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Brand new Dried Flower Letterbox Bouquets

We've been working hard behind the scenes at Shropshire Petals, and we are so excited to reveal a brand new range of beautiful Dried Flower Letterbox Bouquets. We hope you love them too!

Dried Flowers are absolutely on trend right now, let's face it, you can't scroll through your Instagram feed without seeing some pretty dried lagurus in a cute vase. Not only are dried flowers pretty darn adorable, they are long-lasting, they will usually last months if not years and they're very low maintenance as they don't require any watering.

Due to this horrible virus we're all in Lockdown 2.0 and not able to see the people we love the most, which is pretty pants. What better way to show your loved ones that you're are thinking of them, and cheering up their day, than with a gorgeous bouquet of on trend dried flowers sent through their letterbox. It's a game changer, right!

So here's our new range, hope you love them!

Vintage Dried Flower Letterbox Bouquet


Inspired by our Vintage Daydream biodegradable petal confetti, this rustic pink, grey and cream infused dried flower bouquet contains delphiniums grown on our Shropshire farm along with our finest bearded wheat and dreamy lagurus. Our Vintage Letterbox Bouquet arrives to your chosen recipient carefully wrapped and ready to be placed in a vase for a lot of admiration. Click here for more info

Meadow Dried Flower Letterbox Bouquet


Our Meadow Bouquet is filled with a dreamy myriad of colour inspired by British wildflowers. This classic flower bouquet makes the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, or simply just because you want to make them smile. This Meadow Bouquet contains wheat, lagurus (also known as lambs tails, because it's so darn cute), lona, delphiniums and finally marjoram. This gentle combination of dusky pinks, plums, natural creams and a pop of yellow will look stunning in a country style home. Click here for more info

Rainbow Dried Flower Letterbox Bouquet


The rainbow has been the image of the year, it represents unity and that's why it made the final cut when it came to our brand new range of bouquets. Just feast your eyes on all that colour, it's enough to put a smile on anyone's face! To achieve this all natural, dye-free bouquet of brilliant dried flowers we've added green nigella orientalis, yellow lona and so many different colours of delphiniums including baby blue, rich raspberry and deep bluey purple. When we were mixing up this flower combination, it did feel a little bit like a candy store! Click here for more info

Dried Flower Delivery


We think these bouquets are the perfect gift, so we've also added a free handwritten gift message option to add that extra personal touch. You might not be able to see your best friend, sister or mum at the moment, but you can give them something to smile about and let them know you care. Just remember to practice a little self-care during this difficult time to, so if you fancy a bouquet just for you, that's ok too.

We hope you like our latest creations, we'd love to hear what you think.

Stay safe,

Love SP xx



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