Emma & Mike's Confetti Cannon Wedding

Creating a dramatic confetti moment is easy with our Confetti Cannons filled with biodegradable petal confetti all grown on the Shropshire Petals farm. We often get asked how they work, how far in the air they go and lots of other questions in between so it's wonderful for couples to share their photos to show others how you can use them.

Here the step by step of what the large Confetti Cannon look like, taken from Emma & Mike's big day at The Ashes Barns in the Staffordshire Moorlands, captured by Lois Photography.





Confetti Cannons add a huge flutter of petal confetti to give you a full shower effect. As the petals are shot up, they get caught in the air and gently flutter down to give your photographer plenty of time to get those all-important wedding photos.

Top Tips for using Confetti Cannons

Think of framing the shot
We love how photographer Lois has framed the groomsmen either side of the bride and groom to get an even shower of confetti on either side.

Timing is everything
Make sure to wait for your photographer's cue to let off the cannons, there is nothing worse than letting them off and not capturing the moment.

Let's be safe
We recommend getting someone responsible to set off your Cannons, aiming at a 45 degree angle is ideal and always pointing away from people and animals.

Consider the weather
Confetti Cannons can be used regardless of the weather, just bear in mind if it's a windy day to set off you Cannon upwind of the couple so they are showered in confetti.

What and when should I order?

If you're thinking of ordering Confetti Cannons for your big day, make sure to chat with your photographer and venue as they might have a great time or location on the day to let them off. Also by speaking to your photographer it means the confetti photo is on the list of 'must have photos' for the day, so nothing gets missed in the excitement of the day.

When to order?
You can order as far in advance as you like, as soon as you know what you want simply order online and tell us your wedding date. If your wedding is less than 3 months away we'll send everything out right away. If your wedding is over 3 months away you can choose our Delayed Delivery service and we will send your order out closer to your wedding date. Which means you can tick it off your list of things to do.

How to use it?
Your Cannons come filled with your choice of gorgeous biodegradable petal confetti, you can choose from a range of popular mixes or create you own bespoke mix on our Pick & Mix tool. The Cannons can only be used once, so when you're ready to unleash the confetti, simply remove the top and middle stickers and twist.

How much do I need?
We recommend providing enough confetti for at least half your guests as a good rule of thumb when it comes to throwing confetti. With Cannons you can create a dramatic confetti photo without many guests actually having to do much. What Emma and Mike did above was use 2 large Confetti Cannons and still have their other guests throwing confetti too. The more the merrier! Try our confetti calculator to help you work out how much you'd need.

To see more of a sneaky peek of photos from Emma and Mike's wedding day visit Lois Photography's blog.

Love as always SP xx



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