isn't a natural green when it comes to confetti petals, so we would recommend mixing Arcadia details with grey, pink and yellow. You can display your chosen confetti in our Personalised Confetti Cones and choose Arcadia for the cone colour.

Ultra Violet - Pantone's colour of the year is magical and original, an intriguing shade of purple.


Amethyst or Midnight Bloom delphinium petals are the perfect choice for matching with Ultra Violet. They are bold enough to be used on their own or mixed with shades of dusky pink and black. Add some texture to your confetti photographs by adding some Buttermilk rose petals, which is a great way of bringing in a touch of the Coconut Milk pantone.

Emperador - a strong, chocolate shade.


Brown is the perfect colour for enchanted woods, barn and rustic countryside weddings. When it comes to confetti, the Chocolate Sunrise is faultless as it is a pretty blend of brown and yellow sunflowers with Icing Sugar delphiniums. Add some extra touches of yellow and green for a more colourful confetti photograph.

Almost Mauve - a gentle and delicate nude.


Almost Mauve is a stunning colour, great used on its own or mixed with other colours. The Candy Floss delphinium petals would work wonderfully with an Almost Mauve colour scheme. For some added texture, Buttermilk or Promise rose petals look great mixed with smaller petals.

Spring Crocus - a flamboyant and tantalising shade of fuchsia.


This charming colour is guaranteed to stand out. As all of our petals are naturally dried with no dyes added, you won't always be able to match confetti to your scheme exactly. Our recommendation is to mix a few colours together that complement your colour scheme. So, for Spring Crocus, we mix purples with cerise pink and add in some ivory. Go bold by adding some contrasting colours.

Lime Punch - a sharp and pungent citrus.


This vibrant colour certainly doesn't occur naturally in our fields. We recommend choosing confetti to contrast, so keep it simple with Icing Sugar or yellows. If you are going for a scheme using several shades of green, our Envy hydrangeas mixed with Icing Sugar would look wonderful for your confetti moment.

Sailor Blue - a bold and beautiful navy blue.


One of Pantone's classic colours, Sailor Blue is ideal for confetti. Our Something Blue is the perfect blend of navy and ivory, guaranteed to stand out on your photographs. Why not choose a lighter shade of blue to enhance your colour scheme, or totally contrast with pinks or yellows.

Harbor Mist - a mid-tone dove grey.


Grey is such a versatile colour. Perfect for using on its own or mixed in with other colours. Lady Grey delphiniums look stunning on photographs or mix with Icing Sugar to break up the colour block. Add some texture by including some larger petals such as Daisy Daisy white hydrangeas or Parma Violet lilac rose petals.

Warm Sand - an effortless and comforting neutral shade.


Our Mellow Meadow, which is a mix of Icing Sugar delphiniums and Alchemilla Mollis, works really well to suit a Warm Sand colour scheme. When choosing your confetti, keep it simple with neutral and pale colours. Display your confetti in our Kraft cones to complete the look.

Coconut Milk - a classic off-white.


Who doesn't love a white wedding? Combine different shades of white and off-white for a chic, classic look. For your confetti, we recommend Icing Sugar on its own, or mix with Daisy Daisy or Buttermilk larger petals for an elegant, soft confetti moment.

Choosing your confetti is fun, take some time to play around with the petals and colours and order your free samples to see what your confetti mix will look like before you buy!

Love as always, SP x x



Shropshire Petals have been recognised by several awards, most recently at The British Wedding Awards 2018 (for the second year running.)