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SP DIY: How to Create a Wax Seal

If you want to make your wedding stationary extra special you can't go wrong with a wax seal. They undoubtedly take a wedding invitation to the next level and adds that personal touch. The details selected to be part of your wedding stationary are important as they help shape the experience your guests will have as they open your wedding invitation, and can also indicate your colour scheme. You can get as crafty as you like with wax seals, they can be added to your save the dates, order of service or even your name cards for the wedding tables. Whether it be a modern or traditional wax seal you decide to use, they are a gorgeous detail to add to any of your wedding stationary, and a trend that isn't going away any time soon!

We love them so much that we decided to have a go at making our own sealed envelopes. You will be surprised at how you can master a homemade wax seal with very little supplies and no skills required. Check out our results and follow our easy 5 steps to create your own wax seals.


Materials we used:

- Wax Stick with Wick

- Stamp head with handle
- Envelopes
- Tea light
- Lighter

If you are unsure where to purchase your material from, the Celtic Gift Shop on Esty have an array of gorgeous wax stick colours and beautiful personalised wax stamps to choose from. 


Step 1: Gather Materials

Ensure all your materials are easy to access and that you have positioned your envelope in front of you with the envelope flap facing you. It is important to be organised because as soon as the wax stick is lit things will happen very quickly.

Light your tea light and keep it lit throughout the process so you don't have to keep using the lighter to light your wax stick.

Step 2: Light Wax

Using your dominant hand, light the wick of the stick and hold it like a candle (vertically) until you see wax begin to melt around the base of the wick.  It will melt quickly, the key is to try an allow as much melted wax to gather on the stick before you let it drip.

Step 3: Let Wax Drip

Slowly tip and hold the wax stick over the area on the envelope you want to seal, allow the melting wax to drip creating a pool large enough for the sealing stamp. Be careful not to hold the wax stick too close as it is possible to burn the paper when doing this (may have happened to us!). Then blow out the flame and let the last few drops fall onto the envelope.


Step 4: Apply Stamp

Ensure your stamp design is facing the correct way and then push it into the pool of wax. Try to make sure that there is excess wax around the outside of the seal.


Step 5: Rest Stamp & Remove

Leave the stamp on the wax for about 30 – 60 seconds then gently remove to reveal your beautiful design. It's that simple! Not all your wax seals will look the same or be completely perfect, the different shape variations and little imperfections that each seal creates makes them authentic!


Fancy taking your wax seal to the next level? Why not add some of our petals into the wax before you apply the stamp, that along with a sprinkling of the petals in the invite will add a romantic touch which your guests will just love!

If you do decide to get crafty and create your own wax seals, make sure to share the end results with us!

Have fun! Love SP xx



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