Biodegradable Petal Confetti for 2022/23 Weddings


Bank Holiday Offer this August

To celebrate the last bank holiday of the year (we can't quite believe it!) and an epic summer of weddings we've decided to give you two cracking offers this weekend! Get up to 15% off your biodegradable wedding Confetti and dried flowers until midnight on Monday 29th August.


How to use this Bank Holiday Treat

The offer can be used across our entire website, it's the perfect treat for those of you who are wedding planning and want a biodegradable confetti moment or perhaps you want to update your dried flowers for the change in season. Dare we say, make a head start on your Christmas shopping? The options are endless; however you wish to use it just remember to apply the discount codes as follows:

- Spend over £50 and get 10% off with code SBH10

- Spend over £70 and get 15% off with code SBH15

Please note that this offer does not include delivery costs.

Order Wedding Confetti in Advance

You can still make the most of this fantastic offer even if your wedding is over 3 months away. Simply place your order as normal, tell us your wedding date and select Delayed Delivery, this means we will send your order out closer to your wedding date, and you can tick it off your wedding to-do list.
If your wedding is less than 3 months away, then order online via our immediate dispatch. Just store the confetti away from heat and moisture and your petals will be perfect for the big day.

Image: 10 litres of Pink Lemonade

Why choose Biodegradable Petal Confetti?

Petal confetti is the prettiest and best confetti around (not to blow our own trumpet!), it is also the preferred choice for most churches and wedding venues across the UK, Europe and Worldwide. It's biodegradable so no one needs to clean up after your grand celebration, plus it's not harmful to the environment either, which is ideal if your venue has animals on the grounds too.

Image: Shropshire Petals Flower Field

Our delphiniums and wildflowers are the best petals for getting a shower of confetti as they are small, lightweight and fall delicately to the ground. Selecting these smaller petals will ensure your photographer has plenty of time to capture the all-important moment, and as the petals are little and dainty, they won't hide your faces too. You can add a few rose or hydrangea petals to your confetti mix too, as these larger petals can add a burst of colour, but bear in mind they will fall quicker.

Image Credit: Brightwing Photography

Confetti Display Options

Displaying your confetti to your wedding guests can be so much fun, you can incorporate your wedding colours and theme into your confetti decor. If you've having a rustic barn wedding, showcase your confetti in wicker baskets, or if you're opting for a city wedding, personalised individual sachets have been a total hit this summer. From confetti cones to wands, sachets to baskets, you can get as creative as you feel, when it comes to your confetti shot. Take a look at our online shop and pick your favourite.

Image: Personalised Confetti Sachet - Heart Design

How much confetti do I need? 

The more confetti you have, the better opportunity to create some incredible shots. After many years of testing and throwing petal confetti, we find that 1 litre of petal confetti is enough for about 10-12 handfuls. So, if you've got 100 guests, 10 litres of petals will be enough for them all to throw and give you that complete shower of petal confetti.

If you're stuck, we've got a cracking Confetti Calculator that will work out exactly how much you need or simply get in touch with us.

Image: Handful of Frosted Blue Confetti Mix

Eco-Friendly Wedding Flowers

Dried flowers have continued to be on trend for weddings this summer.  Our dread flower sheaf is ideal as an alternative natural bridal bouquet, like all our dried flowers keeping for months and sometimes years.

Opting for dried flowers on your big day means they can be delivered ahead of time due to their long-lasting life. Plus, there's no need to water any of these and no drooping by the end of the day too - one less thing to worry about. Also, a dried flower bouquet or buttonhole can become a lasting gift for those involved in the wedding, something to cherish long after the big day.

Image: White Wheat Sheaf

Dried Flower Arrangements

Bring Autumn into your home with our collection of handmade dried flower arrangements, they are perfect for adding a rustic feel to your home interior. Our stunning wreaths not only looks good hanging on a door, they are also the perfect alternative to a picture on a gallery wall in a kitchen, or hang on a window in your living room to complete a country styled room. Fancy making your own wreath? Take a peek at our DIY options.

Alternately, you can opt to create your own autumnal arrangement with our array of colourful dried flower bunches.

Image: Woodland Wheat Wreath

Need our help?

Visit our FAQ page for lots of helpful advice and tips. If you've got any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch through our contact page, alternatively email us at or give us a call on 01952 691553 (the petal shed will be closed on Monday 29th August, however we will be back open again on Tuesday 30th August 2022).  

Have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend!

Love SP xX



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