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Ways to Use Confetti on Your Wedding Day

There is nothing that gives us more joy than seeing our confetti in wedding photographs. Especially the confetti shot, seeing the love on the newlywed's face when they exit the ceremony and are getting showered by their nearest and dearest in our lovely petals is just such a magical moment! This is the photograph that you do not want to miss out on, having this memory in a photograph means you can revisit that wonderful feeling time and time again.

But why restrict the confetti to the ceremony exit shot? There are no rules when it comes to confetti, it can be scheduled into your big day right from the very beginning through to the end. We thought it would be really helpful to share examples of how this is possible so you can then decide which moments you want to stand out from the rest.

Get your wedding planner book at the ready as there are so many ways confetti can be used on your big day!


Top Tip: Always check any ideas with the venue first. You don't want to make lots of exciting confetti plans to be then told that it won't be allowed.

Pre-Wedding Ideas

The following ideas can be prepped the day before the wedding (depending on the venue) or the morning of, just make sure you have allocated these jobs to friends/family and they know exactly what they are doing. You want to be feeling as relaxed as possible for makeup and mimosas at 9am!

Petal Path

A petal path leading to the area that you plan to say 'I do' is just so romantic and creates a beautiful background for photographs. You can opt for a mixture of large and loose petals to create the look. Another idea would be to send your flower girls down the aisle 5 minutes before you enter to create a petal walk way for you. Our Flower Girl Baskets are just perfect for this.


 Photo credit: Matt Lee Photographer

Table Decorations

If you don't want to go overboard on your table decorations, a scattering of petals around your table centrepieces or even your cake table will help add a pop of colour and texture. Both our small and large petals work well for this and with so many colours to choose from you will have no problems matching your colour scheme.


 Photo credit: Wolken mit i

Confetti Bar

A confetti bar is really easy to style and can add to your venue décor. It allows you to offer your guests a variety of colours if you wish. It is a fabulous addition to your big day as your guests will love to visit the bar and pick up their own confetti. One of the best things about it is that it can suit any theme.


On the Big Day

Getting Ready Shots

Start the fun early and gift your bridesmaids our Confetti Pops, they will make for great getting ready shots and will get everyone excited for the amazing day ahead. You can personalise them to match  your colour scheme and even better you can reuse them so the bridesmaids can refill them to use for the confetti shot at the church.


Exiting the Church

The most popular confetti shot! Make sure you have enough confetti for this, our confetti calculator will help you. Perfect this shot by checking out our 6 top tips on getting the perfect shot.


Entering Your Venue as a Newlywed Couple

This option is perfect for those of you who aren't allowed to throw confetti as you exit the church or it's another opportunity for more confetti! Just make sure to speak to your photographer so that they are prepared for the shot happening at the venue.


 Photo Credit: Dianas Ideenreich and Laura Seitz Fotografie

Cutting the Cake

The speeches are over and you are now starting to feel really relaxed and ready to let your hair down! Have some of your guest throw some colourful confetti like Kaleidoscope while you are cutting the cake. It's fun and a great opportunity for your photographer to get some unique and colourful photographs.


Photo credit: Wolken mit i

The First Dance

Add extra magic to the first dance and what better way to get the party started! Arrange to have the confetti fall just as your first song is coming to an end, it's a perfect signal for all your guests to come and have a boogie with you.


Photo credit: Sophie Warren Photography

Conclude the night with Confetti Canons

Send everyone home on a high! Have the bridal party line up outside with confetti cannons as the guests are leaving. Exiting with confetti in your hair is a super way to leave an amazing party, plus you will get some cracking shots of this happening. It would be a lovely idea to send these images to the guests inside the Thank You cards.


We would love to see how you decide to schedule our confetti into your special day. Make sure to tag our social platforms when sharing your images (InstagramFacebookTwitter and Pinterest).

Love the SP team xx



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