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It is okay to be sad about your postponed wedding date

It's okay not to be okay. You are allowed to be sad about your postponed wedding date, and you are not alone! However, there are ways to ensure that you overcome these odd feelings of disappointment and sadness by implementing a positive mindset and ensuring that you are following our top tips!


Celebrate your initial wedding date

As opposed to being sat thinking of the negatives throughout the day of your original wedding, make a plan! Call all your family and friends, or have a candle lit dinner with your partner and pop open your favourite bottle of fizz to celebrate! Embrace the love you have for one another by utilising your quality time during this pandemic with a good film and snuggle on the sofa.

Play your first dance song and dance around your living room, maybe even use this time to make up your own dance routine for the postponed date! There are so many ways to keep yourself occupied - you simply need to celebrate your special day, as opposed to grieving for it.

A great example of an original date well celebrated, is depicted perfectly by one of our very own Shropshire Petals customers. The lovely Erin and her partner got dressed up and got creative with their camera. Pictured is them both smiling and giggling to one another, in the fields with their camera set on a timer - throwing their confetti in the air to capture that all-important confetti moment photo! What an amazing idea!

How about a confetti cannon to celebrate your wedding day? Set your camera on self-timer, or Facetime/Zoom call your family and friends and let it loose!

Each Cannon is filled with your choice of biodegradable petal confetti and shoots around 3-4 metres in the air.


Now is the time to talk to people

Don't suffer in silence, you are allowed to be sad! Make sure you confide in your partner about how you are feeling. Everyone handles things differently; they may even feel the same way you do!

Your inner emotions may be encouraging you to feel sad, and telling you how hard this day will be... It is normal. However, the best way to overcome this emotion - is to talk about it. Tell your family member that you are struggling, tell them how you feel and better yet, take their advice.

There are many people who have felt this feeling of disappointment, and there are just as many people who have found ways to overcome it.


If you need a break from planning, take - a - break

On average it can take over a year to plan your day, just how you both want it. So, give yourself a break. Take a walk, play some sport on the field behind your house. Or better yet, teach your partner how to bake.

How about some activities to distract you? Our beautiful DIY Heart Wreath is a perfect way to spend your time - a gift to you, from you!

Maybe you are the type of person who copes better by occupying yourself with other things. So, do it! Self - care is impeccable right now, so wallowing in self-pity will not be your saviour. Enjoy the time that you have; free of stress, worries and fear.

Acknowledge the sadness, but look at this simple bump in the road as another way to bond and strengthen your relationship.

Remember, this day is just another day... you've got this.


Useful Sites to offer advice and guidance to people who are struggling to adapt to the lifestyle changes caused by COVID-19.

- https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/coronavirus/pre-existing-mental-health-problems

- https://www.mind.org.uk/

- https://youngminds.org.uk/find-help/looking-after-yourself/coronavirus-and-mental-health/

All our love,

SP xxx



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