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Have you seen the gorgeous Confetti flower fields at Shropshire Petals?

Our family farm have been growing and harvesting flowers since 1948 when Nanny Bubb used to grow flowers for the local market, and since the birth of Shropshire Petals in 2005 we have become one of the biggest confetti flower field farms in Europe. Now we are well into the summer of 2020, our confetti fields are in bloom and ready to be harvested.

Once our flowers are at their finest, we carefully hand pick them and dry them to make our beautiful biodegradable confetti. Our drying process then removes the moisture from the petals meaning they can be stored for months or even years!


What flowers do we grow?

On the farm at Shropshire Petals that sits proud in amongst rolling hills of bright colours and beautiful landscapes, we grow a variety of beautiful flowers. This year we're aiming to harvest over 700 million petals, from Calendula and Delphiniums to Marjoram and Zinnias, not to mention cornflowers! We're also going to be picking some bunches of dried delphiniums and an array of wonderful bunches that will go into our lovely wheat arrangements, such as Lavender and Rhodanthe.


Why do we harvest?

By harvesting the petals ourselves, we are able to monitor quality during the entire process. It's also great to produce from within the UK wherever possible, as it reduces air miles, our carbon footprint and promotes our eco-friendly ethos. Not only are our flowers stunning to look at but they offer a wonderful sanctuary for our local wildlife; from bees to butterflies, hares to deer and even a peacock from time to time!


Our biodegradable confetti is available in a range of colours, all of which are dye free - meaning they won't stain if they were to get wet! From a vibrant Tutti Fruity, to an elegant and subtle Pink Lemonade, be sure to utilise our Pick and Mix service to find the perfect mix that is bespoke to you.

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All our love, SP xxx



Shropshire Petals have been recognised for their innovation, quality products and outstanding customer service with several awards including the British Farming Awards, here's a few recent awards.