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Don't miss our Black Friday Offer


We are super excited to reveal our Black Friday offer! 15% off orders over £30!
Use discount code: BFSP at the checkout

Wedding over 3 months away?

Make sure to take advantage of this amazing offer today only! If you're wedding is over 3 months away, you can still use the offer today! Simply place your order with the discount code 'BFSP', tell us when your wedding day is, and select Delayed Delivery. You tell us when you want your petals dispatching from our petal shed. That means you can tick confetti off your wedding to-do list and save some pennies too.

How much confetti do I need?

We have a really useful confetti calculator to take any of the guess work out of confetti. Try our confetti calculator out today, click here for the link. Alternatively, as a good rule of thumb, aim for at least half of your guests to throw, as we generally find the ladies throw more than the gent's. If you've got 100 guests coming, aim for 50 to throw as a minimum, which is 5 litres of our beautiful biodegradable petals.

What colours to choose?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to colours, you can choose a petal colours to match your colour scheme, or you could do wild and have a mixture of colours. We have lots of popular mixes to choose from (click here) or Pick & Mix your own unique combination of petals at no extra cost.

Are certain petals better for throwing?

We find the delphinium and wildflower mixes to be the best for throwing as the petals are smaller, lighter weight and gently float down, giving your photographer plenty of time to get the all important confetti photos. You can add some larger petals to a delphinium and wildflower mix, we limited the larger petals to only a quarter of the mix as we find the larger petals drop a little quicker and are great for adding a flash of colour, but smaller petals are best for creating a shower of confetti. If you are thinking of having just larger petals like roses or hydrangeas, we find these best for table decorations or scattering down the aisle as they are much bigger in size.

Why use petal confetti?

Petal confetti is sustainable, eco-friendly, biodegradable and looking stunning on your wedding photos!

Why use Shropshire Petals?

We are confetti growing experts, we've been growing flowers for over 30 years and specifically confetti for almost 14 years. In 2019 we grew 1 billion petals on our family farm. Not only are our petals some of the best available, they are free from nasty dyes and most wedding venues recommend Shropshire Petals confetti.

Happy Black Friday!

Love as always SP xxx



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