November Confetti Mix of the Month 2017

This November we have chosen a mixture inspired by bonfire night and the firework displays that take place, it depicts the changing colours of those magical sparks in the dark sky. We have combined the natural petals of Cherry Blossom, Black Tie, Amethyst and Lady Grey. This mix is perfect for throwing over the newly married couple, or even to use as decoration. It's visually bright and will look great on those wedding photos!


There is no right or wrong way to present your confetti to your wedding guests, but we've got so many options to choose from. Here are some creative ways that we have come up with to present November's Mix of the Month.

This Individual Sachet holds 1 handful of confetti - the perfect individual portion. You can order as many as you would like! To prepare your guests for that big confetti moment, place the individual sachets on their chairs/pews before they sit down for the ceremony or even in a box to collect on the way in or out.


Try out our Confetti Pops! They are fun, creative and you can reuse them over and over again. Each pop is filled with a handful of our natural confetti, you simply pop open the lid, hold your confetti pop high in the air and flick out over the newly married couple. Who needs fireworks when you have this confetti to celebrate with!


We love this mix of petals with our Black Cones. Natural Petal Black Tie complements the cone colour, whilst the brightness of Cherry Blossom and Amethyst contrast perfectly. That said we have 19 different embossed coloured cones to choose from, or even a choice of Personalised Cones. You may have ideas on how you want your cones placed, but our Bo Peep Basket and Shropshire Box are options we would recommend.


Baskets are brilliant if you want the petals open to your guests to take a handful themselves. We have two different sizes, our Confetti Basket holding 5 litres (50 handfuls) of confetti or alternatively a Flower Girl Basket filled with a litre (10 handfuls), but 15 handfuls for a little flower girl.


If you love this month's mix visit our special offer page here, or choose a packaging option first then select your mix after on our Confetti packages page.

You can recreate all the monthly mixes from any other time of the year with our Pick & Mix tool. You could even combine your own colour's together and create your own mix!

We wish you all a lovely November and stay tuned for the rest of this months blogs!

Love as always SP xx


Shropshire Petals have been recognised by several awards, most recently at The British Wedding Awards 2018 (for the second year running.)