July Mix of the Month 2018

July's Mix of the Month is a bright and bold combination of petals inspired by the wonderful colours of summer and all the fun events that accompany it. All the petals are natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable making it a perfect mix to use at a summer wedding, your local festival or carnival - grab a handful, throw in the air and party the day away!



There is no right or wrong way to present confetti to your wedding guests, but we've got so many options for you to choose from.

Try out our Confetti Pops! They are fun, creative and you can re-use them over and over again. Each pop is filled with a handful of our natural confetti, you simply pop open the lid, hold your confetti pop high and flick out over the newly married couple.


We love this mix of petals alongside our Lilac and brand new Ultra Violet Cones, natural Petal Amethyst complements the cone colour whilst the brightness of Cherry Blossom and Honey B contrast perfectly. On top of this we have 28 different coloured and patterned cones for you to choose from and lets not forget our personalised!


You may have ideas on how you want to present your cones to your guest but our Kraft Shropshire Box and Shropshire Box could be an option. Both these packages come with 25 cones and enough confetti to fill each cone and the luxury keepsake box comes with paper trays to hold the cones in place!



If looking for something for the little ones then our Flower Girl Basket would be perfect. Each basket holds 1 litre of confetti, which is enough for 10 adult handfuls and around 15 for children's hands.


This July Mix of the Month has got us all in the spirit of summer here at SP and we are looking forward to the upcoming harvest and what it will bring, so please stay tuned for exciting updates!

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Love as Always SP X


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