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His and Hers Vintage Style for a Va-Voom Wedding!

If you and your partner want to be unique on your wedding day, choose to rock out with vintage fashion. It’s a great way to create eye-catching outfits while revealing your personalities. We’ve invited Shannon Lockwood from to ensure you’ve got your “something old” covered - but in a totally chic way!


Make His Style Work With Yours

If your dress is vintage, you want your groom to match. Luckily, it’s really easy for your groom to add vintage elements to his look. Here are some must-have vintage items he should have in his wardrobe:

A waistcoat: What’s vintage without a waistcoat? They’re suitable in all seasons: they come in handy when layering during the colder months, while wearing them without a jacket makes them perfect for warmer months. Waistcoats give your groom a gentlemanly feel and he can wear them at both a casual or formal wedding. You could also match his waistcoat to the colour of your dress, such as if it’s in an ivory colour.

Braces. If you want something spirited and casual with personality, then braces are the ticket. In fact, get his entire groom party in braces for extra fun. The best thing about braces is that they can work with a casual or formal wedding, while adding a bit of a twist to tradition.

Pocket Watch: This is an easy way to be more vintage and best of all a pocket watch works with any style of suit your groom is interested in wearing. It just adds a bit of vintage flair to his overall look. Make it link up to your outfit by choosing it in a metal you’re wearing, such as silver if you have silver jewelry.

Make Your Jewelry Match

Another important way in which to connect your vintage style to that of your groom is with jewelry. Matching rings are a great way to do this and there are many different vintage styles to choose from, such as Art deco and Victorian rings. While yours might be more decadent, your groom’s wedding ring can have just one or two of your ring elements to make the perfect vintage statement, such as milgrain detailing or floral engraving. Another good idea is to match the metal of your rings, such as rose gold or yellow gold.


Paint the Perfect Picture

The vintage wedding style is dominated by soft colours. These include ivory and champagne that give your dress a richer tone and aren’t too pure white (which can sometimes be less flattering). Another hot vintage colour that has been gaining popularity is mint. It’s a refreshing and fun colour to add to the mix so bear that in mind for your groom, too.

Make Your Confetti Vintage-Inspired

Before paper confetti was invented, guests would throw flowers, petals, or rice to bestow prosperity and fertility on the newly married couple. Celebrate this time honored tradition by choosing dried petals for your confetti, from Shropshire Petals. We love natural petal confetti, as it is biodegradable, eco-friendly and perfect for using to decorate your venue too!

We’ve loved having a play with the Shropshire Petals Pick & Mix tool, and of course, we had to choose Vintage Daydream to feature in this post!


Choose Fabulous Fabrics!

Some fabrics scream vintage, with tweed and plaid being right up there on the vintage scale for men, while lace reigns supreme when brides want to achieve vintage beauty. Best of all, these can be conventional or casual styles. Your groom can play around with rustic elements, such as by choosing shades of grey and brown; or he can keep things sophisticated with bowties and darker colours. Slip a flower into the pocket of his jacket to match the flowers in your vintage headpiece - or colourful shoes - to create a fun connection.

Get the Shoe Style

Don’t forget about your shoes! This is an important part of both yours and your groom’s vintage style to keep you looking fabulous from head to toe.


For brides, there are a variety of vintage shoe designs, such as peep toes, which are great for bringing a bit of 1950s style to your look. If you want a bit of dazzle, your vintage shoes can be filled with sequins or diamonds, while silky satin shoes convey the ultimate sophistication. If you want a bit of fun, don’t be afraid to wear shoes in a bright colour! This is unexpected and very striking.

For grooms, brogues are a great vintage choice. They convey class and old school charm. Make the colour of the groom’s shoes match his braces, bowtie or tie so that his overall look remains sophisticated.

Wearing vintage on your wedding is a fashionable choice that will never go out of style. Follow the above advice to keep your look in sync with your groom’s for a picture-perfect day.

Shannon Lochwood is a writer who lives in California and enjoys writing about health and lifestyle and weddings. In her free time she loves to help people and in any way she can and enjoy time with her two small daughters.  

Thank you Shannon for this wonderful post.

Love as always, SP x x



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