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New confetti moment trends!

Confetti throwing is beautiful, because it signifies an unforgettable moment; a celebration as pure as can be. However, capturing the best possible photo can take some consideration!

Below are some 2020 trends for the ultimate confetti moment photos!


Be sure to take loads of pictures of your venue, and to share these with your photographer. This will help you determine the best possible confetti photo location!

Is there a balcony that your bridesmaids and groomsmen could throw confetti from? Is there a beautiful doorway/archway for you to walk out of? Is there a large space outside the venue for everyone to come together? Is there a well illuminated area indoors? The brighter the better!

Walking out of the venue

Always a popular one; quick and easy! Ask your photographer to capture close ups and wide-angle images of your guests throwing confetti as you walk out! Close ups are absolutely stunning but wide-angles make for great shots if you want to show the beauty of your venue!



      Mix: Tutti Fruity

In amongst the crowd

A new and upcoming photo trend – group together your nearest and dearest, and simply stand in the middle (giving the photographer space) and allow everyone to throw the confetti over you! As pictured below


Photographer: @paulandtim (previously Stott & Atkinson)


      Mix: Highland Fling

It's a bridesmaids moment

You simply can't forget your girls! We have noticed a rise in bridesmaid confetti moment photos! Grab your fave ladies, and group together to blow some confetti towards the camera! This is why choosing a colourful confetti mix is key for the best possible photos! It makes them POP!


Mix: Pink Lemonade

Quality Counts 

As with many things in this world, you get what you pay for when it comes to confetti. So, if you want your photographs to look fantastic, it’s worth investing in high quality confetti. Shropshire petals provides biodegradable flower confetti, homegrown! – ensuring excellent quality for an extraordinary day.

Have you considered ordering some samples? We offer a wide range of colour schemes and also host a pick & mix section on our site – choose your own bespoke mix to add that extra personal touch.

All our love, 

SP xxx



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