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How one couple invited 300 guests to their Covid secure wedding

Amongst the madness that COVID-19 brought upon us, some couples have still managed to celebrate their big day in style - love triumphs all!

Jacob and Miki's wedding was an intimate affair in Oxford. The ceremony took place at the famous Hertford College Chapel at the University, followed by a low-key picnic reception by the river in Port Meadow.
Shropshire Petals supplied an abundance of Pick and Mix real flower petals to the beautiful lockdown wedding, just a few short months ago.


Renowned wedding photographer Nathan Walker captured the intimate ceremony on the day. Encapsulating the element of marriage that sometimes get lost amongst the hustle and bustle of planning a big event - the actual meaning of a wedding.


Over 300 people attended Jacob and Miki's wedding, although they weren't all there in person. The beauty of technology is that we can now keep our loved ones close, regardless of distance or in this case - a pandemic! In the beautiful venue, Jacob and Miki recorded their wedding live on Zoom for all of their wonderful friends and family, who appeared on a big screen throughout the ceremony.


'So, even though so few people could physically attend, you could still feel the love in the room.'

This was the first event that Nathan has photographed in 2020 due to the pandemic, although hugely challenging due to the lack of available candid situations and attendees, he made the best of what he had - capturing the most intimate moments between the bride and groom and somehow getting a broader focus on the ceremony itself.



Miki, the stunning bride wore a beautiful laced ivory gown with an elegant updo, complimented by a bright bunch of flowers. The groom posed a stunning tailored navy suit, with a bright and vibrant buttonhole to replicate the bouquet.

The intimate picnic took place amongst beautiful scenery by a small river - with music and celebrations. Oh, and let's not forget the cake!


The confetti chosen, was a gorgeous Pick and Mix of Candy Floss and Lady in Red Rose Petals.

Their wedding guests made a socially distanced walk way for them and threw in handfuls of biodegradable confetti just at the right time to create a shower of their bespoke petal mix, creating the ultimate confetti moment! The whole thing was shot perfectly by Nathan and framed with the charming and historic pillars in the background too. We like to think that all the online guests were throwing confetti at the same time from the comfort and safety of their own home too! Who doesn't love a bit of confetti, right?

Here at Shropshire Petals our couples are always telling us their confetti moment is one of the most iconic photos of the day, and we can imagine Jacob and Miki cherishing their confetti moment for years to come too.




Alternatively, if you are thinking of having a small and intimate wedding we have a variety of accommodating confetti options, you can purchase our sweet Individual Confetti Sachets or add a unique touch with Personalised Confetti Pillows. Not only can you use these sachets or pillows as socially distanced markers for where your guests can sit during the ceremony, but you can create your own bespoke mix of petals to go inside too. They're practical and get the celebration started! - adhering to all government guidelines.

We're so grateful to be involved with so many weddings around the world, from the little village church down the road from our farm, to as far away as Alaska! It's amazing to be a part of a revolution of biodegradable confetti that's eco-friendly, natural and sustainable.

Times are incredibly tough right now for everyone, and we're all doing our part by reducing the spread of COVID-19 and keeping guest numbers much lower than we'd all really like. Rest assured we will make sure you get the spectacular Shropshire Petals confetti moment you've always dreamt of.

Will you be choosing to have a smaller weddings this year? Maybe you're opting for a bigger celebration next year? There are lots of ways you can use this opportunity to have the ultimate intimate wedding, just like Jacob and Miki.



Now more than ever are we all appreciating the things we once took for granted. Let's face it, weddings are about love, and sharing that love with the people that matter the most to you both. So, if you decide to have a small intimate ceremony with lots of very personal touches like the lovely Miki and Jacob have done, or hold off and wait for the 'all clear' and a larger guest list; we are here to help you get your perfect confetti moment and make incredible memories to cherish for years to come.

Here's a list of lots of wonderful wedding suppliers that made Miki and Jacob's wedding possible:

Photographer - Nathan Walker

Videographer - Harry Weston-Cottrell

Venue - Hertford Chapel

Dress - Monsoon

Alterations - Chalk Tailoring

Earrings - John Lewis

Wedding Rings - Temprell

Suit - T.M. Lewin

Tie, Shirt, Cufflinks - Debenhams

Stay Safe and keep an open mind.

All Our Love,

SP xxx



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