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13/05/2017  |  Minimalist Luxe Wedding Theme

There's nothing more stylish than a keeping things simple when it comes to weddings, not only does it give a timeless feel to the big day, but it's elegant and effortless too. There's a current trend for minimalistic weddings with a touch of luxury and here's a few ideas of how you can achieve this look:

The Dress

All eyes are on the bride and what she's wearing why not keep it sleek and classy with a no frills design? Try adding small details with delicate jewellery for a totally chic look.

The Cake

Leave your wedding guests guessing when it comes to the cake with a simple single colour icing and clean cute edges, they'll just have to wait and see what delicious flavours are hidden inside. 


The Bouquet

Today is all about the bride and groom, and the start of their new journey, so instead of having an overpowering bouquet that takes the focus, why not opt for an elegant alternative wheat arrangement? It's timeless, graceful and you can even add a detail with a ribbon to give that essence of luxury.


The Aisle

Make sure the aisle isn't overloaded with decoration so there is lots of free space, why not let nature provide the backdrop?

The invites

Jaw-dropping calligraphy will make a huge impression with your saves the day, invites and thank you cards, you don't need tonnes on the page, less is more as they say. 



Keep your colour palette cool and muted to maintain an effortless and delicate impression. Decorations can be bold yet classy.


Finishing Touches

The confetti photo is the most natural photo of the day, and if you're going for a minimalist luxe themed wedding, simple ivory delphinium petals would look spectacular. Our Icing Sugar petals are natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly. Click here to see these petals.


We hope you love this gorgeous wedding theme! We've got lots more wedding ideas, click here to see our fields of ideas, or click here to visit our Pinterest page!

Love as always SP xx

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