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17/11/2017  |  Top Wedding Instagram profiles you really should follow

Instagram is brimming with incredible wedding inspiration from dresses to cakes, or venue decoration to flowers. You can use Instagram to plan your wedding by spotting the latest trends, the top colour palettes, looking up wedding suppliers, or even using it to figure out what you don't want as much as what you do want on your big day. By following the professionals you can pick up tips, expert advice and even enter into competitions to help you with your perfect wedding day. 

We've put together a list of just a few of our favourite Instagram accounts to follow when planning your wedding.

Wedding Ideas


Whimsical Wonderland Weddings


Style Me Pretty


Rock My Wedding


Bespoke Bride




Bride and Tonic


Brides Up North


Festival Brides


Love My Dress


The Little Wedding Helper


A Natural Wedding Company


Make sure to take a look at the Shropshire Petals Instagram for our confetti ideas, competitions, real weddings and lots more!Shropshire_Petals

We hope you enjoy wedding planning with these inspiring Instagram accounts to help along the way.

Love as always SP xx

14/11/2017  |  A wedding Inspired by Tartan

The autumn air has turned to crisp and the colder season is upon us. It is time to get out your patterned knitwear favorites, a pattern we love here at SP is Tartan!

Tartan is a central part of Scottish culture and is a must if having a Scottish Wedding, but this timeless crisscrossed pattern is a great wedding theme for all you brides to be. Here are some alternative ways to incorporate Tartan into your wedding.


You are spoilt for choice when choosing a colour of tartan, as each pattern is woven with more than two colours. Instead of physically using tartan, you could swatch the colours inside the pattern and use them as your chosen colour scheme. Many of the colour tones used are bold, dark and rustic - perfect for an autumn or winter wedding!


The Dress

A tartan knitwear throw is a perfect little touch if getting married in those colder months. Pop it over your shoulders throughout the ceremony or even involve it in your wedding photos, it will keep you nice and warm and make those photos look super cute! If looking for something subtle how about a tartan waistband, it really complements the dress and you could tie a bow at the back for a little bit of character.

Tartan_Blog_dress Tartan_Blog_waistband

Photo Credit : Pinterest
The Groom

Of course a traditional kilt is needed if having a Scottish wedding, but a tartan waistcoat with a block coloured jacket would look just as smart. If the groom is feeling adventurous, tartan trouser could be an option if not opt for something simple like a tartan tie or bow tie.


 Photo Credit : Pinterest 

A rustic buttonhole would look great alongside your chosen tartan pattern. Our beautiful buttonholes are hand crafted using a variation of dried flowers, the blue buttonhole contains a dried thistle head, which is a well-known symbol of Scotland. Our buttonholes come in a variation of colours and they are a lovely keepsake item. 


Photo Credit: Shropshire Petals 

Tartan is an eye catching pattern, so keep the decoration simple. We love these table runners, they allow you to colour co-ordinate your flowers, napkins and menus to the colours found inside tartan. You could even scatter our Larger petals on top of your table!


Photo Credit : Pinterest 

A piece of tartan material can really go a long way, so get creative and craft a number of added extras to include in your wedding decor. You could wrap tartan around jars to create candle holders, use for cake decoration, tie flowers to the end of church pews or even loop together your wedding rings on a small pillow. There are plenty more options, so invest in a roll of your chosen tartan!


Photo Credit: Pinterest  


Give your guests a sneak peak of your wedding theme via the invites. These invites hold a surprise of tartan on the inside of the envelopes, but you could have your touch of tartan on the back of your invites or as a band holding it all together. We love the script typography, it creates a traditional feel and flows nicely.

 Photo Credit: Pinterest
Finishing Touches

Have some fun and match your confetti to your chosen tartan pattern. Our Pick and Mix option allows you to do this, just click on the coloured petals and form your mix. There are many options to choose from, so take time and have a little play! Here are some options we have matched for you. 




Our natural petals Midnight Blue and Frosted Blue match perfectly to the cross over purple and blue found inside this pattern, whilst Icing Sugar lightens up the confetti just like the white dashed strip.


The dark colour tones of Black Tie and Lady Grey match this tartan pattern. This Mix would look great against our Black and Silver embossed cones, but we also have 19 other coloured cones to choose from.

We hope these ideas have helped you to unleash your inner tartan! If looking for more inspiration head over to our Pinterest board where we have selected many more of our tartan favourites!

Love as always SP XX

11/11/2017  |  Christmas treats from Shropshire Petals

Here at SP we love a little Christmas sparkle, that's why we've developed some fun ways to enjoy the Christmas feeling. 

Ultimate Christmas Confetti

Here's our ultimate Christmas confetti mix, we love it for sprinkling over your Christmas table, or even over your Christmas tree. It's a mixture of Icing Sugar, Burgundy Berry, Bramble and Lady in Red - you can easily create this mix in our online Pick & Mix tool. This festive mix feature delphiniums, cornflowers, roses and even hydrangea petals, all of which are natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly.


Christmas Wedding

If you're having a Christmas themed wedding, we think this ultimate Christmas mix in our Shropshire Box complete with 25 strawberry red cones would look amazing! Wedding guests can take a cone and throw over the newly married couple.


Snowflake Pop

Confetti isn't just about weddings though, we've created a Snowflake Pop! It's filled with your choice of wintery themed petals and a sprinkle of biodegradable glitter too!


These Snowflake Pops are great for placing on your Christmas table if you're not crackers about crackers. You can also scatter a few Snowflake Pops on your Christmas tree for that extra special decoration.

All our petal confetti is natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly, even our glitter is biodegradable! The Snowflake Pops are easy to use, simply pop open the top, hold up high then flick out the confetti and glitter!


Wish Wand

Brand new at Shropshire Petals, we're pleased to present our Wish Wand. Perfect for children at Christmas time. Simply ask your little ones to make a wish to Santa then wave the wand releasing the confetti for a little Christmas magic.


Make a wish on Christmas Eve,
Cast your wish up to the moon,
Light the path for Rudolf to lead,
Father Christmas will be here soon!

The Wish Wand is filled with natural petal confetti and biodegradable glitter too to add that touch of magic.


Christmas Wheat Arrangements

With Christmas in mind we've developed a brand new festive range of wheat arrangements. These are perfect for adding a little Christmas cheer around your home and will last for longer than fresh flowers. 


Hang our beautiful Christmas Wheat Wreath on your front door, or even on the inside of a window. We grow the all the wheat ourselves on our Shropshire farm and each wheat arrangement is put together by hand. 




We hope you love these gorgeous festive treats for decorating your home, adding a little Christmas cheer or having fun with the little ones.

Love as always SP xx

3/11/2017  |  November Confetti Mix of the Month 2017

This November we have chosen a mixture inspired by bonfire night and the firework displays that take place, it depicts the changing colours of those magical sparks in the dark sky. We have combined the natural petals of Cherry Blossom, Black Tie, Amethyst and Lady Grey. This mix is perfect for throwing over the newly married couple, or even to use as decoration. It's visually bright and will look great on those wedding photos!


There is no right or wrong way to present your confetti to your wedding guests, but we've got so many options to choose from. Here are some creative ways that we have come up with to present November's Mix of the Month.

This Individual Sachet holds 1 handful of confetti - the perfect individual portion. You can order as many as you would like! To prepare your guests for that big confetti moment, place the individual sachets on their chairs/pews before they sit down for the ceremony or even in a box to collect on the way in or out.


Try out our Confetti Pops! They are fun, creative and you can reuse them over and over again. Each pop is filled with a handful of our natural confetti, you simply pop open the lid, hold your confetti pop high in the air and flick out over the newly married couple. Who needs fireworks when you have this confetti to celebrate with!


We love this mix of petals with our Black Cones. Natural Petal Black Tie complements the cone colour, whilst the brightness of Cherry Blossom and Amethyst contrast perfectly. That said we have 19 different embossed coloured cones to choose from, or even a choice of Personalised Cones. You may have ideas on how you want your cones placed, but our Bo Peep Basket and Shropshire Box are options we would recommend.


Baskets are brilliant if you want the petals open to your guests to take a handful themselves. We have two different sizes, our Confetti Basket holding 5 litres (50 handfuls) of confetti or alternatively a Flower Girl Basket filled with a litre (10 handfuls), but 15 handfuls for a little flower girl.


If you love this month's mix visit our special offer page here, or choose a packaging option first then select your mix after on our Confetti packages page.

You can recreate all the monthly mixes from any other time of the year with our Pick & Mix tool. You could even combine your own colour's together and create your own mix!

We wish you all a lovely November and stay tuned for the rest of this months blogs!

Love as always SP xx

27/10/2017  |  Preparing for your big day, whatever the conditions

We all know too well how unpredictable the weather can be, what do you do to prepare for all weather scenarios on your wedding day? Today, we have invited Hollie from Morton’s Event Hire to help you prepare for your big day, whatever the conditions.


A common misconception is that only the spring and summer months are the right time for an outdoor wedding. They come with more hope of sunshine, which is ideal for guests who don’t want to bring an extra layer to stay warm throughout the day. Whilst this is true, unfortunately if you live in the UK, you will understand the unpredictability of the weather and how often, it’s bad. Even in the ‘summer’ months now, you are likely to see rain and plans can be destroyed. Autumn and winter weddings are paving the way to be the new ‘wedding season’ and adapting them to become weather appropriate is one of the things we do best at Morton’s Event Hire.


Weddings are changing and every year we see a new batch of trends. With rustic and bohemian woodland style weddings becoming ever popular, they are paving the way to brave the cooler months and maximise the autumnal colours and outdoors vibe. With the weather in mind, recruiting a marquee means you have the freedom of being outside but with the luxury of not taking a potential shower in your wedding dress.

Our marquees offer versatility and act as a great way to transform your venue to match the weather conditions with a few simple tricks:


The idea of an autumnal, rustic wedding comes from more than just the weather outside. The décor you include inside the marquee is just as important to providing the autumn and winter vibes. Think leaves, fruit centre pieces, pinecone name settings and wooden signage to name a few. Taking the nature outside and bringing it inside the marquee can instantly transform it into an enchanting woodland, perfect for the setting!


With colder weather comes darker nights and so lighting is important. Without it, your guests will be plunged into darkness before you even dish up the first course! Fairy lights, uplighters, star cloth lining and chandeliers are all within our calibre and can instantly create a magical feel to the marquee, allowing you to party all night long!

Keeping warm:

Perhaps the most important way to adapt your wedding – adding in the warmth that the outdoors lacks! Autumn and winter weddings can be a thing of beauty, but chattering teeth and shivering bodies may not. The answer is simple, add 1 or 2 of our heaters to your marquee package and you will stay warm for the duration of the wedding! Bringing in large blankets and cushions for guests to curl up in, also provides a cosy vibe!


Don’t let the Great British weather put you off having your dream, outdoor wedding! Get in touch with Morton’s Event Hire if you would like to discuss adapting your marquee for your big day.




Thank you Hollie for sharing those tips with us. To find out more about Morton’s Event Hire and what they have to offer, please visit mortonsevents.co.uk.

Love as always, SP x x

25/10/2017  |  New Strawberry Wedding Cones

We're so excited to reveal our latest addition to our ever growing range of cones to fill your confetti with, here's our brand new Strawberry Red Cones!


Using cones to hold your confetti is a great way add a splash of colour on your wedding day whilst distributing your confetti with your wedding guests. Your guests can simply take a cone and throw the contents, plus everyone gets the same amount so noone gets left at the end.

There is a growing trend for weddings with a feature of red so we've been working on creating the perfect red cone to compliment this trend. Our Strawberry Red cone is beautifully bright and bold. We've matched it below with a few ideas, but you can be really creative with your confetti as it's a fun finishing touch to add that wow factor on your big day.


We love mixing this Strawberry Red cone with either our Icing Sugar petal confetti as the red compliments the ivory delphinium petals. Alternatively filling your Strawberry Red cones with our Romeo and Juliet mix would bring out the red rose petals too.


We also love the idea of filling your cones with our super sophisticated Tuxdeo mix which is a combination of cornflower petals and delphiniums. There are lots of ways to display your cones too, either with our Shropshire Box which includes 25 cones and all the confetti to fill them, or even our Bo Peep basket which includes 20 cones and your confetti. 


We hope you love this new cone colour, we now offer 19 colour options for our embossed cones, here's a look at all the colours we currently offer.

Cone Colours for web V2_1

Whilst our embossed cone range is gorgeous, you might want to add that personal touch to your confetti moment, why not choose our personalised cones? With 11 different designs there is something for everyone, plus you can add your names, date and even select your background colours, there are endless possibilities!

We hope you love these ideas, we've got lots of inspiration on our Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter pages too.  

Love as always SP xx 

18/10/2017  |  How to make a confetti pinata

Creating a confetti piñata is easy and fun, you can make it for any kind of celebration too, from birthday, wedding or party. With this easy step by step guide you can create any shape you'd like too. Here's how to make your own confetti piñata.


What you will need

  • Confetti
  • Cardboard
  • Crepe paper
  • Ribbon
  • Clear tape
  • Glue
  • Metal ruler
  • Stanley knife
  • Pen

Easy step by step

Follow the steps below to create your confetti piñata:

STEP 1. Draw your desired shape on cardboard. We've chosen a heart shape, but you could opt for a star, circle or even a fun geometric shape. Cut out using your stanley knife and use as a template to both are identical.


STEP 2. Cut a long strip of cardboard 10cm in width and cellotape to one section of the shaped card.


STEP 3. Use clear tape to attach edging to the other piece of cardboard. Make sure to leave an open section at the bottom of the piñata to add a flap that allows the confetti to drop from.



STEP 4. Cut the crepe paper to the width of the piñata and cut strips along the length of the paper. Starting from the bottom, add a line of glue and a strip of crepe paper, and continue upwards. Once you've finished the first side, move onto the other side, then move onto the sides.


STEP 5. Cut a small piece of cardboard slightly longer than the opening at the bottom of the piñata, then glue on. Add a small hole into the flap thread some ribbon through it and tie a knot in the end. Then start adding your confetti.

We recommend our confetti as it is all natural and biodegradable so you can use your piñata outdoors and the confetti that falls on the floor is eco-friendly and will degrade over a period of days so you don't need to clean up afterwards. Take a look at all the colours we have available.


STEP 6. Add a hole in the top of your piñata, thread some ribbon and hang your piñata in a doorway or from a tree. Pull the bottom ribbon to open the trap door and release the confetti!


We hope you love this DIY blog, and create your own confetti piñata too!

Love as always SP xx

13/10/2017  |  A Wedding Inspired by October's Birthstone and Flower

It can be a confusing time when trying to pick out your colour scheme, but how about thinking outside the box and basing your wedding on characteristics an object has. This could either be its history, colour or texture. It allows you to have a little fun, dig deep and explore; it's super interesting what you will find.

Here are some ideas SP came up with when exploring the characteristics of October's birthstone and flower. Ideas can be as random or as creative as you would like. There is no right or wrong, after all it is your big day!

A wedding inspired by Pink Tourmaline


 Photo Credit: Wikimedia 

Pink Tourmaline is known for being a 'stone of the heart' and encourages companionship and gentleness during growth and changes. These weaving hearts are a decorative touch inspired by words 'growth' and 'change.' You could place them on the backs of chairs, at the end of church pews or even invest in smaller version and have the little hearts scattered over your wedding tables.


Photo Credit: Pinterest and Katy Lunsford 

From pale pink to deep red, the gorgeous gradient of Pink Tourmaline caught the eye. These pink ribbon backgrounds are an ideal match! You can make them a part of your ceremony, a decorative piece for your venue or even as a backdrop for a photo area. Involve lots of props and have your guest interacting - just think of all those funny selfies!  If feeling very creative, you could create them yourself. It is super easy all you need is ribbon and something to hang them from.

Ribbon_two Pink_Ribbon

Photo Credit: Pinterest 

The clarity of the Pink Tourmaline varies from flawlessly transparent to very opaque. Balloons create this look and they are a super fun decorative piece. For an added touch why not fill the transparent balloons with glitter, gems or you could even use our 3 Ft Gaint Balloon or our 14 Inch Clear Balloon filled with your choice of natural petal confetti. 


Photo Credit: LolasConfettiShop & Shropshire Petals  


Your wedding could relate to something as simple as the sparkle the stone holds. For the bridesmaids, these glamorous light pink two pieces would be perfect. The stunning sequin tops could be as bold or as delicate as you like, plus you can add more sequins on yourself. Two piece outfits are also great because you can switch it up to create an outfit to wear again.


Photo Credit: Pinterest

A wedding inspired by Calendula


Calendula is the October flower of the month, it is a beautiful flower we grow here on our SP farm. Calendula's brightly orange petals create our Honey B and Gingersnap natural petal confetti, which we also mix with our Delphinium Petal Icing Sugar to form Orange Blossom and Sunshine Kisses.



Calendula grows all year round, but the autumn months are when they really blossom due to cooler temperatures. Why not use this as inspiration and combine autumn reds with orange hues - they colour complement each other greatly!


Photo Credit: Pinterest  

You could physically use the flower shape on the outside of the cake for decoration, the small to large bunched flowers look great together. The cake could be as rustic or as smart as you would like. 


Photo Credit: Pinterest  

We hope you gained inspiration from this blog. Remember, if ever stuck on wedding ideas think outside the box and explore!

If looking for more inspiration take a look at our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Love you always SP XX

10/10/2017  |  Burgundy Marsala Wedding Inspiration

Marsala and Burgundy colours are a huge trend in the wedding industry right now, especially for autumn and winter weddings. Here at SP we've put together a few ways you could incorporate this plumy luxury colour into your wedding day!

The Dress

Whilst you might decide to keep to the usual white or ivory wedding dress, you can explore bright or bold colour with your bridesmaid and flower girl attire. From the dresses themselves, to a gorgeous flower grown.


The Stationery

Adding a touch of your main wedding colour to your 'saves the date' or your formal invites sets the tone and style of what they will see on the big day. This might even impact what your wedding guests choose to wear on the day too. We love match these with a touch of gold to give it a classy luxury feel. 



Adding a flash of deep reds and burgundy to your wedding tables, seating plan or even hanging flowers from the ceiling can all tie in the colour theme you are looking for, this could even add in accent colours like cream, golds, or greens. Taking the colour one step further could be having a red velvet cake instead of your typical cream sponge.




Instead of using fresh flowers, why not opt for dried wedding flowers for your bouquet, buttonholes and even table centres. As the flowers are dried they will last for much longer than fresh flowers meaning you can keep them well after the big day and they still look gorgeous and smell devine.


Finishing Touches

Our favourite part of a good wedding is the finishing touches, the fun bits that everyone can enjoy! If you're looking for a way of incorporating your chosen colour palette into your wedding, what better way to do it than with your confetti?

You can pick and mix your favourite petals to match to your wedding colours, we love our Timeless Elegance mix or even our Moulin Rouge confetti mix. They both have a touch of marsala plum in them which look great when thrown over the newly married couple, or scattered around the venue as gorgeous petal decoration.



We are seeing a huge trend at the moment for wedding arches. A classy way to add a spot of colour to your arch could be to drape material over the top and pin into place with flowers over the top. Just remember you don't need to make it symmetrical, and you can always use your arch after the ceremony as a photo area background so your guests can get a piece of the action too.


Photo credit: Pinterest 


We hope you've been inspired by this colour and ways you can use it to make your big day perfect! You can many more ideas on our Pinterest board here, or take a look at our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for lots more ideas too.

Love as always SP xx

3/10/2017  |  October Confetti Mix of the Month 2017

Every month we create a lovely unique mix of petals inspired by that month, season or upcoming trend. This October we have creates a stunning Confetti Mix of the Month inspired by the autumn, it depicts the changing colour of October with a hint of halloween in there too! This month's mix is a mixture of warm oranges, burgundy, pink and a touch of green perfect for an autumnal wedding!


It's a combination of Ginger Snap, Burgundy Berry, Cherry Blossom, Bramble and Clementine which are all natural and biodegradable petals. We love this combination of delphinium, calendula, rose and hydrangea petals, it's perfect for throwing confetti and even scattering over your wedding tables.


There are so many creative ways to display your confetti to your guests at your wedding. Here's just a few ways we love to showcase this gorgeous autumn mix!

Show off those warm tones off with our Gold confetti cones, or even with our Kraft cones all held within a Kraft Shropshire Box. This comes with 25 cones, all the confetti to fill them and the dispensing box to keep as a memory box after your wedding.



Baskets are a brilliant idea when it comes to displaying your confetti, your guests can each take a handful ready for throwing when the time is right! We offer two size baskets, our Confetti Basket holds 5 litres of confetti, that's enough for about 50 handfuls. Alternatively we also have a Flower Girl Basket available that holds 1 litre of confetti, that's enough for 10 adult handfuls or around 15 for childrens' hands.



Our Confetti Pops are a total must! They're fun, creative and absolutely on trend right now. They're easy to use, you simply pop the top, hold them high flick the confetti out as the lovers pass by. Plus as there isn't any mechanism in the pop you can give them to the children and they are completely safe.


It's so easy to order this Mix of the Month, you can visit out special offer page here, or choose your packaging option first then select your mix afterwards within our Confetti Packages page here.

We hope you love this October Mix of the Month just as much as we do. As with all of our monthly mixes, you can still recreate them any other time of the year with our Pick & Mix tool. You simply mix the petals online and we mix the petals in the shed, then send them out to you ready to throw!

Love as always SP xx

30/09/2017  |  Win over £5,000 worth of wedding finishing touches


The British Wedding Collective competition has opened, you can over £5,000 worth of finishing touches for your wedding day!

Say 'I do' in style with everything from candy to confetti and suit hire to a Wedding Ideas magazine subscription. Create magical memories too with photography, wedding video and personalised album.

There are lots of way to enter this amazing prize, you can visit us online at www.britishweddingcollective.co.uk/enter


The Prize

A personalised album by Illustries

Win a personalised wedding album that includes every detail of the big day - vows, readings, speeches, memories and more - alongside your professional photographs. You'll win your choice of a personalised Montpelier or Chiswick albums - worth £495 - so you can look back on your unique day in a unique way! Find out more about Illustries here

A candy buffet by Swizzels

Win a complete candy buffet bundle including sweetie bags and sweet trees, personalised 'Just Married' Love Hearts (exclusively available from Swizzels at www.lovehearts.com), favour boxes and gifts for the mums, too - all worth £600! Find out more about Swizzels here

A floral delight from Shropshire Petals

A prize of natural petal confetti and homegrown wheat sheaves, all grown in the Shropshire countryside. Your prize includes 2 bestselling Shropshire Boxes, 2 Confetti Pop Boxes, Hessian Canvas Bag filled with 5 litres of confetti, 5 medium wheat sheaves, 5 buttonholes, 2 litres of large petals. Winner choose their petals and coloured cones. Find out more about Shropshire Petals here

An amazing video from Shoot It Yourself

Star in your own hit wedding video! The 'One Camera'' Edited Package includes hire of a video camera, three hours of filming time, toplight, delivery and collection anywhere in the UK and a USB with edited files - all worth £495! Find out more about Shoot It Yourself here

Men's Suit Hire

Win £500 towards suit hire for the groom and the wedding party. Getting everyone in matching outfits is easy with our extensive hire wear collection, available in almost every size. Find out more about Young Suit Hire here

A Year's Worth of Wedding Ideas

Get the latest wedding trends and news through your door every month with Wedding Ideas Magazine. You could win a whole year's worth of Wedding Ideas magazines. Find out more about Wedding Ideas here

Pre-Wedding Engagement Shoot

Your prize includes an hour and a half photo shoot within the Greater London/Essex region, 6 mounted fine art prints and a signing folio with an image of your choice worth over £400! Find out more about Amanda Karen Photography here

1 Night Champneys Stay for Two People

Win an overnight stay at Champneys for two people worth up to £578, including two hours of indulgent spa treatments from the original spa pioneers to help restore your equilibrium. Enjoy access to a fantastic range of exercise classes, full use of the resort facilities, breakfast, lunch and evening meal! Find out more here

The Ultimate Getting Ready Gift Set

Win a beautiful coloured robe, personalised champagne flute, a set of "I'm getting married in the morning and much more thanks to The Little Lovebird! Find out more here

Wedding Rings

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Photo Booth

A night of fun and laughter is guaranteed with a Smiley Booth photo booth. Your prize includes our luxury oval enclosed photo booth or our stylish open style of photo tower (your choice depending on availability) for 3 hours hire. Find out more here

£1000 of accessories for the bride

​Find out more here

What is the British Wedding Collective?

The British Wedding Collective is a unique group of passionate UK wedding businesses offering bespoke services with a personal touch. All our members are purveyors of the finest products that will make your wedding unique. Twice a year we get together with friends from the industry to offer an amazing collection of prizes.



Simply visit www.britishweddingcollective.co.uk/enter leave a few details, and that's it!

Alternatively you can also enter the competition by visiting one of the British Wedding Collective members at any one of the wedding shows across the UK, including the National Wedding Show and The National Asian Wedding Show.

Competition closes 12th November 2017. Good luck!

Terms and conditions apply. Visit online for details

26/09/2017  |  Rustic and Natural Autumn Wedding Ideas - The Finishing Touches

Here in the SP shed, we love to have a good read of wedding blogs with a cuppa and some biccies. One of our favourites is Adored Bride, filled with beautifully photographed inspiration to help with your wedding planning. We have invited the lovely Becca from Adored Bride to tell us all about her top autumnal wedding ideas to give your some inspiration this autumn.


Image credit - Lucy G Weddings

Hi, Im Becca, Im a stylist and blogger and I curate the wedding blog Adored Bride. The lovely folks here at Shropshire Petals kindly invited me to contribute this guest post and with my love of autumn, it was a perfect excuse! So along with the epic natural petal confetti throw you are having at your autumn wedding, here are a few other ideas!

As we gently start to slip into very early autumn and the start of its mists and mellow fruitfulness, its a great time to think about how this beautiful season can influence the design of a wedding day.

Venue Decoration

Autumn weddings can be blessed with a late blast of warm balmy days, with amazing light for photos and a stunning golden haze to everything. It can get a little chilly in the evenings though and I love this idea for an intimate wedding of doubling up your chair covers with cozy blankets tied with names. If you are having a larger wedding, you could stack some fruit crates filled with fluffy blankets for guests to sit round outside fire pits, watch fireworks and toast marshmallows.

Decorating tables with fruit such as little golden painted pears with nametags attached, or seasonal apples, pomegranates, gourds and little pumpkins will also bring that natural rustic autumnal feel to the venue. Creating a lovely homely, relaxed and cosy ambience.


Image Credit - Left - Rahel Menig Photography / Top Right - Cheers Babe Photo / Bottom Right - Justine Milton Photography

Hair Accessories

If youve gone for a gorgeous dress to suit a boho, farmhouse or even a city style wedding, Im always a fan of flowers in your hair. Whether you work with your florist or select some floral accessories from one of the great makers on Etsy maybe, choosing some gorgeous rich warm florals will instantly give that feel of the season.

You can pick out a colour in the florals that can then tie in with all the other elements on your day, it can be a subtle hint or as bold as you like.


Image credits Left - Paula O’Hara / Right Top/Bottom - Lucy G Photography

The Cake

Autumn is synonymous with harvest, all those gorgeous hedgerow foraged fruits and seeds, and allotments and farmers markets full of veggies! Just perfect for cramming all that gorgeous seasonal yummy into your wedding cake. You could have a naked cake decorated with fruits, berries and nuts, maybe with a carrot and parsnip cake layer! Or even a chocolate and beetroot layer! I also love a bit of bling so perhaps a dripped icing cake with a gold cake topper or a bit of gold foil with fresh fruit piled high.

Cheese cakes always make for a super popular choice too with guests, decorate with figs and serve with seasonal chutneys, perfect!


Image Credits Top Left - Marianne Taylor Photography / Bottom Left - Petra Veikkola / Right - Pinterest source unknown.


Sloe gin, blackberry rum, hot whisky toddies and spiced hot cinnamon cider, all amazing for an autumn wedding. Get making your own or maybe hire a cool mobile bar to serve your guests a seasonal boozy treat to warm them.


Image Credit Left - Boho Lane / Right - Freutcake

Engagement Shoot

If you are not getting married in the autumn and now feel like you are missing out on this gorgeous season, you could always have an engagement shoot with your wedding photographer. Its a great way to get to know them ahead of the day, relax in front of the camera and get some amazing natural shots of just the two of you and maybe a furry pal!


Image Credits Left - Laura Ivanova /Top Right - Sarah Ann Wright Photography / Bottom Right - Rachel Smith Photography

Thank you Becca for those gorgeous autumn wedding ideas, its making us want to plan an autumn wedding.

For more Adored Bride inspiration and ideas, head over to the blog today.

Love as always, SP x x


19/09/2017  |  Wheat inspiration: how to use it for your wedding

It sure feels like autumn is upon us, so what better time than now to talk about wheat and how to use it on your wedding day. Perfect for autumnal weddings, wheat is so versatile and long lasting; it can be used in lots of fantastic ways.  Here are some of our favourites.

The bouquet

Not everyone wants to have flowers to carry on their big day, more and more brides are choosing alternative bouquets, such as wheat. Whether you choose something simple like wheat and lavender or a bouquet with a touch of colour, your bouquet is guaranteed to look stunning as you carry it down the aisle. Smaller versions, such as our posies are great for your bridesmaids and flower girls.



Don’t forget the men! Wheat is also great for buttonholes. Use dried flowers together with wheat to make buttonholes to match your bouquets. We recently launched a range of buttonholes to complement our wheat ranges, take a look here.


Table centrepieces

Fresh flowers can be very costly when using them for your table decorations. Wheat sheaves ideal as they stand on their own and you can dress them up or down as much as you want to suit your wedding theme. We love wheat sheaves placed in the centre of a table with confetti scattered around the base for some additional colour. You can really get creative by adding some fresh or dried flower stems to your wheat sheaves.

If you still want to use fresh flowers, why not add some wheat to your arrangements for a rustic look.


Table décor

Wheat looks beautiful when one or two stems are used to create other table decorations. Tie a couple of wheat stems and lavender sprigs with some raffia and attach to your napkins with a cute name card for a pretty table place setting. Make some DIY candle decorations using wheat with lavender or some other dried flowers tied around the middle.


Other decorations

As well as your tables, you will also want to add some décor and styling to other areas at your venue. Placing bunches of wheat and lavender in old wooden crates or even the basket on a vintage bike will complete your look.


Wheat wreaths

Wheat wreaths make wonderful decorations and some brides even carry them instead of a bouquet. Use them to decorate your ceremony by attaching them to the ends of your pews. They also look stunning hung from the ceiling with some glass baubles for some country chic ceiling décor, or attached to the ends of your tables to finish the overall styling.


Customise using wheat

Why not get creative and make your own wheat arrangements. Use plain wheat sheaves or bunches with other various dried or fresh flowers, berries, ribbon and create something to match your wedding theme exactly. Shop for dried flowers here.


Head over to our Pinterest board where we have selected some of our favourite wheat ideas to give you some inspiration.


Shop our wheat arrangements online today.

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15/09/2017  |  Matching your confetti to September birthstone and flower

The ninth month of the year is here and the first month of autumn has arrived. September might be a special one for yourself, you may be getting married and looking for some colourful confetti to celebrate being officially newly-weds. If stuck on colour choice, why not use September as inspiration and match your confetti to this month's flower or birthstone.

September's flower Aster, which in Greek stands for 'star,' conveys deep emotional love and affection. This starry - shaped flower is the most colourful flower of fall and ranges in a variety of colours from red, white and orange. However, Aster is most popular for its purple colour tones - matching perfectly with our delphinium petals Amethyst and Midnight Bloom.


Why not switch it up and have a look at Highland Fling. This popular mix combines those purple colours with our Ivory petal Icing Sugar, which works beautifully against our white embossed cones or even in a confetti Box!



Our recently launched confetti wands are a fun way for children to throw confetti - this star design is an ideal match to the Aster flower.


Symbolising trust and honesty, September's birthstone Sapphire is known for its rich blue colour. This stone holds royalty love after Prince Charles gave Lady Diana a 12-carat blue Sapphire in 1981, which was later given to Catherine Middleton when William proposed in 2010.


If you would like to bring this wonderful royal blue colour into your wedding, how about choose confetti Blue Bird.

Frosted Blue is another choice if you're looking for a paler Blue.


If looking for a combination of both blues our delicately put together wheatsheaf would be a great table piece for a wedding inspired by Sapphire.

We hope you enjoyed this September inspired blog, if you're looking for lots more inspiration take a look on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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12/09/2017  |  Wanderlust Travel Wedding Theme

Here at Shropshire Petals we're always keeping an eye on current and upcoming trends, this week we're looking at Wanderlust travel inspired wedding ideas. If you both love to travel, explore new places or enjoy an adventure this might be a great theme for you!

Just remember there is no right or wrong when it comes to wedding planning and styling, you can throw our the rule book and be as expressive as you like. With any of these ideas you can incorporate them into your wedding even if you don't follow a specific theme, it's about having fun and celebrating a big stage in your life together. 

The Dress

Adding a wanderlust touch to your wedding dress could be as simple as adding a small detail that no one else will know about, like something under your dress, or having your dress designed by your favourite designer from Paris! We also love this star wedding dress, especially for the star gazer at heart! 


Wedding Stationery

Whilst your bridesmaid and close family may know what kinds of wedding theme you are wanting, your 'Save the Date' is the first chance to let the rest of the wedding party know what you have in store for them. We love this ideas of 'all the love in the world' or mixing in some vintage maps. You could even take it a step further and make your wedding invites into boarding passes or tickets for your wedding adventure. Wanderlust_stationery

The Cake

Gone are the days of having a simple cake! You can have a themed wedding cake that is tasty and beautiful! If you're considering a wanderlust theme, why not add some details like maps, planes, luggage tags, or even iconic monuments to the design?


Table Decoration

There are so many fun ways to incorporate a travel theme into your wedding day, from a seating plan that uses a world map, to having each wedding table representing a city or country. Why not stamp your place settings like a passport? Or even add fun games for your wedding guests like getting them to talk another language? Especially if you have family or friends travelling from overseas.


Wanderlust_Table_Ideas Wanderlust_Table_Ideas_2


It's the little finishing touches that add really finish off a theme. Have you seen our personalised travel cones filled with your choice of natural petal confetti? They feature a cute little aeroplane on the inside and a world map on the outside. You can add your names, wedding date and choose your background to match to your colour scheme. Plus your wedding guests are likely to keep the cones after they've thrown gorgeous confetti over you as a little memento 


Wedding favours are great for thanking your guests for coming and it's something they can look back on, why not make them a bag of sweets with a compass stamped on? Or even a miniature globe filled with something tasty?


We hope these ideas inspire you for your wedding! There are so many ways to express yourself when styling your wedding. For more ideas take a look at our Pinterest boards.

Love as always SP xx

8/09/2017  |  Getting the most out of Wedding Fairs

It's almost wedding show season and if you're planning your wedding it can be a great experience to see what is available, get an idea on costs and get some expert advice.

This Autumn Shropshire Petals will be exhibiting across London, Birmingham and Manchester, and we've got the best top tips to get the most out of the Wedding Shows for you!



Make a list of who do you want to visit, are your favourite wedding suppliers there? Make sure to write down what stand they are on, and any questions you might have for them. If you've already picked out a colour scheme bring some colour swatches with you and any additional details too. It could help with making some decisions.

Bring Reinforcements

Why not invite your groom, bridesmaids, maid of honour or even mum. They will be able to help you with some decisions and give you that extra reassurance and support. Be careful not to invite every man and his dog, as you don't want too many opinions .

Just remember if you do bring your hubby-to-be and have to send him off on a mission so he doesn't spot you in your potential wedding dress!


Be Realistic

As soon as you arrive at the fair grab yourself a show guide and plan any talks, catwalk or workshops you'd like to attend. If you're going to one of the larger national wedding shows you might find you don't have enough time to get around every stand along with any additional activities, so prioritise what you'd like to see.

Bring a swag bag

Bring a big bag, you will get lots of leaflets and magazines and samples so make sure you've prepared to carry them, a cute clutch bag just won't cut it.

Dress for comfort

Wear comfy shoes, you might be racking up some steps on your Fitbit walking between suppliers so leave those stilettos at home. That said if you're planning to try on wedding dresses make sure to bring a pair of heels with you too.


No Pressure

There can be some amazing show deals to take advantage of, but don't feel pressured to buy at the show, it's only a good deal if you wanted it to begin with and if it's within your budget.

Enter Competitions

Make sure to keep your eye out for competitions and remember you've got to be in it to win it!


Have fun!

Planning a wedding isn't going to be a walk in the park, but at least with these tips and your favourite people around you, you will have a blast along the way. Remember to grab yourself a glass of bubbly at the show, after all you are celebrating!

We hope to see you at this Autumn's wedding shows, for more details visit our Events Page.

Love as always SP xx

5/09/2017  |  Voting Open for British Wedding Awards 2018


What are the British Wedding Awards?

The British Wedding Awards were created to champion excellence in all things bridal; from stationery to shoes, dresses to destinations. Now in their fifth year, the Awards have swiftly become the most respected and relevant Awards in the industry.

With voting now open for the 2018 awards Shropshire Petals need your help! You can vote for us in the 'Finishing Touches' category and we need your vote! The wedding supplier with the most amount of votes wins, so don't delay we need you!


Who to vote for?

There are lots of wonderful wedding suppliers to vote for, here are all of the categories to choose from:

Why vote for Shropshire Petals?

We grow natural petal confetti on our Shropshire farm, we then pick the petals by hand, dry them and hand pack them for brides across the UK, Europe and rest of the world. Each order is put together by a real person and we always take care to make sure it's perfect! We'd love your vote to tell the rest of the world you value what we do.


Here's a few testimonials from some of our couples:

"Great service from ordering and receiving samples to getting my order in just a few days. Personal touches like name of petal packer was also nice to see adds a more personal touch to something important on our wedding day." 

"Thank you so much for being part of our special day and making it one we will never forget. Everything turned out better than we could have ever dreamt of and you totally nailed the look for the wedding confetti! The confetti was amazing and exactly what we were after! We also had fantastic feedback from all our friends and family, helping to make it one of the best weddings they have ever been too. We can not wait to see the rest of our photos once we have them" - Jo & Lynne

"Shropshire petals are a lovely company to deal with. My daughter was so happy with her absolutely gorgeous confetti in beautiful colours and amazing smelling lavender. The staff were so helpful and friendly and didn't hesitate to help us out. Thank you Shropshire Petals." - Cath

How to Vote?

Anyone can vote, it's easy to do, visit www.thebritishweddingawards.com/vote simply choose your favourite wedding supplier in each category. What makes the British Wedding Awards so special is that they are voted for by those who really matter, you! 

The British Wedding Awards 2018 Banner - 575 x 100px

1/09/2017  |  September Confetti Mix of the Month 2017

Our September Confetti Mix of the Month is a feature of bright yellows, subtle greens and calming greys, perfect for an earthy boho wedding!



This bright and colourful mix is a combination of our delphinium, calendula, rose and hydrangea petals. We've mixed Icing Sugar, Honey'B, Lady Grey, Golden Slumber and Envy which are all natural and biodegradable petals. Our September confetti Mix of the Month is perfect for throwing over the newly married couple, scattering over your wedding tables or even along the aisle.



There are lots of different ways to present your confetti to your wedding guests from cones to pails, or sachets to baskets. Thankfully there is no right or wrong way to present your confetti as everyone is different, that's why we've got lots of options to choose from that fit you, your style and your colour scheme.


We generally find providing enough confetti for half your guests is the perfect amount as we find the ladies throw more than the chaps. At the same time, you know your guests more than anyone else, so if you think more will throw why not provide a touch more? If you're not sure how much to provide you can use our online confetti calculator.


If you're looking for the ideal individual portion to give your wedding guests, our Individual Sachet, Petal Pouches or even Confetti Pops are perfect!



We recommend ordering your confetti within 3 months of your wedding to make sure the petals look perfect. If you love this petal mix but your wedding is over 3 month away you can still order now and choose our delayed delivery option, where you select for a delivery date between 3-6 weeks before your wedding. That way you can tick it off your to do list and leave the rest to us! Plus you can create this mix any time of the year using our Pick and Mix confetti tool online


We hope you love this September confetti mix, if you're looking for lots more inspiration take a look on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Love as always SP xx

30/08/2017  |  Meet Shropshire Petals this Autumn

This autumn Shropshire Petals will be out on the road meeting you wonderful brides and grooms at the National Wedding Shows across the UK. First we will be stopping off at London then Birmingham and finally Manchester.


Come and meet us at a National Wedding Show near you to choose your free confetti sample, get some expert confetti advice, special offers and even enter our amazing competitions!

With over 300 wedding specialists from bridal boutiques and florists to jewellers and wedding venues, the National Wedding Show is the ultimate wedding shopping experience.


Visiting us at the National Wedding Shows is a great way to see everything we have to offer to make sure it's right for your big day! You might even get chance to have a throw of confetti. From cones to pails we have everything you need to make your confetti moment unforgettable!

All our confetti is biodegradable as well, so every mix you choose should be fine to use at your venue.


This Autumn we will also be giving a talk on the Hitched.co.uk Wedding Planning Platform at the Birmingham NEC show, and also we will be joining forces with wedding specialists in an Expert Panel Talk at the London Olympia show too!


For more details on the National Wedding Show dates we will be exhibiting and what stands we will on visit our Events Diary page.


We hope to see you all this Autumn!

Love as always SP xxx

23/08/2017  |  The Ultimate Vintage Wedding theme

Choosing a theme for your wedding can help narrow down colour schemes and a sense of style. The most important thing to add to any theme you choose for your big day is your personality. Today we are looking at the ultimate vintage style wedding theme. 

The Invites

Set the scene for your wedding by setting the tone in your invitations or save the dates. Your guests will know what to expect when they arrive on your big day.  


The dress

Vintage dresses really can vary from era to style. It's best to start with a shape you love and an era that inspires you, whether that's a sheek 1920's full length dress, or a 1950's inspired teacup dress. Wow your wedding guests with an elegant vintage dress.  


The Hair

After the dress of course it's important to plan your hair style for the day, and what better way to add a bit of glam, than with a little detail. 


The Groom's attire

With a vintage styled wedding your groom can really push the boat out with his attire. Why not have your gent in braces, or even a waistcoat? 


The Flowers

Keep it classy and delicate with your wedding flowers to get that glorious vintage effect on your big day. We love gentle pinks, grey and creams for a truly vintage feel. Don't forget the confetti either, we love our Vintage Daydream mix for this theme.  


The Cake and food

What better way to celebrate your big day with a stylish naked cake dressed with flowers, or even a little ice cream treat for your wedding guests?


The vintage signage

Using old traditional picture frames and suitcases you can create signage for your guests to let them know what's going on during the day, or even where they will be sitting later on.


The detail

We love the finishing touches at a wedding, these are great to organise before the wedding to keep your guests occupied on the day whilst you will be busy.  





For more vintage wedding inspiration visit our Pinterest board. Alternatively you can catch lots of ideas and advice on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Love as always SP xx 

19/08/2017  |  Confetti Wands for Children

Everyone loves to have a play with confetti at a wedding especially little ones which is why we've just launched these brand new Confetti Wands exclusively for children.


There are three different designs to choose from with our new Confetti Wands including a star, heart and flower.


Plus each Confetti Wand can be filled with your choice of natural delphinium and wildflower mixes to match to your wedding scheme, or even simply choose their favourite colour. Simply choose your petals on our Pick and Mix confetti page, then choose what design Wand you'd like. 


The Confetti Wands are easy to use, simply pop open the top and flick the wand around to release the confetti. Plus if you have any spare confetti they can be used again and again.


We recommend one Confetti Wand per child, they can use used at weddings to throw confetti, or even birthday parties for extra fun.

As our Wands have a lid to them they are great for holding onto the confetti until you are ready as little accidents can happen from time to time.


You are able to purchase individual Confetti Wands on our Confetti Packages page or in a multipack of 9 on our special offers page.  

We hope you love our new Confetti Wands! We can't wait to see what petal confetti mixes you will invent for them.

Love as always SP xx

18/08/2017  |  Troffle Photo Competition Winner

Thank you to all the lovely newly weds that entered into our photo competition to send in their perfect natural petal confetti moment! We teamed up with chocolate artisan company Troffle to offer a tasty prize. We were amazed with the response and after much debate and lots of cups of tea we found a winner.

The Winning photo

We're please to reveal Rachel and Brad have been selected as our winner! Here's their winning confetti shot:


Photo credit: Your Perfect Day 

The prize

Rachel and Brad have won three boxes of tasty artisan chocolate courtesy of Troffle.

Each chocolate is handmade using only the finest ingredients, many of which are homegrown at Troffle to ensure the freshest produce is used. Troffle create chocolates with fresh tasting bursts of flavour all presented in a beautiful little package.


Troffle offer an array of flavours including: Honeycomb, Orange Blossom, Lime & Basil, Cardamom & Coriander, Moroccan Mint, Turkish Coffee & Clove, Single Origin, Lemon & Rosemary, Salted Caramel, Mandarin & Ginger, Sticky Toffee and Hazelnut.

Visit Troffle online for more info at: www.troffleco.uk

Lots of wonderful entries

We had to share a some of our favourite photo entries, here's just a few:


Love this photo between a bride and her bridesmaids!


Oh this is such a cute couple! They look so happy.


Love this idea of throwing confetti in block colours.


Wow, what a wonderful shower of confetti.

We hope you've enjoyed looking at these beautiful confetti moments. Make sure to provide confetti for your guests on your wedding day to capture that all important confetti moment.

If you need any petal advice simply visit our FAQ's page, use our confetti calculator tool, or even request your free sample online. Keep your eyes out for future competitions on our website.

Love as always SP xx

11/08/2017  |  Have your tail wagging best friend at your wedding

Some might say you are barking mad, but why not include your tail wagging best friend and have them right by your side on your special day. Here are some cute, creative and crafty ways to do so:

Dog Flower Girl 

Keeping in tone with your chosen colour scheme, why not personalise your dogs collar and lead by weaving some beautifully blossomed, hand picked flowers around the outside - making it a special accessory. Looking as adorable as ever, your dog is then ready to accompany the flower girl down the aisle before the brides big entrance.



Photo Credit - Jeremiah & Rachel Photo, Atelier Picture and firstcomeslovephoto

Furry ring bearer 

Feeling brave? How about appointing your furry companion as your ring bearer. Keeping it traditional with two rings tied to a small, embroidered pillow, which can then be attached to your dog in a way of your own choice. The best thing is, the pillow could be tailored to suit you - playing with materials, changing the colours, choosing different textures or even including your own pattern. Just remember, double check those rings and make sure they are tacked on tight!


Photo Credit - Lilly Dillys & Martha Stewart Weddings

Four legged sign

Invest in a chalkboard plaque and make your dog your sign bearer! Be imaginative; write the message on the plaque yourself. It could be something personal to you - an inside joke perhaps or keep it simple with phrases such as, 'here comes the bride,' or 'just wait until you see her.' It's a fun approach, which could be made decorative with different coloured chalks and typefaces. A charming way to capture your guests attention.


Photo Credit - Amber Vickery Photography


They do say, a dog is a man's best friend, so you could let your dog be part of the groomsmen. Purchase a bow tie or make one yourself, this little looped feature will make your dog look as smart as the groom himself! If female, get your dog to join the bridesmaids and instead of maid of honour, how about dog of honour. Create a neckerchief and script the title on the outside.


Photo Credit - Revival Photography and Stott Weddings. Collar by Handmade dog Styling by Emma Jane Weddings


We hope these examples inspire you. Make sure you are well prepared before bringing your dog to your wedding, have lots of treats at hand and possibly get a dog sitter.

Oh and let's not forgot, remember to take lots photos!

For more inspiration visit our Fields of ideas page, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Love as always SP xx

8/08/2017  |  We grow confetti

Here at Shropshire Petals, we know a thing or two about petal confetti, we've been growing lots of different varieties of flowers for years on our Shropshire Farm. We pick our flowers by hand and dry them to make natural and biodegradable petal confetti, perfect for throwing over the newly married couple or even adding as decoration.

Our flower fields a flurry of colour when everything is in bloom. Here's a few photos of our flower field this year.


This summer we plan to pick over 741 million petals to make beautiful confetti used across the world! We send our confetti across the UK, Europe, Australia and even the USA.


Each year we dedicate an area to new flowers to find out if their petals would make great confetti. Below you can see just a few of our trials, surrounded by our calendula, cornflowers and of course delphiniums, to name but a few.


We hope you love seeing this unique insight into how we grow confetti. If you're thinking of having our natural petal confetti for your wedding you can request a free confetti sample online.

We also offer a wide range of confetti packages that include baskets, pails, confetti cones and much more. Simply visit our shop to view our entire range.


If you're not sure how much confetti you might need for your wedding day why not use our helpful confetti calculator, or even get a little inspiration from our fields of ideas page.

We have expert confetti tips on our petal advice page, to make sure you get the best confetti moment!

Love as always SP xx

1/08/2017  |  August Confetti Mix of the Month 2017

This August we've chosen a bright mixture of petals to represent the wildness of summer. This confetti petal mix is a wonderful combination of biodegradable confetti just perfect for throwing over the newly married couple, or even using for decoration.



This mix features a multitude of different petals including delphiniums, calendula and even rose petals. This combination of petals if great for throwing as it's mostly smaller petals with a flash of larger petals to add a pop of colour.





Love as always XX

28/07/2017  |  How to stage-manage your wedding in seven steps: Act 2

Last week, Emma at Emma Jane Weddings & Events began telling us how to stage-manage a wedding in seven easy steps. Today, the journey continues…

Act 2 - The end is near

Step 5: Remaining calm under pressure

It's common knowledge that the wedding jitters are a very real, terrifying phenomenon. It's not so much a case of "am I doing the right thing" (well, I hope it isn't!), but more the realisation that the entire wedding planning journey, all of those appointments, trials, venue visits, food tastings, decisions, decisions and more decisions have been for this one moment, this one special day.

Image Credit: Stott Weddings

Even the very best of actors struggle with nerves and stage fright. The palpitations, trembling and shortness of breath are all a sign of a surge in your adrenaline. If you go to the gym or you're a keen runner, exercise can really help. Even going for a brisk walk on the morning of your wedding to get the blood pumping and a good dose of fresh air to clear your mind, can really help. If you're into yoga, meditation or mindfulness, practise your breathing techniques and take some time out to really be in the moment.

Image Credit: Stott Weddings

Remember to look to those around you, just as actors will look to each other for support, ensure your bridesmaids and family are around you and understand how you're feeling. If you're employing a makeup artist and hairdresser for the morning of your wedding, don't just look at their style before you book them. Do you get on with them? Do your personalities clash? Will they be a calming influence as you all get ready? If you're not sure, keep researching until you feel completely happy with your preparation team.

Step 6: Spread sheets, spread sheets, spread sheets!

Now this HAS to be the one area in which these two industries are so similar. A wedding planner and a stage manager will certainly have a love for spread sheets! From tracking your budget, compiling your guest list, sorting your table plan, updating your RSVP's, scheduling your timings, gathering contact details for your suppliers to ticking off those all important things to remember, an spread sheet is your FRIEND during the wedding planning process.

Image Credit: Stott Weddings

Pop everything that needs to be shared into a Dropbox file (or other sharing platform) and share as necessary with suppliers and the bridal party. As the day draws closer, you could even print bits out and highlight tasks as you complete them. Is there anything more satisfying than a highlighter and ticking things off a list?!

Step 7: Show stop! Contingency planning to make the show go on!

A 'show stop' as it's known in the industry is a procedure that happens when, for whatever reason, the show can no longer continue. Sounds dramatic, more so than the drama that's just been stopped, but when dealt with calmly and thoroughly, a show stop does not mean a permanent stop to proceedings, but is more often than not, a temporary situation. Contingency planning can ensure your wedding day doesn't come to a grinding halt - you're in a far better position to plan for the unexpected than to let the unexpected take over. So, think ahead and prepare. Its not tempting fate - it's called contingency planning!

  • Wet weather contingency for marquees and outdoor events (NEVER rely on the British weather - it doesn't matter if you're getting married in August or December, have a backup plan!)
  • Ask your car company what their contingency planning process is incase your vintage car breaks down en route
  • Have a backup CD ready in case the choir or musicians get delayed on the way to the ceremony/venue
  • If you're marrying out of season, such as October through to March, think about the weather and access routes to venues should snowfall occur overnight
  • Consider the route you ask your guests and suppliers to use (when planning locally in Staffordshire/Cheshire - I ask all guests and suppliers to travel via the A34 and not the M6 - I've heard horror stories of people getting stuck for hours so the quickest route isn't always the best)
  • Look ahead, suss the 'potential problem' areas and prepare a plan B. Perhaps your flower girl is shy and you're worried she won't be happy on the day; maybe you're worried your brother won't actually play the role of toastmaster when the nerves take over - if you know something might not go to plan A, get a plan B in place!

As daunting as all this might seem, following these steps will guarantee an almost stress-free wedding planning journey. The key thing to remember is to relax, take the planning steady and ask for help when you need it - and don't forget, enjoy it!

Image Credit: Jonny Draper

The End

Thank you Emma for these insightful and helpful tips. If you're looking for some wedding planning assistance, Emma offers full, partial and on-the-day wedding planning services. Head to her website for more information: http://www.emma-jane-weddings.co.uk. To read Act 1, click here.

21/07/2017  |  How to stage-manage your wedding in seven steps: Act 1

We recently provided the lovely Emma at Emma Jane Weddings & Events with some confetti for a photo shoot she was organising and couldn't wait to invite her to appear as a guest blogger. Emma is a talented wedding planner and she will be guiding you through how to stage-managing your wedding. Act one commences today, followed by Act 2 next week.

Act 1 - This is your call to stage!

There's definitely a similarity between the theatre industry and the wedding industry - the stage is set, the audience are ready, the leading lady is waiting for her cue; the time has come and the butterflies are dancing around your stomach. So what can you do in the lead up to your wedding to ensure the day is as polished and as well rehearsed as any West End show? Follow my steps below on stage-managing your wedding in seven, easy steps. This is your call to stage, please!

Image Credit: Stott Weddings

Step 1: Timings

Even the most laid back and informal wedding requires a structure, if not for your guests, then certainly for your suppliers. The schedule of timings is there to ensure the day runs to a beat that everyone can move too - not too rushed, yet not too slow! So long as your timings are realistic and well thought through, you can pretty much do as you wish, but check with your suppliers, in particular your caterer and your photographer to ensure they're happy.

Image Credit: Stott Weddings

Following a change in marriage laws in 2012, couples can now marry at any time of day or night. Prior to this change you had to marry between 8am and 6pm. With a huge proportion of weddings taking place between 1pm and 3pm, you may feel you're already being subconsciously pushed into a pre-formatted schedule simply because that's how it's done. If you're bold and like to do your own thing, take a look at the schedule below for a later afternoon ceremony. It's not too dissimilar from 'the norm' but I hope it gives you the confidence to realise that you really can do what YOU want to do!

  • 4:00pm Civil Ceremony commences
  • 4:30pm Civil Ceremony finishes followed by photographs
  • 5:00pm Drinks Reception begins
  • 6:30pm Receiving Line
  • 7:00pm Speeches
  • 7:30pm Wedding Breakfast begins
  • 9:30pm Cutting of the Cake
  • 9:45pm First Dance + the start of the Evening Reception Party
  • 01:00am Carriages


Image Credit: Jonny Draper

There are pros and cons of a later afternoon wedding:


  • Having a later ceremony will mean the majority of guests will have eaten prior to the ceremony
  • Additional catering in the evening would be unnecessary
  • You'll certainly have a lot of time to get ready!


  • Photographers could suggest that the amount of natural light may be a problem, depending on the time of year
  • If you're superstitious about seeing each other before the ceremony, it's important to remember you'll be separated for most of the day

Step 2: Communication

Communication is key - there can be a number of people involved in your wedding day and they all need to know at what point they're meant to be on stage! Don't be fooled into thinking all your suppliers know what time you want them because "they do it all the time," the more information you can give to suppliers prior to the day, the better. If you're unsure how long a supplier will require or whether they need any amenities on the day (electricity, food, payment, car parking etc), pick up the phone to double check. I can guarantee, they'd prefer a conversation to discuss details prior to the day than on the morning of your wedding!

Image Credit: Jonny Draper

Step 3: Prioritising

When you get engaged, you enter into a world that for many is completely unknown. Unless you're in the event business or perhaps super good at organising, obsessed with spread sheets, able to hone in on the attention to detail, look at the logistics, budget and so called 'boring' stuff first, you'd be forgiven for initially thinking "where do I start"?! I've actually met Brides that are so disheartened with the amount of information being thrown at them from wedding magazines, wedding fairs, friends, family, their own experience of previous weddings, let alone the sheer amount of information available on the internet via Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and blogs, they've lost all hope in their wedding plans and have pretty much given up!

Image Credit: Stott Weddings

There are many things that need to be done in an orderly fashion when wedding planning and prioritising early on will ensure a happy and FUN wedding planning journey. My biggest piece of advice is always to set a budget and stick to it. Life becomes really rubbish when you've overspent on your wedding and what is meant to be a joyous occasion turns into a penny-pinching exercise.

Prioritise your 'must have' items and your big spend items first, such as the venue and catering, then look at the list of items you've been pinning on your Pinterest Board! We all do it - we have our real wedding and our Pinterest wedding, but with some clever budgeting and honing in on those areas that REALLY matter to you, you'll enjoy your decision making a lot more.

Step 4: Attention to detail

A Stage Manager is all about attention to detail! These guys and girls spend their working career looking at the little things. They know what it means to be an audience member, to see the small, intricate detail that helps tell the bigger story.

A wedding is one event when you can go ALL OUT on the attention to detail. If fashion is your thing, perhaps you'll show this off in the wedding party outfits, perhaps you're a sentimental family girl keen on showcasing your past or want to display your relationship journey for all to see. From including the family pet, using family heirlooms, making and engineering unique and wonderful props to showcase your perfectly choreographed first dance, take some time to think together where you'd like to hone in on the detail. Your guests will thank you for it!

Image Credit: Jonny Draper

Thank you Emma for steps 1-4, Act 2 will follow on with the remaining steps on Friday 28th July.

Love as always, SP x x

19/07/2017  |  Our flowers are in bloom

As many of you will know we grow lots of gorgeous flowers on our Shropshire farm, we then hand pick all of the best flowers and naturally dry them to make beautiful biodegradable confetti. It's July and our flowers are in their full bloom! Here's a few snaps from our petal field.


Our delphiniums look delightful, with so many colours bursting through, it's a wave of colour! We love these petals for throwing confetti as they are naturally colourful, and they're lightweight so when thrown they flutter on down to the floor with plenty of time to capture that all important confetti shot! 


Below is our calendula flowers growning in the field, they are so bright and cheery! 


Here you can see our blue cornflower flowers that go onto to make our Blue Bird confetti. Our flower field is a wonderful haven for wildlife as you can see below with this lovely butterfly having a rest.


This year we have even been growing sunflowers, they stand gloriously tall and go into our Chocolate Sunrise confetti mix which will be returning this year!


Keep an eye on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for lots of beautifu flower updates.

Love as always SP xxx 

14/07/2017  |  Win your order for FREE

It's competition time here at Shropshire Petals! You can win your confetti order for free!



Simply place an order this weekend (6pm Friday 14th July - 9am Monday 17th July 2017) and we will pick a lucky winner at random to have their order for free!


There is no minmum or maximum amount, and the competition even includes our delayed delivery option, so if your wedding isn't for a while you can still order this weekend to enter into our competition! You simply tell us when your wedding date is when ordering and we can dispatch it a3-6 weeks before your wedding.


This competition is open to UK and international orders. All the usual terms and conditions apply, unfortunately your prize can't be exchanged.

Good luck!

11/07/2017  |  Game of Thrones Inspired Wedding Theme

Weddings are a celebration of your love! What better way to express your love then with something you both feel passionate about? Especially if you can encorporate your favourite book/TV show! There are so many incredible wedding themes and colour schemes to choose from, one that recently caught our eye was a Game of Thrones inspired wedding theme.

Here are a few ways you can create a wonderful Game of Thrones inspired wedding, without the red wedding ending! 

The Invites

Your wedding invitations are a great way to set the mood of your big day and hint to your wedding guests what you've got planned for them! You can also give them some details about attire too, so everyone comes dressed for the part!


The Dress

To create this look it's best to keep the dress full length and plenty of drama with either a gorgeous wedding train or fishtail shape! To get that Game of Thrones style hair it's important to keep plenty of length and braid details, along with either a crown or tiara for a bit of bling.


The Cake

We love this Game of Thrones themed wedding cake! What a showstopper! Incorporating your wedding theme with such a stunning cake will definately give your wedding guests something to talk about, although they might not want to eat something as gorgeous as this!


The Venue

In keeping with a Game of Thrones inspired wedding we love the idea of having a castle or rustic venue with bare brick walls. Adding stag horns, candles and lots of greenery with your flowers will give that medieval feel to your big day.



There are lots of smaller details you can add to your wedding day for your wedding guests to enjoy, these can be subtle or really obvious. We love the idea of using spray painted pine cones as dragons eggs, or even small chocolate eggs as mini dragon egg wedding favours.

Another option is to have your table settings set out as each Family House within Game of Thrones, just make sure you choose carefully!



The Confetti

You can really have lots of fun with confetti colours when it comes to following a wedding theme or colour scheme. Here are a few ideas of how you can match your natural petal confetti and cones to each family house within the Game of Thrones wedding theme. You could use these confetti mixes as throwing confetti or even scattered along each wedding table.

House Lannister (red and gold) - Moulin Rouge with Gold cones

House Tyrell (yellow and green) - Icing Sugar, Envy and Golden Slumber


House Baratheon (yellow) - Sunshine Kisses

House Stark (grey) - Winter's Morn


House Targaryen (red and black) - Romeo & Juliet with Black cones

House Greyjoy (black and gold) - Tuxedo with Gold cones


We hope you love this inspired wedding theme, all the details can be found on the Shropshire Petals Pinterest page and specifically our Game of Thrones Pinterest Board.

Just remember that there is no right or wrong, and how you choose to celebrate your wedding day should be about you and sharing it with the people you love, so make it as original and unique as you'd like.

Love as always SP xx

5/07/2017  |  July Confetti Mix of the Month

Time flies when you're having fun, or maybe when you're getting married? It's already July and to celebrate we've got a gorgeous confetti Mix of the Month to share with you!


July's Confetti Mix of the Month is inspired by long hot summer days, it's a beautiful bright and bold mix just perfect for summer weddings. This radiant combination of petals is a mixture of delphiniums and calendula petals, all of which are real, natural and biodegradable.


There are lots of ways to present this confetti mix to your wedding guests including Individual Sachets, Flower Girl Baskets, Confetti Pops and Confetti Cone Packages to name just a few!


We love this adventurous mix of petals with our Raspberry cones too (see below) that said you can choose from lots of different coloured cones, or even our Personalised Cones to make your confetti moment truely personal!


July's Confetti Mix of the Month can be recreated using the Pick & Mix Confetti tool too, it's a combination of Raspberry Fool, Frosted Blue, Icing Sugar and Honey'b.


If you're not sure how much confetti you need to make sure you get the perfect confetti photo you can try out Confetti Calculator.

Confetti isn't just for throwing over the newly married couple, you can also use it as table decoration, create your own confetti bar or even making a petal path along the aisle to make an unforgetable entrance. Visit our field of ideas page for inspiration, or even our Pinterest for the latest trends.

Love as always SP xx

2/07/2017  |  How to: Make your own confetti jars

If you're thinking of what to use as cute little wedding favours on your big day, these adorable confetti jars are perfect. They're simply to make, and your guests can use them to throw confetti on the big day!

What you'll need:

  • empty clear glass jars with lids
  • blackboard labels
  • white chalk pen
  • natural petal confetti to fill your jars


Step 1

First make sure your mini jars are free from any labels or stickers, and completely clean and dry. If you do need to remove any labels or stickers, soak them in warm soapy water and peel of the labels, then allow to dry. 


Step 2

Start to fill biodegradable confetti petals into the jars, just make sure not to overload the jar, you want the petals to come out with ease afterall. Today we're using our Kaleidoscope confetti mix as it's a combination of pinks, purples and creams so it makes a wonderful impact on those all important confetti shots!


Step 3

Once you've filled your jar with your choice of confetti petals, screw on the lid.


Step 5

Next decide what you want to write on your jars. You could write your initials and the date; the name of each guest you'd like to throw, or even simply instructions for your guests like we have below, 'Throw Confetti'. You can use chalk to write on your labels, but this could rub off, so we opted for a white roller pen.


Step 6

Once you've added your message to your blackboard stickers firmly stick them to your jars and enjoy!


Why not ask your ushers to hand one of these out with your order of service so your guests will be ready to throw after the ceremony? Or have them dotted on the wedding tables to throw later in the day.

We hope you love this 'How To' blog, if you're not sure what confetti you'd like in your jars you can request a free confetti sample here.

You can also match your confetti colours to your wedding scheme by mixing and matching petals click here for our online Pick and Mix Confetti.

If you need a little confetti advice, don't hesitate to get in touch, or visit our petal advice.

Love as always SP xx

26/06/2017  |  Flowers: using them to style your wedding

As you know, here at Shropshire Petals we love flowers; from the ceremony and the reception to outdoor spaces and of course your confetti, flowers can be used in almost every aspect of your wedding. We have invited the wonderfully talented Lindsey Hunter at Get Knotted to share some inspiration for using flowers to style your wedding.


(Wedding at St Boswells Village Hall - image credit: kevingreenfield.com)

Your wedding should be a representation of your own personalities and style, whatever that might be. From rustic and country garden style weddings to more contemporary or classic styles, flowers are perfect to use to decorate and create the ambiance and look you’ve always dreamed of.

The ceremony

Where you say your “I dos” is usually the first time your guests will get a glimpse of how your wedding will be presented. So many couples, especially when getting married in a church, tend to forget about styling the ceremony space, but in reality this is the most intimate time during your wedding day, so making it look and feel like the rest of your day is a great way to start it off.

Think about your ceremony space; how much space do you have, where can you decorate? We recently styled a beautiful wedding at Broxmouth Park where the couple had their ceremony outside under a large tree. We made a wild arch from twisted willow and added asymmetric flowers in creams, greens and soft lilacs to complement the wedding theme. We also added floral displays to line the aisle to reflect the arch.


(Wedding at Broxmouth Park – image credit: kevingreenfield.com)

If you’re planning a more contemporary, simple wedding, placing small bouquets of flowers matching your bouquet at the ends of alternate pews of elegant Limewashed Chiavari chairs and on tables around the space is a great way to add some simple colour to the room.


(image credit: aikmansmithphotography.com)

If you have only one space you are using for your entire day, large floral displays and trees are great for creating separate areas. Floral arches can be used as an entrance to your reception space after the ceremony, bay trees can be lined up to segregate your dance floor and dining area, and aisle displays can be used as table decorations or for some added styling in a chill out area.

We styled a wedding at Carfraemills where we used décor from the ceremony throughout the rest of the day. We added large colourful drapes during the ceremony as a stunning backdrop, which completed the whole look.


(Wedding at Carfraemills - image credit: kevingreenfield.com)

The entrance

The entrance to your reception venue, whether it is a marquee, grand hall or even a luxury hotel, is the ideal place for you to give your guests a taste of what they will see inside. We love the rustic greenery look at the moment. For a recent wedding, we decorated the entrance to a marquee with large logs either side with our wood and silver lanterns on top. The displays from the aisle as mentioned above were added to create some softness. To complement the rustic wood and flowers, some wild greenery was added to the entrance posts.


(Wedding at Broxmouth Park – image credit: kevingreenfield.com)

We also love the use of tall lanterns and crooks lined up to create a pathway for guests to follow. Decorate these with small floral displays to match the rest of your styling to look fabulous during the day and when the lanterns at lit at night.


(Wedding at The Hirsel – image credit: kevingreenfield.com)

Make use of some of the features at your venue such as staircases or quirky alcoves. Staircases in particular are perfect for adding some drama using flowers. Line large displays up the stairs leading to your reception and team these with candles in different sizes.


(Wedding at The Hirsel – image credit: kevingreenfield.com)

The reception

Your styling will really come across at your reception so here is the perfect opportunity to express your own personal style.

If you are keeping your flowers simple by using white, cream and greenery, don’t be afraid to use some colour in other areas such as your tablecloths and flooring.


(Wedding at Broxmouth Park – image credit: kevingreenfield.com)

Floral table displays don’t need to be large; keeping them small and simple, yet bright and colourful will create a wonderful look. Add colour to your chairs and the walls to complement the tables, and add some romantic fairy lighting to the ceiling, which will look stunning when the night draws in.


Using terrariums as centrepieces is a trend seen a lot at the moment. These are great for adding simple displays of flowers and succulents for a more contemporary look. For long tables, add sections of moss teamed with candles and rustic wooden slices to create one long table centrepiece.


(Wedding at Wedderburn Barns – image credit: kevingreenfield.com)


(Terrariums – image credit: kevingreenfield.com)

Lindsey Hunter is a wedding stylist based in the Scottish Borders. Lindsey is also a florist and has a fabulous collection of props available for hire, some of which are also made by Lindsey and her husband Sean. Visit the website for more styling inspiration and to view the fantastic range of props.

Love as always, SP x x 

22/06/2017  |  British Flowers Week 2017

This week (19th - 25th June) marks British Flowers Week, the annual celebration of British Flowers and the UK cut flower industry. It goes without saying, buying British flowers for your wedding is the best way to support local growers, but don't forget about your confetti too!


There are many types of confetti you can choose for your wedding, from bubbles and paper to seeds and natural petal confetti. British growers and producers of natural petal confetti, Shropshire Petals are keen supporters of buying British for your wedding. Here are just a few ways to incorporate British confetti and dried flowers on your special day.


Confetti - the majority of churches and venues now only allow 100% natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly confetti to be used, which is why natural petal confetti is the perfect choice. Choose from a fabulous selection of colours in a variety of petal types. You don't have to match your confetti to your wedding theme/style, choosing colours that will really stand out in your photographs is a great way to add some colour, so why not keep the British theme rolling with red, white and blue confetti.


Table décor - create your own table decorations using dried flowers such as delphinium bundles, lavender and wheat. Make some larger dried flower arrangements and display them on British log slices or in old antique vases and jars for a rustic look. Add some dried flower heads such as roses or peonies for some additional colour and texture on your tables, and team these with some fresh greenery and foliage to make them stand out.


The bouquet - if you're having a summer wedding and worrying about fresh flowers in the heat, a dried flower bouquet is the perfect alternative. Choose to make your own or order one to suit your style or theme. If you want to include some fresh British flowers, tie some florist wire around the stems of your chosen flowers and insert them into your bouquet the morning of your wedding.


Additional details - If you want to decorate your aisles, wheat sheaves are great for adding a touch of nature and a splash of colour. Place a wheat sheaf at the end of each, or alternate pew to create a pretty path outline for you to walk down to say your "I do's". Be budget savvy and use these for decorating other areas of your wedding after the ceremony, or as gifts for members of the bridal party.


Take a look at our gorgeous natural petal confetti and dried flowers or even our wheat arrangements. For a touch of inspiration visit our Fields of Ideas page. Or even our customer gallery to see how it's done.

Love as always SP xxx

17/06/2017  |  Rustic Wedding: Kraft Shropshire Box

If you're planning a rustic, country wedding and haven't quite decided how to display your confetti, you'll be pleased to know we've just launched our brand new Kraft Shropshire Box.


This Kraft Shropshire Box hold 25 cones and enough confetti to fill each cone, plus you can choose your own confetti and cone colours!

We have thousands of different petal combinations to choose from on our Pick & Mix Confetti page that you can match your confetti to your wedding scheme. We've also made it easy for you and created our popular confetti mixes too! Here's a look at our popular mixes:


We also have 18 different cone colours to choose from too! Here's a little look at what colour cones you could choose from:


Its so easy to tailor your Kraft Shropshire Box to your wedding theme, your guests will be suitable impressed!


The Kraft Shropshire Box has gorgeous fine detail too!


Plus on our Pick and Mix page, you can even add two cone colours to make your confetti really stand out!


We hope you love our new Kraft Shropshire Box, don't worry if you're wedding isn't for a while you can order months or even years in advance and we can dispatch your whole order closer to the wedding with our delayed delivery option.

Simply tell us when your wedding date is when ordering and choose when you'd like it all dispatching. That way you can spread the cost of your wedding without having to worry about storing your confetti.

Love as always SP xx

13/06/2017  |  Wedding Statistics for 2017

If you're wondering how much the average wedding costs, or even how many wedding guests is the norm, Confetti have created this gorgeous infographic to tell to you about weddings in 2017!


7/06/2017  |  Petal Inspiration from the Chelsea Flower Show

The Chelsea Flower is the highlight of the horticultural calendar.  Katie was lucky enough to be invited to the M&G Chelsea Breakfast, a chance to listen to the industry expects to encourage young people into horticulture - Growing Your Career.  Here's Katie to tell us more...

There are certainly not enough young people in horticulture, but it was such a pleasure to meet other young enthusiastic people with a keen interest, what better setting than the Chelsea Flower Show 2017!


After the breakfast I spent the day looking around the show, there were some amazing pieces, including grand floral displays, sculptures, detailled designs, so many different types of flower and a fabulous use of colour.   

tea_party_fountain floral_gardens chelsea_flower_show_sculpture

The chrysanthemum cupcakes looked good enough to eat... 

chrysanthemum_cakes floral_artwork colourful_floral_display

The topiary bear certainly caught my eye...

vegetable_garden topiary_art

My favourite stand was the David Austin Roses stand.  The knowledge of the team on the stand was brilliant and despite the crowds they ensured every question was answered.  It was a very grand display and certainly showed off a whole host of colours.  The stand was inviting and encouraged people to wander under the floral arches.   

David_Austin_Roses rose_floral_inspiration

The most interactive stand was the Interflora stand.  It was encouraging people to take a selfie behind their floral frame and tag it on Instagram, I of course had to give it a go! Their stand had a strong focus on colour, it really was a fabulous display! 

interflora chelsea flower show_1 interflora_stories_of_emotion Interflora_colour

My aim for the show was to look for colour and flower species.  With a focus on red petals...  

dahlia red_petals

I was also very keen on green flowers, with Greenery as Pantone colour of the year 2017 the show was full of green plants and flowers.  The first ever double flowered green clematis certainly did steal the show...  

green_clematis green_hydrangea

I had a wonderful day and have certainly come back inspired, with lots of ideas to bring to the table, so watch this space for our petal development updates.  There is a world of opportunity for new colours and petals, now roll on the summer! 

Love as always, SP x x 

2/06/2017  |  June Confetti Mix of the Month 2017

Hooray, it's June! Time for longer days, sunshine and lots of lovely weddings! This June we've created a beautiful petal mix that is perfect for pink and blue weddings.


Our June confetti Mix of the Month is a combination of natural, biodegradable petals which are perfect for throwing over the newly married couple or scattering over tables or the aisle for decoration.


We've used our Icing Sugar and Candy Floss delphinium petals, Parma Violet rose petals, Duckegg Blue hydrangea petals and heather grain to create this gorgeous mix!


There are lots of ways to display your confetti for wedding guests to take a handful and throw including Flower Girl Baskets, Individual Sachets, Confetti Pops, Pails or even our popular Shropshire Box full of cones.


We love this June confetti Mix of the Month paired with our blue confetti cones, they just look so dreamy!


Here at Shropshire Petals we measure by the litre, and 1 litre will give you about 10 handfuls. If you're wondering how many litres you might need you can also use our quick and easy confetti calculator.


We hope you love this mix, don't worry if you'd like this mix but your wedding isn't for a while, you can either order now and select out delayed delivery so we send your petals out 3-4 weeks before the big day. Or you can create this mix at any time using our unique Pick & Mix page.

Love as always SP xx

30/05/2017  |  Flower Field Update

As many of you will know we grow natural petal confetti on our Shropshire Farm. Our flowers have been loving the recent sunshine and rain so they're growing really well.

You can see in the photo below how our delphinium flowers are looking at the moment.


We grow lots of different colours of delphiniums and because the colours we grow are all natural we find the petals don't leech when wet so you can enjoy them without worrying about colour stains.

We also grow lots of other varieties of flowers too, below is our calendula flowers growing in the field. We use our calendula petals for our Honey'b and Ginger Snap, these petals are bright and bold and look amazing when you mix them with delphiniums!


All our flowers will start to bloom in July and through July and August we will be harvesting each plant by hand to make sure only the best petals are used. The petals are then dried to make beautiful confetti for lovely weddings and events.


Make sure to check the website and our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in the summer as we will be posting lots of pictures of the flowers in their glory!

If you'd like to see all the petals we have available and request a free sample (up to four free samples) click here

Love as always SP xx

26/05/2017  |  The perfect bride-to-be gifts

Here at Shropshire Petals we love to share the best wedding planning tips, and so today we're teaming up with the lovely Hanson & Hopewell to find the perfect gifts for the bride-to-be.

Finding a gift for the bride can be a pretty daunting task. With a high street full of novelty products, it can be difficult to find something meaningful and personal. Hanson & Hopewell are thankfully changing the wedding gifting landscape with their luxury but affordable bride-to-be gift boxes, making it easy to find the perfect engagement gifts, hen party presents and wedding gift boxes for your bride. Brides beware: these gifts are guaranteed to make an impact so tell your maid of honour and put these on your wedding wishlist now!


Hanson & Hopewell was founded by talented duo Katrina Hopewell and Laura Hanson after forming a long-lasting bond working in publishing. The close friends knew they'd collaborate on something special after Hanson helped plan Hopewell's nuptials, discovering their mutual love for everything wedding related. This lust-worthy label was officially unveiled in December 2016, launching their first five signature bride-to-be gift boxes, drawing upon their experience of being both brides, bridesmaids and wedding guests enjoying the free bubbly!


Hopewell said "Our favourite part of every wedding is enjoying all the little moments with our friends on the lead up to the big day. The first glance at the bride's beautiful ring, taking part in all of the secret hen party shenanigans, and helping to troubleshoot those pesky florist dramas too. What most people find difficult is the gifting part. When our friends got engaged we couldn't find anything meaningful and personal on the high street. We wanted something beautiful, thoughtful and luxurious to celebrate our friendships that would keep their sparkle long past the wedding day.

So we launched Hanson & Hopewell. To make your bride-to-be gifts stylish and personal, as well as tell a unique story. We've uncovered hidden gems from the best independent makers in the UK to help you celebrate all of the key occasions in your bride's wedding journey - from luxury designed wedding journals, organic beauty products and gorgeous confetti pops - giving her all the little luxuries she needs on the lead up to the big day as well as freeing you up to help solve all those pre-wedding jitters! Shropshire Petals were one of the first partners we got in touch with as we thought they were a must have for our boxes, especially as I had a wonderful experiencing choosing them for my own confetti at my wedding."


We think their first collection fuses English country-chic with effortless city glamour - the Hanson & Hopewell girl loves vintage pieces, but with a cool, contemporary edge. Their gift boxes are made for the bride who wants her best friends to stand by her in style and look just as beautiful as she does and these gifts are certainly Instagram ready to share on the big day!

What we love most is that every gift box is lovingly personalised with a custom-designed handwritten card, presented in a keepsake box that is beautifully wrapped with ribbon and tissue paper, and can be delivered in 24 hours for all those last minute gifting needs.

Our favourite bride-to-be gift box picks

Engaged bride-to-be gift box


Hanson & Hopewell's Engaged box has it all, the perfect engagement gift to celebrate that special someone and help kickstart planning heir fabulous dream wedding. It includes our Kaleidoscope confetti pop, a lovely 'bride' printed bag, a handmade ring cone to keep her new rock super safe, as well as a custom-designed notebook to put all of her initial wedding ideas in one place.

Indulge bride-to-be gift box


Hanson & Hopewell's Indulge bride-to-be gift box is the ultimate luxury gift to ensure your bride feels as special as she deserves in the run up to her big day. Perfect as a hen party gift or wedding present, Indulge will show her how much she means to you and ensure she wakes up on her wedding morning in pure style. It includes a limited edition hand-printed bridal kimono, silk and velvet eye mask, luxury bath oil and a Shropshire Petals Summer Nights confetti pop.

Hanson & Hopewell sell their bride-to-be gift boxes at prices starting at £30. You can find out more by visiting www.hansonandhopewell.com

Love as always SP xx

19/05/2017  |  Keeping children entertained at a wedding

Inviting children to weddings is a personal decision. Some couples opt for adult only weddings; whereas others embrace having children present and go all out to make them feel included. We love seeing children at weddings (tantrums and all) as they bring fun and laughter to the day, which is why we have put together our favourite ways of keeping the little ones entertained throughout the entire day.


The ceremony

Keeping still during a wedding ceremony is difficult for adults, let alone for children, so providing them with something to do will help keep them busy until they can get up and move again. Provide them with a selection of books to read by creating a book station as guests walk in for children to take one as they walk past.


Mini Etch a Sketch are also a great way of keeping them busy. Hand one to each child on entering the ceremony with a personalised message for each child.


After the ceremony, get the children involved with your photographs by having some fun photos with confetti!


(Credit - Bo-Chic

The reception

The wedding breakfast can be a long time to expect children to sit for. Provide them with activities to do. You can buy or make activity books with colouring pages, puzzles and quizzes or ask them to get creative by giving each child some modelling clay or building bricks to play with.




After dinner

This is the time to have some fun. Usually, there is a period of time between the reception and the evening celebrations where children will become restless. Hire or make some fun outdoor games such as giant Jenga, bowling and croquet.


Plan a treasure hunt or ‘I-spy with my little camera’ game to get them searching for clues.


A great one (and not just for the kids) is a bouncy castle. You can now hire white wedding bouncy castles, which look great fun!


Evening celebrations

The children will love the disco or musical entertainment, but as the evening goes on, they will start to get tired, so provide them with a chill-out space for just the kids. Furnish the area with cushions, blankets and iPads or tablets (which you can hire) for them to watch movies on.


For the more active children, why not hire a ball pit for them to play in – you can also get adult ones, so this will also keep your friends and family entertained too.


Offer the children an evening drink and snack such as cookies and milk.


If you’re planning on having children at your wedding, visit our Pinterest board for some more ideas of how you can keep them entertained. There are also childcare companies, such as The Little Top who provide excellent childcare at weddings and parties.

Love as always, SP x x

Images sourced from Pinterest

16/05/2017  |  How to: Make Confetti Cup Cannons

Looking for a fun easy way to keep the kids entertained at your wedding, or even just a fun weekend activity. 

Here's what you will need:


First of all take a balloon and tie the end.


Take a paper cup and cut the bottom base with scissors, then cut the top of the tied balloon.


Stretch the top of the ballon over the bottom of the paper cup.


Fill the paper cup with your natural petal confetti


Make a few of these with lots of different colours and your choice of biodegradable petal confetti


Hold the cup in one hand, pull the ballon and release to throw the confetti up in the air.


We hope you love this fun activity, give it a try at home.

Love as always SP xx 

13/05/2017  |  Minimalist Luxe Wedding Theme

There's nothing more stylish than a keeping things simple when it comes to weddings, not only does it give a timeless feel to the big day, but it's elegant and effortless too. There's a current trend for minimalistic weddings with a touch of luxury and here's a few ideas of how you can achieve this look:

The Dress

All eyes are on the bride and what she's wearing why not keep it sleek and classy with a no frills design? Try adding small details with delicate jewellery for a totally chic look.

The Cake

Leave your wedding guests guessing when it comes to the cake with a simple single colour icing and clean cute edges, they'll just have to wait and see what delicious flavours are hidden inside. 


The Bouquet

Today is all about the bride and groom, and the start of their new journey, so instead of having an overpowering bouquet that takes the focus, why not opt for an elegant alternative wheat arrangement? It's timeless, graceful and you can even add a detail with a ribbon to give that essence of luxury.


The Aisle

Make sure the aisle isn't overloaded with decoration so there is lots of free space, why not let nature provide the backdrop?

The invites

Jaw-dropping calligraphy will make a huge impression with your saves the day, invites and thank you cards, you don't need tonnes on the page, less is more as they say. 



Keep your colour palette cool and muted to maintain an effortless and delicate impression. Decorations can be bold yet classy.


Finishing Touches

The confetti photo is the most natural photo of the day, and if you're going for a minimalist luxe themed wedding, simple ivory delphinium petals would look spectacular. Our Icing Sugar petals are natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly. Click here to see these petals.


We hope you love this gorgeous wedding theme! We've got lots more wedding ideas, click here to see our fields of ideas, or click here to visit our Pinterest page!

Love as always SP xx

9/05/2017  |  Win a selection of handmade chocolates

Do you fancy winning a selection of delicious handmade chocolates courtesy of Troffle?

Send us your best natural petal confetti photos and we will pick a lucky winner to win three boxes of irresistible artisan chocolates! Simply upload your photos at the bottom of the page!


The Prize

The lucky winner will receive a large box (containing 16 chocolates), a medium box (containing 9 chocolates) and a small box (containing 4 chocolates), all worth over £30!

Each chocolate is handmade using only the finest ingredients, many of which are homegrown at Troffle to ensure the freshest produce is used. Troffle create chocolates with fresh tasting bursts of flavour all presented in a beautiful little package.

Troffle offer an array of flavours including: Honeycomb, Orange Blossom, Lime & Basil, Cardamom & Coriander, Moroccan Mint, Turkish Coffee & Clove, Single Origin, Lemon & Rosemary, Salted Caramel, Mandarin & Ginger, Sticky Toffee and Hazelnut.


Need a little inspiration?

We're looking for fun confetti moment photographs using natural petal confetti! Here's a few wonderful photos from previous competitions:



Say hello to Troffle: A fresh new take on chocolate

How pretty are these chocolates? These eye-catching, delicious tasting discs of heaven are handmade by Troffle, a family-run business based in the rolling Wiltshire countryside. Launched four years ago, Troffle prides itself on only using responsibly sourced, fresh ingredients in its perfectly formed creations. So, when you try the fresh mint ganache, it really tastes of fresh mint. Because it was made using fresh mint, handpicked from the Troffle garden.

Troffle is available in a range of different sized boxes, including little boxes of two chocolates that make the ideal wedding favour. Whichever size you choose, they make perfect, hassle-free, thank you gifts: the boxes are designed specifically to go straight through the letterbox, so there's no need for you - or the lucky recipient - to hang around to sign for a delivery. The chocolates are gluten-free and there's a vegan range too. Click here to visit Troffle online and view the rest of their delicious range of chocolates


Troffle need your help

Troffle is looking to grow! They aim to expand and fund a much larger botanical garden to enable them to cultivate a greater range of fresh, homegrown ingredients. They also need to recruit new members of staff to add to the Troffle team. And so, to help them to do just that, the team at Troffle has launched a Kickstarter campaign which means fans of their chocolates can pledge funds in return for a range of delicious rewards. Click here to take a look on the Troffle Kickstarter page.

Troffle even have tasty wedding favours available as delicious rewards including beautiful bespoke wedding favours (with £65 off!) for your support on their Kickstarter page!


Terms and Conditions
Competition is run by Shropshire Petals in association with Troffle and ends midnight on 31st July 2017. All photos submitted must show natural petal confetti and be submitted through the upload page on the SP website. All photos uploaded may be used by Shropshire Petals for promotional material so please get permission. The winner will be contacted within 10 working days of the competition closing and must claim their prize within 30 days.

Submit your confetti photos below

5/05/2017  |  New confetti cone colours for 2017

We've been working away in the Shropshire Petals shed trying to find new colours to offer our brides and grooms, and we're pleased to reveal 9 new colour cones! Each cone comes embossed with beautiful flowers and they're great for matching to your wedding theme or colours.

Below we've got our Rose Gold confetti cones with Vintage Daydream confetti. We expect our Rose Gold cone to be very popular as there is a huge trend for this at the moment!


We've listened to so many brides when we've visited wedding shows and metallics are in high demand at the moment! So along with our Rose Gold cones we've also got Gold and Silver too!

We think our Gold cones, look great with this mix Sunshine Kisses! You can mix and match any cones and confetti you'd like with our online pick and mix tool


Imagine a winter wedding with these new Silver confetti cones and our grey and cream confetti mix called Winter's Morn!


This is our Raspberry confetti cones with one of our most popular confetti mixes Blush. If you're looking for a vibrant statement at your wedding this combination works really well together!


Coral is a colour in high demand at the moment so we've created this beautiful Coral confetti cone. Below we've combined our Candy Floss confetti with this bright colour.


Here at SP we're often asked by brides with a teal wedding scheme for a recommended confetti mix, and as this colour isn't available in the natural flower world we've developed this beautiful Teal coloured confetti cone. Below we've kept it simple and combined it with our Icing Sugar delphinium petals, but you can add any petals you'd like to these cones.


If you've got a cream themed wedding you could choose our Cream confetti cones. Below we've paired our new Cream cones with a mixture of purple, lilac and ivory petals called Highland Fling.


If you've got a burgundy wedding, we this our Chestnut Red cones with Moulin Rouge would look amazing!


Finally for a sophisticated black tie wedding we've launched brand new Black confetti cones. Below we've added our Tuxedo confetti mix to really amplify that formal classy feel.


We hope you love our brand new confetti cones, they're available from our website with all of our cone packages including our signature Shropshire Box, Confetti Cone Package and our Bo Peep Basket.

If you're looking for a little petal advice why not pop onto our advice page here.

Or if you're not sure how much confetti you might need for your big day use our online Confetti Calculator here.

Love as always SP xx

2/05/2017  |  May 2017 Confetti Mix of the Month

It's May! That can only mean one thing, we have a new confetti Mix of the Month to present to you! Our May Mix of the Month is a mixture of grey, cream, pink and green petals all of which are biodegradable and natural.


May's Mix of the Month is a combination of dried delphinium petals and hydrangea petals. This mixture of small and larger petals is ideal for throwing confetti as smaller petals gently float down to the ground and larger petals as a pop of colour.



Each colour of petal has it's own name, in this mix we have Icing Sugar, Lady Grey, Raspberry Fool and Envy.


We love this May Mix in a few different combinations such as, in our green confetti cones, Individual Sachet, Confetti Pop, or even in our Flower Girl Basket.

If you're not sure how much confetti you might need for your wedding click here to try our easy to use Confetti Calculator.


We hope you love this charming mix! If you'd like this mix, you can create this combination of petals by using our Pick & Mix tool here.

If you're wedding isn't for a while you can order this mix with our delayed delivery and we will deliver your petals to you 3 weeks before the big day.

Love as always SP xx

29/04/2017  |  Rosa Styled Photoshoot

Shropshire Petals were recently asked to be involved with an incredible styled photoshoot with some of the top German wedding suppliers, so we jumped at the chance! The theme was dusty pinks, rose gold, cream and all with an intimate rustic charm. All photos were taken by Wolken Mit I.



Scattering your confetti over the table is a great way to add colour to your wedding table, and it takes the formality out of the look to give a much more intimate and fun atmosphere.


To match this beautiful styled shoot Blush was because of its range of pinks and cream. Blush is a mixture of biodegradable delphinium petals called Icing Sugar, Candy Floss, Cherry Blossom and Raspberry Fool.






Below lists all the suppliers involved:

Photos: Wolken mit i

Dress: IamYours

Hair/Make-Up: ninanolepahairandmakeupdesign

Bridesmaid dresses: Flowers: GOLDREGEN floraldesign

Table and Chairs: Nimmplatz

Stationary: The Meaningful Script

Location: Schloss Diersfordt

Textiles: Silk & Linen

Confetti: Shropshire Petals

Model: Jaaymllr

We hope you love this shoot!

Love as always SP xx

22/04/2017  |  Earth Day 2017

On 22nd April it's International Earth Day, a day to remind each of us that the Earth and its ecosystems provide us with life and sustenance. It's a day where we can promote a balance between our planet and everything living among the economic, social and environmental needs of present and future generations of humanity.


Here at Shropshire Petals we care about the environment and how it will effect the future generations.


The Shropshire Petals farm is powered by solar energy generated onsite and our packaging is carbon zero to make sure any impact made on the environment is offset. All our petals are natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable. Our flowers are a safe haven for hungry bees, plus we harvest our flowers by hand to make sure we don't disturb any bees or insects.


What can you do?

There are lots of big or small changes you can make to celebrate Earth Day and make a difference for future generations, here's a few ideas:

  • Plant a tree
  • Go paperless
  • Grow your own vegetables or buy locally grown
  • Walk or cycle to work

There are lots of other things you can do to help the environment, if you'd got any ideas we'd love to here them!

Love as always SP xx

20/04/2017  |  Match your confetti to your Football Team colours

If you're mad about your football why not incorporate it into your wedding day? From a football themed cake to hilarious posed photos, share your love of the game with your guests on your special day.


You can match your wedding to your team's colours with our confetti pick & mixer you can choose a mixture of your favourite colours, here's a few teams to give you an idea:

Manchester United F.C.

One of the most iconic football teams in the world! Manchester United Football team is known for it's red and white colours, what better way to celebrate your big day and your favourite team with this red and ivory confetti mix! Below we've mixed Icing Sugar and Lady in Red to create this beautiful mix, click here to view online


Chelsea F.C.

If you're a Chelsea fan and you're looking for a blue and white confetti mix for your big day, we recommend a mixture of our blue cornflowers Blue Bird and ivory delphinium petals we call Icing Sugar. Together this mix makes our 'Something Blue'.


Newcastle United F.C.

Newcastle are known for their black and white stripes, below we've mixed black cornflower petals called Black Tie and ivory cream delphinium petals Icing Sugar.


Aston Villa F.C.

Aston Villa's kit colours are a maroon, light blue and yellow, so to recreate this colour combination and support your team we've mixed Burgundy Berry a cornflower petal, Frosted Blue a delphinium petal and Honey'B a calendula petal.

All of our petals are biodegradable and eco-friendly so don't worry if they're thrown them over the pitch, they'll be gone within a few days.


Norwich City F.C.

Thinking of supporting your local team? We love the bright yellow and green colours Norwich City feature on their kit and logo. We've mixed our Honey'B calendula petals, Mellow Meadow petals and Envy hydrangea petals. Click here to view this mix online


Barcelona F.C.

Barcelona's colours are maroon, red and blue so we've used our Burgundy Berry cornflower petals, Lady in Red rose petals and Midnight Blue delphinium petals to create this colourful mix. Click here to view this mix online


Real Madrid F.C.

You can also use your favourite football team's away kit as your colour palette too. Real Madrid have a great purple and white away kit we think looks great with our confetti. Here we've mixed our Icing sugar and Amethyst. Click here to view this mix online


Bayern Munich F.C.

We love the Bayern Munich away kit too, comprising of black, grey and a flash of orange, so we've recreated it with our Black Tie cornflower petals, Lady Grey delphinium petals and Ginger Snap calendula petals. Click here to view this mix online


We've got plenty of other ways you can incorporate your favourite football team into your wedding day, take a look on our Pinterest board here to see more.

With the Shropshire Petals online pick and mix tool you can choose the right petals for your big day, click here to have a look.

Love as always SP xx

14/04/2017  |  Join our Easter Giveaway!

Hooray! It's Easter, time to eat chocolate and enjoy a lovely long weekend with family and friends.

To celebrate our brand new personalised confetti cone release which gives brides and grooms the option to add their names and own choice of design and colour to their confetti cones, we're giving away a Personalised Shropshire Box (worth up to £67) to one lucky winner!


The winner will be able to choose their own biodegradable petal confetti from our wide range of petals and their choice of cone design.

To enter find us on Facebook (click here), all you have to do is LIKE our competition post and COMMENT with how many days it is until your wedding!

The competition closes at 9am on Tuesday 18th April 2017 and a lucky winner will be picked to win this amazing prize! Don't worry if your wedding is months or even years away! We can offer our fantastic delayed delivery option that suits you and your big day.

Terms and Conditions apply. Unfortunately this amazing prize cannot be exchanged, UK only delivery and must be claimed within 30 days of competition closing (prize can be added to our delayed delivery so doesn't have to be delivered within 30 days).

Good luck everyone!

Love as always SP xx

11/04/2017  |  Whalebone Music video in flower field

During last summer we welcomed a local instrumental band called Whalebone to our Shropshire Petals flower fields to shoot their music video.

Whalebone's sound is inspired by Celtic Folk music of the British Isles, interwoven with strands of rock, Americana and Eastern European tradition, the trio's music is impossible to classify. Music that does not fit into a comfortable box, eclecticism defined, a unique and vibrant mix.


The desire to create sonic imagery without the need for words has long been a feature of Whalebone's writing, combining melodies and harmonies to create a sense of place, evoking the intangible beauty and mystery of life. Rooted connectedness between location and music finds expression in their performances and recordings.

Formed in 2005, the trio comprises of Charlotte Watson (Guitar, Bouzouki), Steve Downs (Guitar, Mandolin) and Sarah Ibberson (Fiddle).

Click below to watch their latest track Anglicana from their new album titled Mirabilia. This video was filmed in Shropshire.

If you enjoy this music video, you can purchase Whalebone's new album - click here.

Love as always SP xx

7/04/2017  |  Once upon a time…fairytale wedding inspiration

Here at SP, we are HUGE fans of all things Disney and fairytales, and with the release of Disney’s new Beauty and the Beast movie, we wanted to share some of our favourite fairytale wedding inspiration with you.

From the dress and the décor, down to the smallest details, if you’re planning a fairytale wedding, you can get some wonderful ideas from Pinterest. Here are our top picks:

The dress

All brides-to-be start with the dress, it might not be the first purchase when planning your wedding, but it will be one of the first things you think about and look for. We get all excited when it comes to fairytale dresses and there are lots to choose from. You can go for as big and princess like as you want, or keep it simple to suit your own personal style. Even some high street stores such as Dorothy Perkins and Monsoon have some stunning wedding dress collections these days.


The Shoes

The shoes has to come a close second to the dress, especially when planning a fairytale-style wedding – who wouldn’t love a delicate glass slipper adorned with some magical sparkle! However, for the realistic bride, sparkle and glamour has to come in the way of diamante, pearls and pretty detailing…or does it!


The chairs

When deciding on how to decorate your chairs, whether for your ceremony or reception, you can get really creative. Think elegance, prettiness and flowers. Use soft, delicate materials to drape over or on your chairs and tie in a way that will match your wedding style. Add fresh flowers or little signs to enhance the fairytale look.


The aisle

The aisle will be one of the first things your guests get to see at your wedding, so make it spectacular and memorable giving them an idea of what else is to come. Line your aisle with natural petals either down the side of an aisle or as your aisle to walk upon. Decorate your aisle with little details to complement your wedding theme or go all out and have wow factor floral arches to stand under as you get married. The “I do’s” should be the most romantic part of your wedding, so enhance the romance with fairytale glamour.


The tables

Go all out or keep it simple, your reception tables are an important part when planning the decoration for your wedding. They should be styled to match your personal tastes and to fit in with your wedding theme. Don’t be afraid to get creative, if you’re having a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding, fill your tables with red roses, and tall candlesticks. If you’re having a dreamy fairytale wedding, using lots of white with a mix of soft gold and green looks simply stunning.’


The décor

Flowers and soft pastel colours are perfect for using to decorate your fairytale wedding. Keep your tables simple by placing single flowers in small vases, or even a glass dome just like in Beauty and the Beast. Scatter natural petal confetti over your tables and around decorations for an added romantic touch. Don’t forget about the little details such as crockery, stationary and cutlery, getting these right will make all the difference. To really carry off that wow factor fairytale look, decorate key features in your venue such as fireplaces and alcoves to match your styling.


The confetti

Our favourite part, obviously! Confetti is romantic in itself, before you add it to a fairytale style wedding. We love soft, pastel or neutral colours for a fairytale wedding as they stand out beautifully on your photos. Our recommendations would be Summer Nights and Icing Sugar. When it comes to packaging, giving each guest their own confetti to throw is a great way to ensure your guests join in with your confetti moment, so make it a memorable one by choosing our petal pouches or brand-new personalised confetti cones.  We even have a Fairytale themed cone!


The cake

With the amount of extremely talented cake makers out there, your wedding cake is the perfect opportunity to really tell the story of your wedding theme. Whether its huge, floral cakes or a simple three-tired design with a chic princess castle on top, whatever your tastes, you can really show off when it comes to your cake.


The signs

Here at SP, we love a good sign, especially when they’re about confetti! Whether its for directing guests to do something or go somewhere, or just because, there is nothing more romantic than a sign.


The photos

No doubt, you will have a list of must have photographs for your photographer to capture on your special day, and a list of photos you would dream to have. Here are some of our favourites. If you can’t fit in having all of your dream photographs on your wedding day, a lot of couples are now taking to having post-wedding photo shoots where they get dressed up in their wedding attire once more and pose for those ultimate dream photographs.


For more fairytale wedding inspiration and to find out where we got our images from, visit our pinterest board here.

Love as always SP x x

4/04/2017  |  April's Pink and Blue Confetti Mix of the Month

April's Confetti Mix of the Month is a bright and colourful combination of petals, just perfect for a Spring wedding. This vibrant pink and blue mix is made of Frosted Blue delphinium petals, Candy Floss delphinium petals and Flamingo Pink rose petals.



This petal mix is perfect for a bright pink and blue wedding! All of the petals in this beautiful combination are biodegradable and eco-friendly which is what most venues and churches as for, it means no-one needs to clean up after your big confetti moment.


Brides and grooms can choose to have this petal mix in lots of different displays for their guests to match their wedding theme. There are so many ways to beautifully display your confetti to your wedding guests, some of our most popular are Confetti Pops, Individual Sachets, Flower girl Basket and even a Shropshire Box complete with 25 confetti cones to mention just a few!


Not sure how much confetti you will need for your big day? Click here to use our online confetti calculator. If you need a little inspiration why not take a look at our customer photo gallery, or even our fields of inspiration?

If you love this confetti mix but your wedding isn't for a while you can simply order with our delayed delivery and we will send out the petals to you 3 weeks before the big day.



We hope you love this charming combination of our petals!

Love as always SP xx

31/03/2017  |  Video: How to make a Shropshire Box

The Shropshire Box is the perfect way to display your confetti to your wedding guests on your big day.

It holds 25 confetti cones with enough confetti to till them and it's presented within a white dispensing box. Watch our video below to see how to put together your Shropshire Box

Deciding to have a Shropshire Box on your big day means your guests can easily take a cone and throw confetti over the newly married couple. Plus you can choose your own confetti petals, cone colours or even opt for our personalised cones to match to your wedding theme or colour scheme.


After the big day you can use your dispensing box as a memory box by keeping your wedding cards or items from the day stored in.


Love as always SP xx

28/03/2017  |  How to choose the most romantic flowers for your wedding

Nothing brings the romance to your wedding theme more than the flowers that you choose for your bouquet, venue and reception tables. Selecting the flowers is a big decision as it can make or break the theme if you get it wrong. We’ve invited Katie from Orla James to discuss choosing the most romantic flowers for your big day, and how to avoid some of the most common pitfalls.


Firstly, decide on a vision for your wedding flowers through research. Look online for ideas perhaps on Instagram and Pinterest, or more traditional bridal magazines. Try visiting some garden centres to get ideas for flowers.

Secondly, you need to decide on your flower budget as they can soon add up if you get carried away. Visit some florists to discuss your ideas and get an idea of prices from there, and perhaps create a must-have flower list and a “would like to have” list to give you some budget flexibility.





Once you have your vision and budget sorted, it’s time to start looking for flowers. There are so many out there you will need to narrow down your choices before approaching a florist to actually create your vision. Many flowers have a meaning behind them so if you want to take that into account, here is a quick list of those flowers which represent romance:

· Azalea – a symbol of femininity as well as love and romance

· Cherry Blossom – symbol of feminine beauty and the nature of life

· White Clover – symbol of good luck and vitality

· Yellow Daffodil – new beginnings, good luck in the future

· White Dittany – symbolises love and passion and also thought to be an aphrodisiac

· Forget-Me-Not – symbolises a long faithful love

· Gillyflower – symbol of a happy life and being contented

· Jasmine – literally means (I attach myself to you) and symbolises love and sensuality

· Blue Violet – represents faithfulness



(Jasmine Flower)


The other thing to consider when planning your romantic wedding flowers is colour. It may be that you choose flowers, which oppose the colours in the outfits, to make them stand out, for example, lime green flowers against purple dresses, or you might want them all to match. Here are some examples of our favourite colours together with the mixes and dried flowers from Shropshire Petals that we would use:

· Red: rose, poinsettia, gerbera, amaryllis. The ‘Lady In Red’ large petal mix is the standout petal for this colour.


· White: rose, snowdrops, orchids, sweet pea, gardenia, jasmine. ‘Icing Sugar’ cream delphiniums can achieve this look.


· Lavender: lavender, iris, lilac, hydrangea, delphinium. A simple bunch of ‘Mini Lavender’ is best for this.


· Yellow: daffodil, tulip, lily, sunflower. The ‘Sunshine Kisses‘ mix would be perfect.


· Pink: rose, sweet pea, lily, ranunculus, tulips, carnations, peony. A beautiful pack of pink ‘Peony Heads’ is stunning.


Use of flowers on your wedding day:

The next decision is what role you want the flowers to play on the day. Find out what the options and restrictions are for flowers at your chosen venues and then choose what you’d like to have - you may want to consider whether you will have a floral arch, table decorations, standing displays, and flowers at the end of pews in a church, for example.

Another way in which flowers can play a role, which can often be overlooked, is actually by making use of the petals, perhaps scattered over the reception tables, or if your wedding is outside, what could be more romantic than a carpet of fresh petals to stand on to say your vows. Shropshire Petals offers a great variety of natural petals in all colours and a range of flower varieties for exactly these choices, as well as for your confetti when leaving the wedding venue.


The bouquets:

Perhaps the most important role the flowers will play at any wedding however, is in the bridal bouquet, and there are many things to consider, including size, colour, type of foliage, and also often overlooked is the number of different styles you can choose for your bouquet to make sure it complements your style and your dress. There are round bouquets for large flowers, long trailing bouquets for a more romantic feel, or small tied posies for a more minimalist approach. You need to make sure the style that matches the flower you have chosen.

You will also need to select the bridesmaid bouquets, flower girl petal basket choices, the button holes for the male wedding party and corsages for female wedding party members as well. It is worth checking with your wedding party if any of them have allergies to plants and also to check with your florist to avoid any toxic flowers or plants if there are children in your wedding group.

The key to choosing the most romantic flowers for your wedding is to select the kind of flower that reflects your style, personality and wedding theme, and then find a florist who can make your vision for the venues and bouquets come to life, within your budget.

Thank you Katie for that wonderful advice on choosing romantic wedding flowers.

Love as always, SP x x

21/03/2017  |  Personalised Confetti Cones

The latest trend in weddings is personalisation and what better way to personalise your wedding than with your very own confetti cones with your name, wedding date and having it all matched to your wedding theme?

As every wedding is unique we have 11 different designs to choose from. You are able to customise each design with a live preview of your cones on the Shropshire Petals website. Here's a closer look at each theme:


Our bunting personalised confetti cone is personalised inside the cone with space for your name and your wedding date. Comes with a beautiful design of bunting on the outside reading 'Here's to love and laughter and happily ever after'. You can also choose your the background colour on the outside of the cone!


Cottage Garden

This confetti cone theme is perfect for a spring or summer wedding in the country, you can personalise the outside and inside of the cone with your names and wedding date, plus you can change the background colour of the cone too!


Fairy Lights

Our Fairy Lights cone theme come with a beautiful saying on the outside 'Love is a light that shines from heart to heart', you can also choose the background colour you'd like and personalise the inside of the cone with your names and wedding date.



This confetti cone theme is ideal for a extravagant and whimsical wedding, especially if you've got a Disney theme or King & Queen inspired wedding. Both inside and outside the cone is personalised and again you can choose the colour background you'd like on the outside of the cone.



Our heart confetti cone is playful and charming, customise your heart themed cone by adding your name and wedding date inside and outside your cone online.



This Lace inspired personalised confetti cone is a timeless classic and perfect for an elegant wedding. Personalise inside and outside the cone with your name and wedding date, plus you can choose your own colour on the outside of the cone!



Fancy adding your engagement photo to your confetti cones? Choose our Photo confetti cone theme and you upload your picture onto the live preview, plus add your choice of background colour on the outside of the cone and of course your names and wedding date. You're guests will be desperate to hang onto your gorgeous confetti cones even after throwing the confetti!


Rose Pattern

Just want to keep it simple? Our Rose Pattern cone design is easy to customise simply choose a background colour for the outside of the cone and add your name and wedding date inside the cone.



If you're getting married abroad our Travel inspired cone design would be perfect for you! It shows a map along the outside of the cone with 'Love is the greatest adventure' and you are able to add a colour tint to the map to match your colour scheme. Inside the cone you can add your names and wedding date too!


Watercolour Flowers

This cone theme is already proving to be our most popular! Customise the inside of the cone and choose a background colour for the outside, this is perfect for a country floral wedding.



There is a huge trend for woodland themed weddings and we've tailored this cone design especially for that. Customise the outside and inside of the cone. Below we've chosen to add our Enchanted Woods mix as we think it looks stunning together, but with our online pick and mix you can choose any petals you'd like to make your big day totally unique!


How to display my personalised cones?

We've developed lots of ways to display your personalised confetti cones, you can choose from Personalised Confetti Cone Package , a Personalised Shropshire Box, or a Personalised Bo Peep Basket package. Each option comes complete with your choice of confetti!

Below is our Shropshire Box with Cottage Garden themed cones and Summer Nights mix. This package comes complete with 25 cones, enough confetti to fill the cones and the box to hold everything together. Click here to view online


Alternatively if you're having more of a rustic wedding the Bo Peep Basket might be ideal for you! It comes with 20 cones, 2 litres of confetti and a beautiful basket to display everything together. Below we've got our Bo Peep Basket with Lace themed personalised cones and our Blush confetti mix. Click here to view online


Once you've decided on your cones, confetti and packaging we make up your order in the Shropshire Petals shed so your cones arrive to you rolled and ready to go!

We hope you love our new designs as much as we do!

Love as always SP xx

17/03/2017  |  Wildcard confetti mixes

As you will know, here at Shropshire Petals we love nothing more than playing with confetti to create new, colourful confetti mixes. We have a fabulous range of recommended mixes to inspire you, but if you want a truly original confetti moment, pick & mix a vibrant confetti combination for a spectacular confetti moment!

Today, we are sharing our favourite wildcard confetti mixes, which have been inspired by customer orders and some imagination. Remember, you don’t have to match your confetti to your wedding theme, the brighter, bolder and more colourful your confetti, the more it will stand out in your photographs.


A stunning mix of lively pinks, purples and blue, this is made up using Burgundy Berry, Cherry Blossom, Frosted Blue and Damson Wine.


A subtle, yet chic mix of colour featuring black, purple and grey tones with a splash of white. This is made using Lady Grey, Daisy Daisy, Parma Violet and Black Tie.


Perfect for your something blue, the mixture of blue hues in this confetti combination will stand out beautifully on your confetti shots. We chose Frosted Blue, Blue Bird, Duck Egg for this mix.


A delicate mix of darker colours with a touch of brightness will make the colours pop for your confetti moment. This mix is made up using Icing Sugar, Burgundy Berry, Ginger Snap and Black Tie.


Pink is always a popular choice. We love energetic pink colours with a touch of white like this mix, which is made up of Raspberry Fool and Daisy Daisy.


Vintage weddings often feature a lot of grey and navy, so adding a touch of bright colour for your confetti moment will help to enhance the vintage tones. This is a mix of Honey'b and Lady Grey.


For that wow factor, choose bright and dark colours such as black mixed with orange and pink. For this mix, we used Flamingo Pink, Raspberry Fool, Honey'B and Black Tie.


We always recommend using smaller petals such as our delphinium & wildflowers for throwing confetti, but if you want to break up a darker block colour, use a neutral or light larger petal as well. This is a mix of Midnight Blue and Daisy Daisy.


Add a touch of subtle sunshine to your confetti moment by combining yellow with ivory and add a splash of darkness to enrich the colour. This is a mix of Tuxedo, Honey B and Buttermik.


Mix it up by selecting an array of different colours. This mix has been made up using Raspberry Fool, Midnight Blue and Ginger Snap. The mix of colour will really create a wonderful colour pop during your confetti moment.


One of our all time favourites, the classic black and white with cerise pink. The black and white confetti will flutter beautifully when thrown, and then the added pink rose petals will add that touch of colour you are looking for. This is made up using Black Tie, Icing Sugar and Cerise.


Can’t decide on which petals to choose from? Why not have them all…not really, but choose a large selection of colours and mix them all up. This mix was made by Bespoke Bride using Sunshine Kisses, Candy Floss and Frosted Blue with some Flamingo Pink, Delilah, Wisteria, Golden Slumber, Duck Egg and Buttermilk added in. How wonderful do they all look together!

When choosing a wildcard confetti mix, which colours will you choose? We’d love to know, why not pop your suggestions on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Love as always SP x x

10/03/2017  |  Pretty Easter wedding inspiration

Easter is such an exciting time to get married; spring is in the air, there is natural colour all around us and of course Easter eggs!

Today, we are sharing our favourite Easter wedding inspiration ideas – lots of bright colour, pastels and confetti pails.

Colourful brights

Yellow, green, pink and orange are distinctive spring bright colours. Incorporating them into your wedding is a fantastic way to add some bold colour.

You can add as much as you like, or bare it back by adding a few bright details to a neutral theme.


We particularly love mixing bright confetti colours such as pink and yellow with ivory for a confetti moment, which will stand out beautifully on your photos.

Subtle pastels

If less is more your style, pastels are the ideal way to add a subtle hint of delicate colour.

Pastel colours are very feminine; so if you want to add a hint of masculinity, why not add a touch of bright yellow to enhance the Easter theme amongst the pastel shades on your wedding day.


We love the idea of creating a romantic petal path down your aisle. Our Promise rose petals are perfect for a pastel Easter wedding.

Confetti Pails

Confetti pails are versatile, stylish and great for any wedding theme. How cute would your little flower girl/boy look carrying a pail of natural petal confetti down the aisle!

Pails can also be placed next to where you will have your confetti moment for guests to help themselves. Why not make a little sign or use one of our chalkboard pegs, sign or easel to tell guests to take a handful when the moment comes.

Make it fun for the kids and reuse your pails after the confetti moment by doing a mini Easter egg hunt; hide eggs around a location at your venue, give each child a pail and set them off to collect them – it will keep them busy for a while!


Love as always SP x x

(Images taken from Pinterest and our own image bank)

7/03/2017  |  March Confetti Mix of the Month

Spring has sprung with a new Confetti Mix of the Month for March! This confetti mix is inspired by the longer days of colour and warmer weather yet to come!


March's Confetti Mix of the Month is made of natural petal confetti that's grown on the Shropshire Petals farm. All the petals are handpicked for perfection, not to mention all biodegradable and eco-friendly too. March_2017_MOTM_Icing_Sugar__Frosted_Blue__Honey_B_Flower_Girl_Basket__03_


This mix is made from Icing Sugar and Frosted Blue which are delphinium petals, and bright yellow Honey'B calendula petals. We love this confetti as either throwing confetti over the newly married couple, or even as table decoration.



With lots of different ways of displaying this bright and bold confetti from individual sachet to flower girl basket couples are spoilt for choice when deciding how to display their confetti to their guests.

March_2017_MOTM_Icing_Sugar__Frosted_Blue__Honey_B_Cream_Pail__01_We hope you love this March Confetti Mix of the Month

Love as always SP xx 

3/03/2017  |  Enter the British Wedding Collective to win your wedding finishing touches


Shropshire Petals are proud to be a founding member of the British Wedding Collective, a unique group of passionate UK wedding businesses offering bespoke services with a personal touch.

Twice a year we get together with friends from the industry to offer an amazing collection of prizes, this Spring we've got a wonderful prize of finishing touches for your wedding! The competition is now open to make sure to get yourself entered!

Here's what you could win:


All you have to do to enter this cracking prize is either visit one of the British Wedding Collective members at one of the National Wedding Shows this Spring or visit the British Wedding Collective online here.

Here's what Jemma, our Autumn 2015 winner had to say! "Winning TheBritish Wedding Collective competition has been life changing, it has taken away many of our financial worries and allowed us to have a bigger and better wedding. A wonderful group of people. I never thought I would win something like this, so even if you think it could never be you... just enter!!"

Good luck!

Love as always SP xx

24/02/2017  |  His and Hers Vintage Style for a Va-Voom Wedding!

If you and your partner want to be unique on your wedding day, choose to rock out with vintage fashion. It’s a great way to create eye-catching outfits while revealing your personalities. We’ve invited Shannon Lockwood from Brilliance.com to ensure you’ve got your “something old” covered - but in a totally chic way!


Make His Style Work With Yours

If your dress is vintage, you want your groom to match. Luckily, it’s really easy for your groom to add vintage elements to his look. Here are some must-have vintage items he should have in his wardrobe:

A waistcoat: What’s vintage without a waistcoat? They’re suitable in all seasons: they come in handy when layering during the colder months, while wearing them without a jacket makes them perfect for warmer months. Waistcoats give your groom a gentlemanly feel and he can wear them at both a casual or formal wedding. You could also match his waistcoat to the colour of your dress, such as if it’s in an ivory colour.

Braces. If you want something spirited and casual with personality, then braces are the ticket. In fact, get his entire groom party in braces for extra fun. The best thing about braces is that they can work with a casual or formal wedding, while adding a bit of a twist to tradition.

Pocket Watch: This is an easy way to be more vintage and best of all a pocket watch works with any style of suit your groom is interested in wearing. It just adds a bit of vintage flair to his overall look. Make it link up to your outfit by choosing it in a metal you’re wearing, such as silver if you have silver jewelry.

Make Your Jewelry Match

Another important way in which to connect your vintage style to that of your groom is with jewelry. Matching rings are a great way to do this and there are many different vintage styles to choose from, such as Art deco and Victorian rings. While yours might be more decadent, your groom’s wedding ring can have just one or two of your ring elements to make the perfect vintage statement, such as milgrain detailing or floral engraving. Another good idea is to match the metal of your rings, such as rose gold or yellow gold.


Paint the Perfect Picture

The vintage wedding style is dominated by soft colours. These include ivory and champagne that give your dress a richer tone and aren’t too pure white (which can sometimes be less flattering). Another hot vintage colour that has been gaining popularity is mint. It’s a refreshing and fun colour to add to the mix so bear that in mind for your groom, too.

Make Your Confetti Vintage-Inspired

Before paper confetti was invented, guests would throw flowers, petals, or rice to bestow prosperity and fertility on the newly married couple. Celebrate this time honored tradition by choosing dried petals for your confetti, from Shropshire Petals. We love natural petal confetti, as it is biodegradable, eco-friendly and perfect for using to decorate your venue too!

We’ve loved having a play with the Shropshire Petals Pick & Mix tool, and of course, we had to choose Vintage Daydream to feature in this post!


Choose Fabulous Fabrics!

Some fabrics scream vintage, with tweed and plaid being right up there on the vintage scale for men, while lace reigns supreme when brides want to achieve vintage beauty. Best of all, these can be conventional or casual styles. Your groom can play around with rustic elements, such as by choosing shades of grey and brown; or he can keep things sophisticated with bowties and darker colours. Slip a flower into the pocket of his jacket to match the flowers in your vintage headpiece - or colourful shoes - to create a fun connection.

Get the Shoe Style

Don’t forget about your shoes! This is an important part of both yours and your groom’s vintage style to keep you looking fabulous from head to toe.


For brides, there are a variety of vintage shoe designs, such as peep toes, which are great for bringing a bit of 1950s style to your look. If you want a bit of dazzle, your vintage shoes can be filled with sequins or diamonds, while silky satin shoes convey the ultimate sophistication. If you want a bit of fun, don’t be afraid to wear shoes in a bright colour! This is unexpected and very striking.

For grooms, brogues are a great vintage choice. They convey class and old school charm. Make the colour of the groom’s shoes match his braces, bowtie or tie so that his overall look remains sophisticated.

Wearing vintage on your wedding is a fashionable choice that will never go out of style. Follow the above advice to keep your look in sync with your groom’s for a picture-perfect day.

Shannon Lochwood is a writer who lives in California and enjoys writing about health and lifestyle and weddings. In her free time she loves to help people and in any way she can and enjoy time with her two small daughters.  

Thank you Shannon for this wonderful post.

Love as always, SP x x

16/02/2017  |  SP achieve Highly Commended Status at British Wedding Awards

On Wednesday 15th February Emma and Ashley from the SP petal shed left the rolling hills of Shropshire to travel down to London's The Hurlingham Club for the prestigious British Wedding Awards.

We're proud to announce Shropshire Petals achieved the highly commended status for Best Finishing Touches at the The British Wedding Awards


Thank you for everyone who kindly voted for us, we appreciate all of your continued support! Click here to see all the wonderful winners.

Love as always SP xx 

10/02/2017  |  A Heart for your Home Winner!

Last week as asked you to send in a photo of something you love and tell us why you love it! Our favourite would win one of our soon to be released Heart Wreaths!

We had an amazing response, thank you to everyone for entering! It was tough to pick a winner and so after much debate we're pleased to announce Angie Hoggett you are our winner!


Angie sent in an adorable photo of her pet parrot Meesha helping out in the kitchen with a spot of baking and it melted our hearts! Congratulations to Angie for winning! Your Heart Wreath will be on it's way to you shortly.

We'll be launching our brand new heart wreaths soon, plus make sure keep your eyes peeled for new competitions on our competitions page here.

Love as always SP xx 

7/02/2017  |  February Confetti Mix of the Month

February is the month of love and so our Confetti Mix of the Month is inspired by St. Valentine's Day with a pinch of pink, burgundy and white!



This natural petal confetti mix is made of Raspberry Fool, Burgundy Berry and Daisy Daisy and is ideal for pink or raspberry wedding schemes. All of the petals in this beautiful mix are biodegradable and eco-friendly.



We love this mix with either pink or white Confetti Cones, or even with our Flower Girl Basket, Confetti Pop or Hessian Canvas Bag!




We hope you love our February Confetti Mix of the Month, don't worry if your wedding isn't for a few months and you'd like this mix, you can either order now and select our delayed delivery. Alternatively you can use our online confetti Pick and Mix tool by adding Raspberry Fool, Burgundy Berry and Daisy Daisy together.

Love as always SP xxx

3/02/2017  |  Win a heart for your home


We're just about the release our brand new Heart Wheat Wreaths and to celebrate we're giving one (worth £40) to a lucky winner just in time for St. Valentine's Day!

There are eight colour arrangements to choose from including: Pink, Blue, White, Burgundy, Country Garden, Rose & Lavender, Lavender and plain Wheat. Here's a few below:



As our heart wreaths are made with dried wheat grown right here on the Shropshire Farm and decorated with a range of dried flowers they last much longer than fresh flowers.

You can hang your wreath on your door or in a window to add a little rustic country charm to your home.



HOW TO ENTER: simply upload a photo of something you love in the box below and tell us why you love it!

You could send us a photo of your adorable cat, or even your favourite pair of shoes, it could be anything. Make sure to add your name and email address below so we can let you know you've won!

Competition closes on Friday 10th of February at 9am and the winner will be announced that day!

Prize is UK delivery only. Winners must claim prize within 1 month of competition closing and unfortunately can't be exchanged for cash alternative.
Terms and Conditions apply.

31/01/2017  |  The wedding planner in a box

We were recently contacted by the wonderful Bride to be Boxes to provide samples of our natural petal confetti for their new and exciting must-have…Bride to be Box.


What are Bride to Be Boxes?

The Bride to Be Box is the exclusive ‘wedding planner in a box’, which has been designed to inspire, assist and indulge you as you prepare for your wedding day. From stationary and lucky sixpences to accessories and confetti, Bride to Be Boxes aim to help plan your special day to help you through everything you need to do before you say “I do”.


What’s inside?

Our Ashley will be taking you through what you will find inside in the videos below, so not to spoil the surprise, you will find, something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue!

You will also find a wall planner, which is great for helping you through the planning process, beautiful stationary and samples from key suppliers such as our natural petal confetti.


The big reveal

Take a look at the videos below to watch Ashley opening our very own Bride to Be Box. If you follow us on Instagram, you might have seen us post these last week.

If you’re looking for some planning inspiration, grab yourself a Bride to Be Box.  Browse the other products available on their website too, we particularly love their ‘I’m planning my happily ever after’ tote bag.

Happy planning!

Love as always SP x x

25/01/2017  |  On the road this Spring

We love to meet brides to be, from February we'll be out on the road offering free confetti samples, advice and also a cracking competition! This Spring we will be at some of the largest wedding shows across the UK including Cheshire, London, Birmingham and Manchester!

Wedding shows are a great way to look at lots of wedding retailers all under one roof. You could plan your venue, wedding dress, cake, photographer and of course your confetti all in one spot!


We be attending Bride: The Wedding Show at Tatton Park this February, come and see us on stand 405! Use the discount code SP49 to get reduced ticket prices!


We'll also be attending all of the Spring National Wedding Shows across the UK this Spring, click the link below and use the code EXHBS17 to save yourself ££'s!


As with all the wedding shows we'll be attending this Spring, we'll be bringing our confetti packages for you to see in the flesh along with our petals to have a feel and smell too! Plus you get to choose your free confetti sample on the stand to add to your wedding scrap book.


If you'd like to come and see us this Spring at one of the many shows we'll be attending visit our Event page for more specific details here.

We'd love to see you this Spring! Come and say hi

Love as always SP xxx

20/01/2017  |  A wedding in the city

Who doesn’t love to visit the big smoke, there’s so much to see and do, so no wonder couples are choosing London as a theme for their wedding. Why stop with London, if you look on Pinterest, there are so many fabulous city themed weddings that we just had to choose ‘In the city’ as today’s blog topic.

We’re going to explore four iconic cities around the world: London, New York, Paris and Sydney to give you some inspiration when it comes to details and of course confetti!



From red double decker buses and black cab photo booths, to monopoly table plans and tube ticket place settings, London themed weddings are a great excuse to use lots of fun and colour.


The perfect colours for a London wedding have to be the patriotic red, white and blue. We love a mix of Icing Sugar, Midnight Blue, Blue Bird and Lady in Red.


New York

When you think of New York, what’s the first thing that comes into your head? We asked the SP team and we all said “yellow cabs”. Ideal for adding some colour to a NYC themed wedding, yellow cabs have been used for wedding cars, as table place settings, cake decorations and more, so of course, when it comes to your confetti, yellow has to be included.


Team yellow from the yellow cabs with the darkness of the large buildings by mixing Tuxedo with Golden Slumber for an elegant, yet bright confetti mix.



One of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris is a perfect theme for a wedding. Add some ‘Ooh la la’ to your big day with Eiffel tower details, large displays of pastel flowers, traditional French patisserie treats and chic table decorations.


Paris themed weddings shout elegance and style featuring pastel and bold dark colours. For a pretty confetti shot, a mix of Vintage Daydream and Wisteria is perfect for creating a subtle yet colourful confetti moment.



Sydney is another city that is full of romance and glamour. With a mixture of stunning buildings and green spaces such as the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney is the perfect theme for adding natural touches to a city wedding.


Combine the white of the Sydney Opera House with the green gardens, blue water adding a touch of sunshine with a mix of Icing Sugar, Frosted Blue, Honey’B and Envy.


Head over to our Pinterest Board for more inspiration on how you can style a city wedding.

Love as always SP x x

*All non confetti images are sourced from Pinterest 

17/01/2017  |  Birth Stone and Flower Wedding Ideas

There are so many ways to incorporate particular colours into your wedding, especially when they have special meanings. With so many petal colours available for throwing confetti, table decoration and petal paths, why not match your January wedding with a January birthstone or birth flower?

January's birthstone is Siam a rich dark red stone which symbolises friendship, devotion, trust and loyalty. It is worn to increase vitality and provide guidance. These heart warming qualities fit perfectly for a wedding day too! Moulin Rouge is the ideal confetti match for a Siam stone.


January's flower of the month is a carnation. The formal name for carnation, dianthus, comes from Greek for 'heavenly flower'.


With a history that dates back more than 2,000 years, carnations are rich with symbolism, mythology and even debate. Some scholars suggest the name comes from the word "corone" (flower garlands) or "coronation" because of its use in Greek ceremonial crowns, others propose that it's derived from from the Latin "carnis" (flesh) referring to the flower's original pinkish-hued color or "incarnacyon" (incarnation), referring to the incarnation of God-made flesh. 


Today, carnations can be found in a wide range of colours, and while in general they express love, fascination and distinction, virtually every colour carries a unique and rich association.

White carnations suggest pure love and good luck - our hydrangea petal Daisy Daisy is a good match and perfect for creating a wedding table decoration. Light red carnations symbolise admiration, if you'd like to bring this into your wedding our Romeo and Juliet confetti would be ideal.


Purple carnations imply impulsiveness which would be great to match with our natural delphinium petals Amethyst.


Whichever colours you decide to incorporate into your wedding day, here at Shropshire Petals we have lots of different colour petals to pick and mix online

Love as always SP xx

13/01/2017  |  Burgundy Wedding Decorations

The Shropshire Petals team have been busy working on new dried flower decorations to offer brides in 2017, and we're so pleased to reveal this brand new Burgundy Wheat Collection.

The Burgundy Wheat Range is a perfect match for weddings with a touch of deep red, damson or purple. Inspired by a growing popularity for burgundy wedding themes, this collection is made up of four elements; a set of buttonholes, posy, sheaf and wreath.


The Burgundy Wheat Buttonhole is ideal for matching your colour scheme with your groomsmen. Each groomsman can attached a buttonhole to their suit and voila! You have a beautifully synchronised wedding party.


Each item within the Burgundy collection is made of dried flowers and wheat so they will last long after the wedding!

The Burgundy Posy made a beautiful bridesmaid bouquet or a beautiful decoration to hang on the back of wedding chairs.


As an alternative to your typical bouquet the Burgundy Wheat Sheaf is stunning! Or the sheaf can be used as table centres!



This brand new collection is delicately put together by hand using wheat grown on the Shropshire Petals Farm. It contains dried burgundy rose heads, white larkspur, marjoram, bearded wheat, lambs tail and nigella pod.

Our Burgundy Wheat Wreaths are ideal for hanging around your wedding venue and taking home to hang on your front door or in a window as a gorgeous keepsake.


The Burgundy Posy, Sheaf and Wreath come well presented and tied with a ribbon colour of you choice to add that extra country twist to your wedding. Ribbon colours include raffia, cream, natural weave, grey, pink, blue, yellow, lilac, green, white, gold or silver.

Love as always SP xxx

10/01/2017  |  Colour trends for spring 2017

From all of us at Shropshire Petals, we’d just like to say huge congratulations to all of you who got engaged over the festive period – now its time to start thinking about your wedding theme. Each year, Pantone release their colour of the year together with other top colours for each season.

Today, we’re talking colours for spring 2017 and how to match your confetti to the top 10 colours.


(Image source: fabmood.com)

1. Greenery

Natural and simple, Greenery is the colour for 2017. Ideal for natural, rustic and outdoor weddings. Combine it with brights, pastels and earthy tones for a pretty wedding colour scheme. 

As green and blue colours look fantastic together, a mix of different blues and ivory in smaller petals and green hydrangea petals are perfect for a bold contrast.

Our favourite mix for a Greenery wedding theme is Icing Sugar, Blue Bird, Frosted Blue and Envy.


2. Niagara

Comfortable and dependable, this colour is inspired by Niagara Waterfalls. Mix with pastel colours for a soft colour scheme.

Our favourite mix for a Niagara colour scheme is Frosted Blue, Candy Floss and Duck Egg.


3. Primrose Yellow

Warm and joyful, Primrose Yellow is a fun, bright colour that will be really popular this spring. Make the yellow really stand out on your wedding day by mixing it with ivory and Greenery. You can choose details in all three colours and mix & match for a pretty springtime feel.

For your confetti, make the colours pop by choosing ivory as a base and adding yellow and green.

Our favourite mix for a Primrose Yellow theme is: Icing Sugar, Golden Slumber and Envy.


4. Lapis Blue

Bold and confident, this vibrant colour will be seen throughout 2017. Perfect for blue colour schemes as it looks stunning when combining with other blue tones.

Our favourite mix for a Lapis Blue colour scheme is Frosted Blue, Icing Sugar, Blue Bloom, Duck Egg and Blue Bird.


5. Flame

Fun and flamboyant, Flame is perfect to use for contrasting with other tropical colours such as Pink Yarrow. Choose confetti to really make a colour splash on your photos.

Our favourite mix for a Flame wedding theme is Ginger Snap, Raspberry Fool and Clementine.

Why not use the same confetti mix to add some extra detailing to your reception tables by sprinkling some on crisp white tablecloths for a bold colour pop!


6. Island Paradise

The name lends to itself, the colour of water in paradise. This colour works perfectly with other tropical bright colours such as Flame, Greenery and Pink Yarrow. Spring 2017 is going to see a lot of tropical themed weddings, making Island Paradise the perfect choice for a colour scheme.

Our favourite mix for an Island Paradise theme is Duck Egg, Icing Sugar and Golden Slumber.


7. Pale Dogwood

Romantic and feminine, this soft pink colour looks stunning on its own or combined with bright colours. For a more subtle wedding colour theme, mix Pale Dogwood with some ivory and add in a few brighter details to your wedding day.

Our favourite mix for a Pale Dogwood theme is Pink Lemonade.


8. Pink Yarrow

Tantalising and festive, Pink Yarrow is perfect for festival themed weddings this spring. You can really have some fun with this colour by teaming it with other bright colours or different pink tones. We love a bold confetti moment; so choosing a bright block colour looks fantastic.

Our favourite mix for a Pink Yarrow theme is Cherry Blossom.


9. Kale

Fresh and floral, Kale is perfect for spring weddings as foliage in floral arrangements tend to be this colour. Mix it with one or two bolder colours such as Primrose Yellow and Flame, or keep it simple by complimenting it with Pale Dogwood. For your confetti, we recommend contrasting this colour scheme with a simple ivory look to make the Kale hues in your bouquet stand out.

Our favourite mix for a Kale theme is Icing Sugar.


10. Hazelnut

Earthy and neutral, this colour is a classic with contemporary elements. Combine this pretty colour with other neutral colours such as ivory and add in a touch of vibrancy for a chic look.

Our favourite mix for a Hazelnut theme is Cherry Blossom, Icing Sugar and Promise.


Use the Pick & Mix tool to create any of the mixes above or something totally unique for your wedding day. For more confetti inspiration and ideas, visit our field of ideas.

Love as always SP x x

3/01/2017  |  Winter Confetti Mix of the Month

Congratulations to everyone who got engaged during the Christmas and New Year season.

In the spirit of January, when everything is a little frozen outside we're proud to reveal January's Confetti Mix of the Month. This petal combination is perfect for blue themed weddings with a wintry twist.


This confetti mix is created using only biodegradable flower petals, all natural and eco-friendly. January's mix is a combination of smaller and larger petals which looks beautiful when thrown over the newly married couple.

The delicate smaller petals in this blue mix are delphinium petals Icing Sugar, and Frosted Blue along with cornflower petals Blue Bird. The larger petals are hydrangea petals Duckegg Blue and delphinium heads Blue Bloom.



January's Confetti Mix of the Month looks beautiful with either white, blue or navy confetti cones. Alternatively you are able to mix other confetti cone colours to match your colour scheme.





We hope you love this January Confetti Mix of the Month, if you'd like to use this mix for your summer wedding, why not order now and select our delayed delivery, where we deliver your confetti three weeks before your big day.

Love as always SP xx

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