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How to adapt your postponed Summer Wedding to an Autumn Celebration!

Given the recent pandemic, more and more brides/grooms have postponed their wedding from Spring 2020 - to - Autumn 2020, and haven't we got just the treat for those lovely people!

Autumn weddings have the glory of
colour, fall colours are bold and striking! Hints of stunning Red and Burnt Orange, with Mother Nature doing her thing - the results simply effortless.

We have collated a small list of all of our favourite Autumn wedding trends! From an elegant, vintage dress - to - the vast array of seasonal food options, available from most of your lovely local suppliers! You'll be sure to find something to get you super exciting for your big day!



Given the gorgeous vintage vibe, hosted by the seasonal tones and general elegant aura of Autumn. Why not consider a gorgeous Vintage dress? There are so many pre loved wedding dress businesses dotted all over the country, you simply won't miss one. There is also the option of following the 2020 trend of a modern gown with a 1920s twist. The likes of the beautiful Ellie Goulding and stunning Kate Middleton, showcased this trend beautifully. Ellie paraded a beautiful white gown, inspired by Princess Anne and Bianca Jagger – hosting traditional elements such as this stunning high – neck lace frill. Elegance and simplicity.

Or, maybe you are in to DIY projects. Does your Grandma have a gorgeous gown that is ready to be upcycled?

How many stories will your vintage dress have to tell?


Biodegradable Petal Confetti

Now you know we are the experts in this... We cater to all weddings, in all four seasons. Your flowers are one of the most important elements to your wedding, so what better way to compliment them than with matching real flower confetti? Our gorgeous confetti petals are grown on our stunning flower farm, in the rolling hills of Shropshire. Adding that eco-friendly vibe to your special day.
We have 30+ mixes to choose from, ranging from the elegant and subtle Mellow Meadow – to the bright and vibrant Tutti Fruity. Perfect for that all important confetti moment photo.

We have seen a massive rise in our gorgeous autumn themed mixes such as Autumn Fall and Mulberry Red. Autumn Fall and Mulberry Red are two beautiful mixes, made up of Icing Sugar, Honey B and Burgundy Berry petals. These mixes are perfect for weddings with a hint of burgundy, merlot, dark red, orange, yellow, golds and cream or ivory.


Why not try something with a personal touch? Check out our lovely personalised Shropshire Boxes, showcasing 25 beautiful cones - personalised with your chosen design. Our gorgeous Shropshire Box is available in Kraft or White, and is the perfect display for your gorgeous confetti cones.

You could even keep your lovely cones as mementos for your close
friends and family.

Found your perfect confetti mix? Make use of our savvy delayed delivery service, and let's get it checked off your to-do list.

Food Options

Autumn is the perfect time for root vegetables, such as; carrots, squash, pumpkin and sweet potato. Let's also not forget that it is peak season for fruits such as; apples, pomegranates, citrus fruits and pears. The neutral colours, accompanied by the piercing orange and reds - makes it undeniably the best colour scheme for an Autumn wedding! Almost every location in the UK, hosts a nearby farm shop - offering locally sourced fruit and vegetables. Speak with your caterer and ensure that all of your produce is sourced locally, you will be lowering your carbon footprint and local produce is simply delicious!

Think about all the mulled wine you could drink, and not to forget the hot chocolate for the little ones!


Henry Lowther Photography


Rustic décor additions such as wooden centre pieces, hanging lanterns and vintage photobooths have taken centre stage, move out the way Summer – Autumn is the new supreme! 
Gone are the days of the fake flower walls, make way for the stunning gold hanging rings! Decorated in elegant dried flowers and beautiful wheat arrangements. These can be made as a lovely DIY project for you and your loved ones, using our dried flower bunches. Choose from a range of different flowers, such as; our White Rhodanthe or our lovely Lavender - a perfect personal addition to your wedding décor.

If you were expecting a summer wedding, you may find that the flowers you originally wanted, aren't in season that time! So how about a dried flower bouquet as an alternative? Complimenting that rustic vibe that everyone loves!



A rustic barnyard or vineyard themed wedding, with a boho vibe fits the autumnal vibe perfectly. An essence of warmth and serenity, is something that you want to be reflected in your choice of venue, given the season! 
Or maybe you are considering an outdoor wedding? The beauty of autumn is that it isn't too warm, nor is it too cold! Giving you the ability to host a ceremony outdoor. The beautiful autumn leaves and colour palette or merlot and gold makes for an excellent natural décor. An outdoor ceremony opens doors for activities, best suited to the season. How about toasting some marshmallows by a roasting fire? Or a dance around the fire pit with your loved ones?

Be sure not to forget those lovely little fairy lights!

We hope that we have helped all of you lovely postponed brides with your autumnal wedding choices, be sure to check out our pinterest board for more inspo!

All our love, 

SP xxx



Shropshire Petals have been recognised for their innovation, quality products and outstanding customer service with several awards including the British Farming Awards, here's a few recent awards.