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Petal Advice

All of our petals are 100% natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable, just like blossom falling from a tree! They are all completely natural in colour, no dyes are ever added and they're delicately handpicked and lovingly packed for your perfect 'confetti moment!'

Delivery Information

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Do I need confetti?

Traditionally guests used to bring confetti, but to make sure you get your perfect confetti moment we recommend to provide enough confetti for your wedding guests, otherwise you might be a little disappointed if none of your guests bring confetti and you miss your big moment.

Also have a chat with your photographer to make sure you have your confetti moment on you 'must have' photo list from the day. We find the 'confetti moment' is the most natural and fun photo from the big day, one that we hope you will cherish for years to come!

Is it biodegradable?

All our petals are 100% natural, biodegradable and sustainable. They're grown on our Shropshire farm, where they are handpicked to ensure only the best petals are used and then hand-packed to maintain nature's own colour. Our larger petals are freeze dried, as this keeps their shape and vibrant colour.

Will my venue allow petals?

Most churches and venues prefer biodegradable confetti as it means it won't harm the environment and no one has to clean up after your big day. Our petals will biodegrade in just a couple of days and are super eco-friendly. We have a wide range of churches and venues who specifically promote Shropshire Petals for our assured quality.

If your wedding venue need a little reassurance why not request a confetti sample from us and show it to your venue?

What's a litre of petals?

Here at Shropshire Petals we measure in litres. We go back to basics with a good old fashioned kitchen measuring jug, filled to the top with petals and then gently tipped into its packaging ready for dispatch.

If you would like to compare volumes with your kitchen measuring jug at home then 1 Pint = 0.57 litres (or another way of looking at is 1 Litre = 1.76 Pints), so you will get a lot more petals from a litre than from a pint.

Petals vary in weight, especially when exposed to humid atmospheres so volume is a much more reliable measurement - after all people take a handful of petals so it's much easier to portion out with volume than weight.

How much do I need?

If you're not sure how much confetti you might need you can use our online Confetti Calculator, alternatively we've got a few tips below.

Throwing Confetti: 1 litre of delphinium and wildflower petals will provide about 10-12 handfuls of throwing confetti. We use 1 litre to fill 10 of our standard sized cones and 1 litre will fill 10 of our individual sachets.

For a wedding of around 100 guests we recommend about 5-10 litres of confetti (or 2-4 Shropshire Boxes) this is enough for 50-100 people, why not get all your guests to throw to get that full iconnic confetti shot? We recommend using a minimum of 3 litres of throwing confetti to get a good confetti photo, of course the more the merrier.

Table Decorations: Larger Petals are perfect for table decorations, they are much bigger so you do get less petals in a litre (we wouldn't want to squash them!) but you don't need many to make a big effect - they look stunning! 1 litre of larger petals will lightly scatter over approx 5 tables.

We've put this into a handy chart as a rough helpful guide:

Type of Petal:

No. of handfuls for throwing confetti:

No. of cones your petals will fill

No. of individual bags your petals will fill.

No. of tables your petals will cover:

Delphinium and Wildflower petals

1 litre = 10-12 handfuls

Our favourite for Throwing!

1 litre = 10-12 cones

1 litre= 10-12 bags

1 litre = 10 tables

Delphinium and Larger Petal Mixes

1 litre = 10-12 handfuls

1 litre = 10-12 cones

1 litre= 10-12 bags

1 litre = 10 tables

Larger Petals - roses, hydrangeas etc

5 handfuls- not overly recommended for throwing

5 cones- not recommended for cones

5 bags- not recommended for small bags

1 litre = 5 tables

A standard table is 5ft - seating 10 people to a table; do remember you will have cutlery and glasses etc so a light scatter is usually enough.

What are the best petals to order?

Delphinium and Wildflower petals are small and lightweight, they're perfect for throwing confetti photos as they gently float to the ground giving your photographer plenty of time for those all important snaps!

Lots of people choose our Delphinium and Larger Petal mixes as the delphiniums will give the big 'confetti shot' whilst the larger petals will add an extra burst of colour to match your colour scheme.

We generally don't recommend larger petals on their own for throwing confetti as they are heavier and so drop to the ground quicker and you have to have a lot to create a shower of petals which could overload a photo, I mean we want to see you after all.

Our fab pictures in the Customer Photo Gallery are all delphinium and wildflower mixes or delphiniums and larger petals.

Can I choose my own petals?

We offer a Pick & Mix confetti option online, so you can create your unique combination of petals to match your colour scheme, once you've placed your order it comes through to our petal shed and we mix your petals by hand. We love to see your creations.

Alternatively we also have lots of popular confetti mixes that have been tried and tested to work beautifully for your big day! We're always adding new petal confetti mixes too.

When to order

You can order as far in advance as you'd like, if your wedding is less than 3 months way, we'll send your petals out straight away and they will hold their colour and shape just fine when stored away from heat, moisture and light.

If your wedding is over 3 months way, you order as normal, during the order process we ask you when your wedding is, and you select a date 3-6 weeks before your wedding day for us to dispatch your order from our Petal Shed. Then sit back and relax.

Delphiniums and wildflower petals will keep for well over a year - lots of couples keep any leftover petals as a pretty keepsake for years to come.

The larger petals do not have such a long shelf life that's why we generally say 3 to 4 months before your wedding as a maximum, to ensure your petals are just perfect for your big day.

For last minute orders, we also offer next day delivery service so there's no need to worry.

Request a confetti sample

If you're not sure what petals will match your colour scheme the best, or you're really spoilt for choice, you can request up to five confetti samples online! You select the colours you'd like and fill in your details, then we will post it out.

It's only £2 for a box of petal confetti samples delivered to your home, chosen by you, and packed by hand in our petal shed. Each box of samples contains your choice of confetti samples, a handy leaflet full of tips and advice, plus a cute little scented floral to add to your wedding planner. Don't worry all our samples are labelled so you know their names.

All our confetti is made from real dried flower petals, 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly and natural. UK Delivery only for our sample boxes.Your petal sample is perfect for showing your wedding venue, matching to a colour scheme or testing for colour fastness. It's just a small sample but it can often help with the big decisions.

How is my sample delivered?

Your sample will be sent in a box to protect the petals, it is a small letter size box so will fit through any letter box and doesn't have to be signed for. Samples go out via Royal Mail and can take 5-7 working days to arrive, for more details visit our confetti sample page.

Do the petals stain?

All our petals are dye-free so there is no artificial colours added. Although we have done extensive testing on our petals, please remember that they are natural products so you cannot completely guarantee the colour won't leach, however we have as yet never received a complaint.

We never dye any of our petals so you have the confidence that every colour is 100% true to nature. We also offer a sample service so you can test your petals which will put your mind to rest.

How to store

Petals are very easy to store, simply leave in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight and away from moisture e.g. the back of a cupboard.

The light can fade your petals and humidity allows the petals to biodegrade, so keep them away from heat, moisture and direct light.

My order has arrived, I'm not sure it's the right amount

We pack all our petals tightly to keep them safe during transit so sometimes our confetti bags look deceptively small. Most of our confetti bags tell you how much confetti they hold on the back, but if you're not sure you can always measure our the confetti using your kitchen measuring jug, or check the box dimensions below:

1 litre bag measures: 19cm (height) x 14cm (width ) x 7cm (depth at the bottom of the bag)

2.5 litre bag (used for a Shropshire Box) measures: 25 cm (height) x 20 cm (width) x 7 cm (depth at the bottom of the bag).

5 litre bag measures: 30cm (height) x 23cm (width) x 10cm (depth at the bottom of the bag).

10 litre bag measures: 37cm (height) x 30cm (width) x 12.5cm (depth at the bottom of the bag).

What to do if your wedding is affected by Covid-19

If your wedding has been affected by the Corona Virus and you have made the difficult decision to postpone your wedding day, we are offering a change of Delayed Delivery dispatch date for your wedding confetti. To change your dispatch date, simply log into your account and change it yourself, or email us at with your order number and let us know you're postponing. If you know what your new date is then let us know, if not we'll keep your order on hold.

If you're having to reduce your wedding party down in numbers to safely follow government guidelines, make sure you still have plenty of confetti to get your memorable confetti photos. That way you can either have multiple confetti photos, or guests can take two handfuls of confetti for a full shower effect! Less guests doesn't have to mean less confetti fun! We'd recommend at least 3 litres of biodegradable petal confetti to get a great confetti photo. The more the merrier! If you're unsure just get in touch via email or phone, we'd be happy to help.

Covid-19 Service Update

We care deeply for the health & welfare of both our team and the wider community. We're following the UK government advice and updating our procedures as and when new guidelines and information becomes available. We are taking all the necessary steps to safely dispatch orders, answer your calls and reply to your emails. Click for more info


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