January Mix of the Month 2019

The first Mix of the Month of 2019 is here!

Our January Mix of the Month is a beautiful fusion of blue and purple hues. It's a perfect mix to introduce the New Year and brighten up this long month. We adore this mix and we believe it would look lovely for a confetti moment in the Winter or Spring months!


This mix is a combination of Amethyst, Blue Bird, Frosted Blue and Wisteria, which are a variety of flower types, but all natural and 100% biodegradable. The best thing about this mix is that is full of different textures, so when thrown it will make your confetti moment look really full!

Baskets are a brilliant idea when it comes to displaying your confetti, your guests can each take a handful ready for throwing when the time is right! We offer two size baskets, our Confetti Basket holds 5 litres of confetti, that's enough for about 50 handfuls. Alternatively we also have a Flower Girl Basket available that holds 1 litre of confetti, that's enough for 10 adult handfuls or around 15 for children's hands.


We have a number of Confetti Packages available, but the most popular packages our customers love are the ones including Confetti Cones. These packages are our Pack of 10 Cones, Shropshire Box (Kraft/White) and Bo Peep Basket.

We have 28 Cone Colours avaliable, but two we would recommend with this mix are Blue and Navy. These coloured cones contast wonderfully with this January Mix of the Month.



We hope you love this January Mix of the Month just as much as we do.

You re-create any of our monthly mixes or create your own via our Pick & Mix tool. You simply mix the petals online and we mix the petals in the shed, then we send them out to you all in time for your big day!

Love as always SP xx


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