DIY - Make Your Own Confetti Wrapping paper

Christmas is not too far away meaning we have all started to purchase special gifts that need wrapping for a loved one or close friend. This year why not switch it up and make your own Confetti Wrapping Paper. It is super easy, really fun and our Natural Petal Confetti adds a special surprise!

We have tailored this blog around Christmas to get you all in the festive spirit. We chose Natural Petal Confetti Moulin Rouge as it is a trendy mix that depicts the colours of Christmas. Just remember Confetti Wrapping Paper can be used for many occasions - a wedding, birthday or baby shower. 

What you will need:


Once you have gathered everything you need, start to follow our easy step by step!

Step one

Grab your chosen coloured tissue or wrapping paper and simply wrap your gift, this will be the base colour showing through the cellophane. Once finished put the wrapped gift to one side and move to step two.


Step Two

Now it's time for the best bit - confetti! Firstly get your cellophane and cut out the amount you will need to wrap your gift, when finished lie the cellophane flat and naturally sprinkle your confetti on top. We would recommend around two handfuls of Natural Petal Confetti, but feel free to add more depending on the size of your gift. Our 1 Litre bag provides 10 handfuls of confetti, which is enough for around five gifts.


Step Three

Get your gift and place 1-2 cm in from the edge, then tape that gap to your gift. This is an important step because instead of wrapping you tightly roll your gift over the confetti, it keeps the confetti enclosed and evenly separated.

Step Four

Carry on rolling until you have reached the end. Once reached start to wrap your gift as normal, enclosing the ends.


Step Five

You are now ready for accessories! This step you have the freedom to do whatever you would like. You could colour co-ordinate your accessories to your gift or even to your chosen confetti colour. Why not add ribbons, bows, tape or even bells. There are so many options, just have a fun and play!



Once finished pop under your tree ready for Christmas day!

We really hope you loved this week's blog and go on to create you own confetti wrapping paper.

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Love as always SP xxx


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