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19/05/2017  |  Keeping children entertained at a wedding

Inviting children to weddings is a personal decision. Some couples opt for adult only weddings; whereas others embrace having children present and go all out to make them feel included. We love seeing children at weddings (tantrums and all) as they bring fun and laughter to the day, which is why we have put together our favourite ways of keeping the little ones entertained throughout the entire day.


The ceremony

Keeping still during a wedding ceremony is difficult for adults, let alone for children, so providing them with something to do will help keep them busy until they can get up and move again. Provide them with a selection of books to read by creating a book station as guests walk in for children to take one as they walk past.


Mini Etch a Sketch are also a great way of keeping them busy. Hand one to each child on entering the ceremony with a personalised message for each child.


After the ceremony, get the children involved with your photographs by having some fun photos with confetti!


(Credit - Bo-Chic

The reception

The wedding breakfast can be a long time to expect children to sit for. Provide them with activities to do. You can buy or make activity books with colouring pages, puzzles and quizzes or ask them to get creative by giving each child some modelling clay or building bricks to play with.




After dinner

This is the time to have some fun. Usually, there is a period of time between the reception and the evening celebrations where children will become restless. Hire or make some fun outdoor games such as giant Jenga, bowling and croquet.


Plan a treasure hunt or ‘I-spy with my little camera’ game to get them searching for clues.


A great one (and not just for the kids) is a bouncy castle. You can now hire white wedding bouncy castles, which look great fun!


Evening celebrations

The children will love the disco or musical entertainment, but as the evening goes on, they will start to get tired, so provide them with a chill-out space for just the kids. Furnish the area with cushions, blankets and iPads or tablets (which you can hire) for them to watch movies on.


For the more active children, why not hire a ball pit for them to play in – you can also get adult ones, so this will also keep your friends and family entertained too.


Offer the children an evening drink and snack such as cookies and milk.


If you’re planning on having children at your wedding, visit our Pinterest board for some more ideas of how you can keep them entertained. There are also childcare companies, such as The Little Top who provide excellent childcare at weddings and parties.

Love as always, SP x x

Images sourced from Pinterest

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