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Shropshire Petals Flower Field update July

It's been pretty busy here on the Shropshire Petals farm, not only are weddings getting back to full swing, but our flower field is starting to pop with beautiful colour ready for us to handpick. 

Despite tough weather conditions, with a late freeze and a relatively dry season so far, our flowers are doing their best and are just starting to reveal a bit of colour! So we thought we'd share what's going on.  

Delphiniums are almost ready to pop with colour

Grown on our family farm

We grow a variety of different flowers on our family run farm in the rolling hills of Shropshire. From delphiniums to cornflowers, calendula to sunflowers, along with lagurus, nigellla plus many more. It's safe to say, it's quite a delight to work on a flower farm during the summer time! That said the team are working extra hard to make sure your orders are going out on time and ensure we hand pick enough dried flowers and petal confetti for the following year! After all, we have to make sure we've got enough flowers for the whole year as we can only grow during the summer months and it's not like you can pop to the shop to pick up more.


Cornflowers are beautiful and delicate, plus the bees love them

Wildlife in the flower field

The bees have been loving our flowers, especially our cornflowers, they can't get enough! The flower field acts as a haven for wildlife during the summer time and as we pick our flowers by hand, we also hand pick our flowers to make sure only the best quality make the cut.

Nigella pod has a stunning blue flower and a stunning architectural shape to it

The team have been busy hand picking a few early flowers like our lagurus, which is then hung on stillages and dried onsite. Dried lagurus is popularly used in flower bouquets, as part of fun DIY projects or even by itself as a neutral dried flower bunch to give a rustic charm. 

The team picking our lagurus bunches


Lagurus bunches drying on stillages

British Weather 

We're keeping our fingers crossed and our eyes on the weather, in a hope for lots of sunshine and a little rain, to keep our flowers looking on form and flowering, and give us the very best petals nature has to offer. 

The latest updates

Make sure to keep my eye on our social media for the latest updates from our flower field! You can catch us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  We're sometimes asked if members of the public can visit our flower fields, as much as we'd love to invite you to visit, we don't yet have the infrastructure to offer visits. 

Love as always SP xx 



Shropshire Petals have been recognised for their innovation, quality products and outstanding customer service with several awards including the British Farming Awards, here's a few recent awards.