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Pastel and Bright Confetti Mix of the Month

We are absolutely thrilled to bring you this stunning Confetti Mix of the Month for July! This month is not only a celebration of freedom in terms of restrictions for us here in England, but it's also the start of summer for so many of us and our Shropshire Petals flower field is just starting to pop with colour too. Plus it's wonderful to see weddings are in full swing again!

Without further ado, presenting our brand new Confetti Mix of the Month


Summer Vibes

Inspired by the warm summer sun and that warm pink haze on a hot day, along with a stunning array of pretty pink flowers popping up all over the place. This wonderful pastel pink and bright yellow petal confetti mix is perfect for a summer wedding! It's the ultimate celebration of colour, set to bring joy and utter delight to your big day. We think this colour theme works for a tropical wedding theme too, even though travel restrictions are still in force at the moment, you could create your own tropical escape with petals. 

This Confetti Mix of the Month is a combination of Candy Floss delphiniums, Honey B calendula, our new Peony Pink rose petals and also Golden Slumber roses too. As this mix contains small and large petals, it's got a fantastic mixture of textures and fall rates, giving your wedding photographer lots of time to get those all important confetti photos to celebrate your big day!

We love the idea of pairing this confetti Mix of the Month with bright yellow and pink florals like roses for the bouquets, pastel pink bridesmaid dresses and even beautiful finishing touches like modern copper tableware and pink napkins to add to the decor. You could carry on this theme from the visual into tropical tastes and smells too, with a lemon wedding cake and bespoke cocktail with hints of rose and citrus to complete the day. 


When to use confetti

Most couples use their wedding confetti for the big confetti throw, it's such an iconic photo from the big day. Usually the confetti throw is after the legal ceremony, we like to think this is the start of the party! Not only does everyone loosen up ready for a good time, but it means all the important essential bits of the day are done and you can celebrate in style! Traditionally confetti was thrown over the newlyweds to wish good prosperity and fertility, whereas these days it's more of a mark of celebration and joy. Plus the confetti shot is usually the most shared from the big day too. 

Confetti isn't just for throwing over the newlyweds these days either, there are so many fun ways to include petal confetti into your wedding day. We love the idea of including petals in with your wedding invites. Not only do wedding invites set the tone of your big day, they reveal your colour scheme to your wedding guests and they start the excitement and count down to your wedding day too. Try adding a scattering of petals to your invites to add an extra surprise for your wedding guests, it's not a celebration without confetti!

Releasing confetti on your first dance will create a wow factor for your wedding guests on the evening too! Not only that, your wedding confetti colours can be tailored to your wedding scheme, so add a sprinkle to your tables or even down the aisle to continue the flow of colour.  


How much confetti do I need?

Here at Shropshire Petals, we've developed a really handy confetti calculator that will let you know how much you need for your big day! Simply input how many wedding guests you have coming and follow the recommendation. After many years of throwing confetti, we find 1 litre of confetti is around 10-12 handfuls, or up to 20 handfuls for children. Just remember, you know your guests more than anyone, so if you think everyone is going to throw confetti, make sure to get enough for everyone (or a little more if you fancy having a few confetti throws!) alternatively if you think around half your guests might throw you can always go for a smaller amount. 

When to order

Our petals delphinium and wildflower petals will actually keep for around 12 months, where as our larger petals like roses or hydrangea for up to 3 months, so to keep it simple if you order over 3 months away from your big day you can select our Delayed Delivery service. That means, you order whenever you know what you want, we keep it save and secure in our Petal Shed on the Shropshire Petals farm and around a month before your big day we send it out to you via Royal Mail (or Parcel Force).

Alternatively if your wedding is less than 3 months away you can order right away and have everything delivery straight away. We also have an express delivery for last minute orders too, for those last minute emergencies. Don't forget the confetti! 


Why use petal confetti

Petal confetti is the preferred choice of so many wedding venues across the UK, Europe and around the world. Our confetti is made from real flower petals, grown, dried and dispatched from our family farm in Shropshire.

All our petals are eco-friendly as they come from nature, they're grown not made. They're much more sustainable than paper, as the flowers only take a few months to grow as opposed to paper that takes years to grow trees, plus our petal confetti doesn't require any processing, unlike paper confetti. Best of all, it's biodegradable, meaning no one needs to clean up after you and it's non-harmful to the environment either. The petals are dye-free, beautiful and recommended by real couples, take a look at our Feefo for reviews from our customers. 



We hope you love this bright and pastel summer confetti Mix of the Month as much as we do, if you need a little more inspiration take a look at our Pinterest board jam packed full of ideas. If you love this mix and you're reading this blog after July, you can still recreate this mix using our Pick & Mix tool, simply mix together, Candy Floss, Honey B, Peony Pink and Golden Slumber then choose your packaging. 

If you've got an idea for a Pick & Mix confetti you'd love to see, make sure to get in touch as there's hundreds of thousands of combinations available. We like to think there's something for everyone, let's face it, we're all individual and no one colour works for everyone. 

We'd love to hear what you think, so get in touch with the SP bunch. 

Love as always SP xx 



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