London Fashion Week with a petal catwalk

London Fashion Week is for many the pinnacle of showcasing world renowned talent. There are not many opportunities when farming aligns with the height of fashion but when designer Ryan Lo wants to use our biodegradable petals for the runway you are allowed to get a little excited!


Photo credit: Daniel Sims

Ryan Lo presents the Autumn/Winter 2019 collection with a scattering of sustainable delphinium petals across the runway. Petals that were grown on the Shropshire Petals farm, harvested and dried to preserve their delicate beauty, colour and shape. Lo chose ivory/cream Icing Sugar petals to compliment his latest collection.


Photo credit: Daniel Sims

In the chaos of present day, Lo is finding comfort and joy in unadulterated beauty. In black, Lo seeks solace. The pinks become muted. And in white, Lo finds his calm.


Photo credit: Daniel Sims

Love as always SP xxx



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