A wedding Inspired by Tartan

The autumn air has turned to crisp and the colder season is upon us. It is time to get out your patterned knitwear favorites, a pattern we love here at SP is Tartan!

Tartan is a central part of Scottish culture and is a must if having a Scottish Wedding, but this timeless crisscrossed pattern is a great wedding theme for all you brides to be. Here are some alternative ways to incorporate Tartan into your wedding.


You are spoilt for choice when choosing a colour of tartan, as each pattern is woven with more than two colours. Instead of physically using tartan, you could swatch the colours inside the pattern and use them as your chosen colour scheme. Many of the colour tones used are bold, dark and rustic - perfect for an autumn or winter wedding!


The Dress

A tartan knitwear throw is a perfect little touch if getting married in those colder months. Pop it over your shoulders throughout the ceremony or even involve it in your wedding photos, it will keep you nice and warm and make those photos look super cute! If looking for something subtle how about a tartan waistband, it really complements the dress and you could tie a bow at the back for a little bit of character.

Tartan_Blog_dress Tartan_Blog_waistband

Photo Credit : Pinterest
The Groom

Of course a traditional kilt is needed if having a Scottish wedding, but a tartan waistcoat with a block coloured jacket would look just as smart. If the groom is feeling adventurous, tartan trouser could be an option if not opt for something simple like a tartan tie or bow tie.


 Photo Credit : Pinterest 

A rustic buttonhole would look great alongside your chosen tartan pattern. Our beautiful buttonholes are hand crafted using a variation of dried flowers, the blue buttonhole contains a dried thistle head, which is a well-known symbol of Scotland. Our buttonholes come in a variation of colours and they are a lovely keepsake item. 


Photo Credit: Shropshire Petals 

Tartan is an eye catching pattern, so keep the decoration simple. We love these table runners, they allow you to colour co-ordinate your flowers, napkins and menus to the colours found inside tartan. You could even scatter our Larger petals on top of your table!


Photo Credit : Pinterest 

A piece of tartan material can really go a long way, so get creative and craft a number of added extras to include in your wedding decor. You could wrap tartan around jars to create candle holders, use for cake decoration, tie flowers to the end of church pews or even loop together your wedding rings on a small pillow. There are plenty more options, so invest in a roll of your chosen tartan!


Photo Credit: Pinterest  


Give your guests a sneak peak of your wedding theme via the invites. These invites hold a surprise of tartan on the inside of the envelopes, but you could have your touch of tartan on the back of your invites or as a band holding it all together. We love the script typography, it creates a traditional feel and flows nicely.

 Photo Credit: Pinterest
Finishing Touches

Have some fun and match your confetti to your chosen tartan pattern. Our Pick and Mix option allows you to do this, just click on the coloured petals and form your mix. There are many options to choose from, so take time and have a little play! Here are some options we have matched for you. 




Our natural petals Midnight Blue and Frosted Blue match perfectly to the cross over purple and blue found inside this pattern, whilst Icing Sugar lightens up the confetti just like the white dashed strip.


The dark colour tones of Black Tie and Lady Grey match this tartan pattern. This Mix would look great against our Black and Silver embossed cones, but we also have 19 other coloured cones to choose from.

We hope these ideas have helped you to unleash your inner tartan! If looking for more inspiration head over to our Pinterest board where we have selected many more of our tartan favourites!

Love as always SP XX


Shropshire Petals have been recognised by several awards, most recently at The British Wedding Awards 2018 (for the second year running.)