NEW! Vintage Set Cones Inspiration

Here are SP we are constantly thinking about new products to present to you lovely brides to be and one we have recently launched are our brand new Vintage Set Confetti cones.

The Vintage Set cones are ideal if you're looking for something a little different to have at your wedding this summer. They consist of beautiful butterfly, floral and hummingbird designs on one side and then contemporary pastel patterns on the other. When rolled the two together complement each other perfectly creating a modern vintage look.


These new cones are available to buy within our Confetti Cone, Bo Peep Basket and White Shropshire Box packages. We also have a wonderful offer running at the minute to get 25% off a Vintage Set Kraft Shropshire Box, it's one you don't want to miss! Click Here.


There are a variety of wedding themes these cones would look great alongside, here are some we have put together for you as a little inspiration.

Pastel Wedding

How good does these Vintage Set Confetti Cones look with this pastel wedding theme, the quirky pastel patterns suit it wonderfully. The colour on the cones can be taken and applied over all parts of your pastel wedding from its decor, flowers and dresses. Even our biodegradable confetti mix Summer Nights looks great.


Photo Credit : Pinterest 

Country Barn Wedding

Country barn weddings hold a rustic charm and include quirky handmade features. For this theme our Vintage Set cones inside a Bo Peep Basket would be a nice touch as well as our variety of wheat arrangements.


Photo Credit : Pinterest 

Vintage Wedding

The mixed patterns found on these cones were inspired by all things vintage and when paired with confetti mix Vintage Daydream the cones come together. Lets not forget a Vintage wedding theme will always be a popular trend that will never disappear.


Photo Credit : Pinterest 

We hope you love these brand new vintage set cones as much as we do!

If you're looking for more inspiration take a look at our Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page its filled with lots of ideas.

Love as Always SP XX



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