Flower Field update at Shropshire Petals

Every year we grow a wide variety of flowers to make biodegradable petal confetti. All our petal confetti is eco-friendly and natural. We grow a huge range of different coloured petals and we never dye any of our petals, we simply harness what nature has to offer. 


Here's a few photos of our cornflowers ready to be picked by hand, dried and then delivered worldwide for celebrations, weddings, events and much more!


Not only do our cornflowers look beautiful to us humans, but bees and other insects love them too! Our flower field provides an abundance of food for bees.


We're always trialling new flowers too, so here's a few new plants that you may see available on the website later in the year too.  



Keep up to date with all the behind scenes on the farm on our Instagram or Facebook stories, or check in to see the next field update. 

If you're wondering what petals to choose for your wedding or celebration, you can request up to 5 confetti samples on our samples page for £1, which you can claim back when you place your order.

Love as always SP xxx



Shropshire Petals have been recognised for their innovation, quality products and outstanding customer service with several awards including the British Farming Awards, here's a few recent awards.